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Yolton, John
Thinking Matter. Materialism In Eighteenth-Century Britain.  £10.00 
Zink, Michel
The Invention of Literary Subjectivity.  £12.00 
Gay, Peter
The Party of Humanity: Essays in the French Enlightenment.  £14.00 
Godwin, Joscelyn
Robert Fludd. Hermetic Philosopher and Suveyor of Two Worlds.  £14.00 
Gaboriau, Florent
Phénoménologie de l'Existence: Gravitations 1.  £16.00 
Uhlig, Claus
Hofkritik im England des Mittelalters und der Renaissance. Studien zu einem Gemeinplatz der europäischen Moralistik.  £18.00 
Bacon, Francis
Bacon's Essays including his Moral and Historical Works, with Memoir, Notes and glossary.  £14.00 
Huxley, T H
Lectures and Lay Sermons.  £8.00 
Hodgkin, R A
Playing and Exploring. Education through the Discovery of Order.  £10.00 
Boulding, Kenneth
Dobzhansky, Theodosius
Man and the Biological Revolution.  £12.00 
Huxley, Andrew
Monod, Jacques
Le hasard et la nécessité: Essai sur la philosophie naturelle de la biologie moderne.  £22.00 
Grene, Marjorie
Philosophy in and Out of Europe.  £14.00 
Russell, Bertrand
The Philosophy of Bergson. With a Reply by Wildon Carr and a Rejoinder.  £46.00 
Benson, Frank
The Neurology of Thinking.  £14.00 
Berkeley, George
A New Theory of Vision and other Writings.  £12.00 
Holmes, Oliver Wendell
The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table.  £10.00 
De Quincey, Thomas
The English Mail Coach and other essays.  £12.00 
Sartre, Jean-Paul
Existentialism and Humanism.  £6.00 
Faden, Ruth
AIDS, Women, and the Next Generation: Towards a Morally Acceptable Public Policy for HIV Testing of Pregnant Women and Newborns.  £16.00 
Thackeray, William Makepeace

The English Humourists. The Four Georges.  £14.00 
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Biographia Literaria.  £14.00 
Pétrement, Simon
Le Dualisme dans l'Histoire de la Philosophie et des Religions. Introduction a l'étude du Dualisme Platonicien, du Gnosticisme, et du Manichéisme.  £16.00 
Meschonnic, Henri
Poétique du Vers Français. (Special Issue of Langue Française, September 1974)  £16.00 
Pauvert, Jean-Jacques
Mise en Page Mai 72. L'Expérience.  £18.00 
Vaughan, C E
Studies in the History of Political Philosophy before and after Rousseau. 2 Volumes. From Hobbes to Hume; From Burke to Mazzini. With Portrait and Memoir, and a List of the Writings of Prof Vaughan by H Charlton.  £26.00 
Edwards, Ken
Reality Studios. Volume 3, 1981.  £24.00 
Guillois, Antoine
La Marquise de Condorcet. Sa Famille, son Salon, ses Amis 1764 - 1822.  £24.00 
Joad, C E M
The Future of Life: A Theory of Vitalism.  £26.00 
Emmet, Dorothy
Whitehead's Philosophy of Organism.  £10.00 
Newman, John Henry
An Essay in Aid of a Grammar of Assent.  £14.00 
Laws in two volumes. With an English translation by Rev. R G Bury. Complete Set.  £38.00 
Timaeus. Critias. Cleitophon. Menexenus. Epistles. Volume 1. With an English translation by Harold North Fowler.  £12.00 
The Statesman. Philebus. Volume 3. With an English translation by Harold N Fowler.  £12.00 
Laches. Protagoras. Meno. Euthydemus. Volume 4. With an English translation by W R M Lamb.  £14.00 
Montaigne, Michel de
Select Essays.  £24.00 
Caspar, Max
Johannes Keplers wissenschaftliche und philosophische Stellung.  £14.00 
Parsons, Mrs Theodore
Making the Body Think.  £46.00 
Metaphysics Books X - XIV. With an English translation by Hugh Tredennick.  £12.00 
Aristotle in Twenty Three Volumes. Volume 2 only: Posterior Analytics. With an English translation by Hugh Tredennick.  £12.00 
Holden, Hubert
The Hieron of Xenophon. With introduction notes and critical appendix by Rev. Hubert Holden.  £48.00 
Servien, Pius
Science et Poésie.  £12.00 
The Nicomachean Ethics. With an English Translation by H Rackham.  £10.00 
The Theological Tractates. With an English Translation by H F Stewart, E K Brandr. The Consolation of Philosophy. With an English Translation by H F Stewart.  £14.00 
Moral Essays. With an English Translation by John W. Basore. 3 Volumes.  £24.00 
Langdon-Brown, Walter
Thus We Are Men.  £16.00 
Maritain, Jacques
De Bergson à Thomas d'Aquin. Essais de Métaphysique et de Morale.  £16.00 
Franchet, Henri
Habert, François
Le Philosophe parfaict et le Temple de Vertu. Nouvellement Remis en Lumière avec notice et notes par Henri Franchet.  £26.00 
Bougle, C
Humanisme, Sociologie, Philosophie. Remarques sur la conception française de la culture générale.  £24.00 
Maritain, Jacques
Le Crépuscule de la Civilisation.  £12.00 
Mandrou, Robert
Introduction à la France Moderne - Essai de Psychologie Historique 1500 - 1640.  £12.00 
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