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Sfez, Lucien
Leçons sur l'Égalité.  £16.00 
Dell, Floyd
Intellectual Vagabondage. An Apology for the Intelligentsia.  £18.00 
Heidegger, Martin
Vorträge und Aufsätze.  £22.00 
Faucett, Lawrence
Time and Morality: Establishing a Babylonian Source for Hindu and Mayan Chronologies.  £36.00 
Guzmán Diaz, Antonio
Luz y Sombras; La Vanidad es Humana. No soy la excepcion.  £46.00 
Kant, Immanuel
Kant's Inaugural Dissertation of 1770. Translated into English with an Introduction and Discussion by William Eckoff.  £64.00 
Freeman, Kathleen
Ancilla to the Pre-Socratic Philosophers: A Complete Translation of the Fragments in Diels, Fragmente der Vorsokratiker.  £35.00 
Dewey, John
The Study of Ethics. A Syllabus.  £120.00 
Russell, Bertrand
ABC of Relativity.  £10.00 
Hearn, Lafcadio
Gombo Zhebes. Little Dictionary of Creole Proverbs.  £18.00 
Salter, Michael
Shaw, Julia
Towards a Critical Theory of Constitutional Law, Hegel's Contribution. (Journal of Law and Society Volume 21 No. 4 December 1994)  £12.00 
Islam, Shamsul
Kipling's Law. A Study of His Philosophy on Life.  £8.00 
Spender, Stephen
Hamilton, Alastair
The Appeal of Fascism. A Study of Intellectuals and Fascism 1919 - 1945.  £36.00 
Prost, Antoine
Winter, Jay
René Cassin and Human Rights. From the Great War to the Universal Declaration.  £24.00 
Mahlberg, Gaby
Wiemann, Dirk
European Contexts for English Republicanism.  £96.00 
Locke, John
Second Treatise of Government and a Letter Concerning Toleration.  £6.00 
Brown, Stewart
Knight, Frances
Religion, Identity and Conflict in Britain: From the Restoration to the Twentieth Century.  £102.00 
Parkin, Jon
Stanton, Timothy
Natural Law and Toleration in the Early Enlightenment.  £64.00 
Salber Phillips, Mark
Caine, Barbara
Rethinking Historical Distance.  £58.00 
Markulin, Joseph
Machiavelli. A Renaissance Life.  £12.00 
Varouxakis, Georgios
Liberty Abroad. J S Mill on International Relations.  £52.00 
Cherniss, Joshua
A Mind and Its Time. The Development of Isaiah Berlin's Political Thought.  £78.00 
Broome, J H
Rousseau. A Study of His Thought.  £10.00 
Forst, Rainer
Toleration in Conflict. Past and Present.  £58.00 
Claeys, Gregory
Mill and Paternalism.  £68.00 
Raven, Charles
Science, Religion, and the Future.  £8.00 
De Quincey, Thomas
The English Mail Coach and other Essays.  £8.00 
Oakeshott, Michael
Lectures in the History of Political Thought. (Michael Oakeshott Selected Writings)  £120.00 
Popper, Karl
The Poverty of Historicism. Second Edition. Reprinted.  £6.00 
Descartes, René
Anscombe, Elizabeth
Descartes. Philosophical Writings.  £8.00 
Engels, Friedrich
Lenin, V I
Marx, Karl
Marx, Engels, Lenin on Scientific Communism.  £12.00 
Arnold, Edwin
The Light of Asia, or The Great Renunciation (Mahabhinishkramana), Being the Life and Teaching of Gautama, Prince of India and Founder of Buddhism.  £10.00 
Du Bos, Charles
Le Dialogue avec André Gide.  £14.00 
Meyerhoff, Hans
Plato Among Friends and Enemies. (Encounter, December 1961, Volume 16, No 6)  £10.00 
Ghose, Zulfikar
A Note on the Existence of God. (Encounter, October 1964, Volume 23, No 5)  £8.00 
Cohn, Norman
Was There Ever a Society of Witches? (Encounter, December 1974, Volume 43, No 6)  £10.00 
Aron, Raymond
The Quest For Meaning. (Encounter, September 1972, Volume 39, No 3)  £10.00 
Hayman, Ronald
Sade and Structuralism. (Encounter, July 1976, Volume 47, No 1)  £10.00 
Cranston, Maurice
Knowledge Versus Information. (Encounter, July 1974, Volume 43, No 1)  £8.00 
Porter, Peter
Byron and the Moral North. (Encounter, August 1974, Volume 43, No 2)  £10.00 
Lord Raglan
Jocasta's Crime. An Anthropological Study.  £18.00 
Popper, Karl
Indeterminism Is Not Enough. (Encounter, April 1973, Volume 40, No 4)  £8.00 
Bondy, Francois
As Sartre Grows Old. (Encounter, November 1974, Volume 43, No 5)  £10.00 
Wyndham, Francis
Stream of Self - Consciousness. (Encounter, October 1965, Volume 25, No 4)  £10.00 
Davis, Robert Gorham
The Illusion of Objectivity. (Encounter, January 1971, Volume 36, No 1)  £10.00 
Mishan, E J
Futurism: And The Worst That Is Yet To Come. (Encounter, March 1971, Volume 36, No 3)  £10.00 
Jones, Aubrey
Can There Be An Economics of Equality? (Encounter, April 1976, Volume 46, No 3)  £10.00 
Darwin, Charles
Galton On Genius. (Encounter, August 1962, Volume 19, No 2)  £10.00 
Lerner, Laurence
Stendhal's Mirror. (Encounter, December 1972, Volume 39, No 6)  £10.00 
Bradbury, Malcolm
Dangerous Pilgrimages. (Encounter, December 1976, Volume 47, No 6)  £10.00 
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