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Putnam, Ruth Anna
The Cambridge Companion to William James.  £12.00 
Lamarck, J B
Zoological Philosophy: An Exposition with Regard to the Natural History of Animals.  £14.00 
Drüe, Hermann
Edmund Husserls System der phänomenologischen Psychologie.  £24.00 
Haddock, Adrian
Macpherson, Fiona
Disjunctivism: Perception, Action, Knowledge.  £20.00 
Gibson, Roger
The Cambridge Companion to Quine.  £12.00 
Kwon, Chun-Sun
Studie zur Idee des «Gesamtkunstwerks» in der Frühromantik: Zur Utopie einer Musikanschauung von Wackenroder bis Schopenhauer.  £28.00 
Brunschvicg, Leon
Descartes et Pascal, Lecteurs de Montaigne.  £12.00 
Allen, E L
Christian Humanism. A Guide to the Thought of Jacques Maritain.  £8.00 
Sartre, Jean-Paul
L'Existentialisme est un Humanisme.  £15.00 
Weber, Gottfried
Gottfrieds von Strassburg, Tristan und die Krise des hochmittelalterlichen Weltbildes um 1200.  £26.00 
Althusser, Louis
Politics and History: Montesquieu, Rousseau, Marx.  £12.00 
Cicero, Marcus Tullius
Kasten, Helmut
Cicero Atticus Briefe.  £24.00 
Mazon, Paul
Hésiode. Théogonie, Les Travaux et le Jours, Le Bouclier.  £14.00 
Blänkner, Reinhard
Eduard Gans (1797 - 1839): Politischer Professor zwischen Restauration und Vormärz.  £36.00 
Tokano, Katsuya
Nikolai, Friedrich
Doitsu keimo shugi no Kyojin: Furidorihi Nikorai.  £26.00 
Schönberg, Arnold
Dahlhaus, Carl
Schönberg und andere. Gesammelte Aufsätze zur Neuen Musik.  £20.00 
Feigl, Herbert
Maxwell, Grover
Scientific Explanation, Space, and Time.  £24.00 
Körner, Stephan
Observation and Interpretation: A Symposium of Philosophers and Physicists. Proceedings of the Ninth Symposium of the Colston Research Society held in the University of Bristol April 1st – April 4th, 1957.  £24.00 
Magnani, Lorenzo
Filosofia e Geometria: Temi teorici e storici.  £36.00 
Hunter, Michael
John Aubrey and the Realm of Learning.  £14.00 
Gastaldi, Silvia
Aristotele e la Politica delle Passioni: Retorica, Ssicologia ed Etica dei Comportamenti Emozionali.  £36.00 
Darbellay, Etienne
Le Temps et la Forme: Pour une Épistémologie de la Connaissance Musicale.  £46.00 
Deleuze, Gilles
Logica del Senso.  £24.00 
Allcroft, A H
Cicero, Marcus Tullius
Cicero: De Amicitia. Text and Notes.  £8.00 
Hetherington, Stephen
Epistemology Futures.  £14.00 
Malebranche, Nicolas
Lennon, Thomas
The Search after Truth.  £48.00 
Dillon, John
Syrianus: On Aristotle Metaphysics 13-14.  £22.00 
Barnes, Jonathan
Alexander of Aphrodisias: On Aristotle Prior Analytics 1. 1 - 7.  £22.00 
Musgrave, Alan
Common Sense, Science and Scepticism: A Historical Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge.  £12.00 
Boghossian, Paul
Fear of Knowledge. Against Relativism and Constructivism.  £14.00 
Ross, James
Portraying Analogy.  £28.00 
Foucault, Michel
The Will to Knowledge. (History of Sexuality 1)  £6.00 
Burnyeat, Myles
The Theaetetus of Plato, with Translation of Plato's Theaetetus by M J Levett, revised by Myles Burnyeat.  £16.00 
Feigl, Herbert
Maxwell, Grover
Scientific Explanation, Space, and Time.  £24.00 
Machuga, Ric
Life, the Universe, and Everything: An Aristotelian Philosophy for a Scientific Age.  £14.00 
Landa, Nicasio
Muertos y Heridos y Otros Textos.  £16.00 
Baltas, Aristides
Peeling Potatoes or Grinding Lenses: Spinoza and Young Wittgenstein Converse on Immanence and Its Logic.  £36.00 
Reznek, Lawrie
Nature of Disease.  £46.00 
Elkana, Yehuda
The Theory and Practice of Cross- Cultural Contacts in Science: Queries and Presuppositions.  £46.00 
Prynne, William
The Perpetuitie of Regenerate Mans Estate.  £1,200.00 
McGettigan, Timothy
Good Science: The Pursuit of Truth and the Evolution of Reality.  £12.00 
Baker, Robert
The American Medical Ethics Revolution: How the AMA's Code of Ethics Has Transformed Physicians' Relationships to Patients, Professionals, and Society.  £22.00 
Kusch, Martin
Knowledge by Agreement: The Programme of Communitarian Epistemology.  £24.00 
Morick, Harold
Challenges to Empiricism.  £18.00 
Hausman, Daniel
The Inexact and Separate Science of Economics.  £46.00 
Boghossian, Paul
New Essays on the A Priori.  £14.00 
Ehring, Douglas
Causation and Persistence: A Theory of Causation.  £18.00 
Hogben, Lancelot
Statistical Theory: The Relationship of Probability, Credibility and Error. An Examination of the Contemporary Crisis in Statistical Theory from a Behaviourist Viewpoint.  £40.00 
Litvak, Meir
Shi'i Scholars of Nineteenth-Century Iraq: The 'Ulama' of Najaf and Karbala'  £64.00 
Frommel, Gerhard
Neue Klassik in der Musik. Zwei Vorträge.  £24.00 
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