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Hegel, G W F
Vorlesungen über die Philosophie der Geschichte.  £8.00 
Kant, Immanuel
Die Drei Kritiken in ihrem Zusammenhang mit dem Gesamtwerk.  £8.00 
Descartes, René
Haldane, Elizabeth
The Philosophical Works of Descartes. Two Volume Complete Set.  £26.00 
Winckelmann, J J
Ewiges Griechentum. Auswahl aus seinen Schriften und Briefen.  £8.00 
Heer, Friedrich
Hegel.  £6.00 
Schneider, Reinhold
Schopenhauer.  £6.00 
Hackforth, Reginald
Plato's Phaedrus.  £8.00 
Trevelyan, R C
The Antigone of Sophocles.  £6.00 
Watanabe, Shigeru
Logic and Sensibility.  £18.00 
Murray, Frank
The Impact of Piagetian Theory on Education, Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology.  £10.00 
Bachelard, Gaston
The Poetics of Reverie. Childhood, Language, and the Cosmos.  £12.00 
Bhaskar, Roy
The Possibility of Naturalism. A Philosophical Critique of the Contemporary Human Sciences.  £28.00 
Sontag, Susan
Styles of Radical Will.  £12.00 
Sontag, Susan
Under the Sign of Saturn.  £6.00 
MacMurray, John
Reason and Emotion.  £8.00 
Ricoeur, Paul
Savage, Denis
Freud and Philosophy: An Essay on Interpretation.  £18.00 
Bhaskar, Roy
Reclaiming Reality. A Critical Introduction to Contemporary Philosophy.  £18.00 
Bhaskar, Roy
Plato etc. The Problems of Philosophy and Their Resolution.  £16.00 
Ludovici, Anthony Mario
Nietzsche, Friedrich
Nietzsche. His Life and Works.  £12.00 
Engels, Friedrich
Feuerbach, Ludwig
Ludwig Feuerbach and the Outcome of Classical German Philosophy.  £6.00 
Kant, Immanuel
Prolegomena to any Future Metaphysics that Will be Able to Present Itself as a Science. Ed. Transl Peter Lucas.  £10.00 
Berkeley, George
Simon, Collyns
The Principles of Human Knowledge. A Treatise on the Nature of the Material Substance and its Relation to the Absolute.  £10.00 
Pascal, Blaise
The Provincial Letters of Blaise Pascal.  £14.00 
Rideau, Emile
Introduction a la Pensée de Paul Valéry.  £8.00 
Charon, Jean
Man in Search of Himself.  £12.00 
Tolstoy, Leo
On Life and Essays on Religion.  £14.00 
Robertson, John
A Short History of Freethought, Ancient and Modern.  £48.00 
Carney, Frederick
Althusius, Johannes
The Politics of Johannes Althusius. An Abridged Translation the Third Edition of Politica Methodice Digesta, Atque Exemplis Sacris et Profanis Illustrata And Including the Prefaces to the First and Third Editions.  £10.00 
McCoy, Charles
The Structure of Political Thought. A Study in the History of Political Ideas.  £88.00 
Bouchard, Constance Brittain
"Every Valley Shall Be Exalted." The Discourse of Opposites in Twelfth-Century Thought.  £12.00 
Sinclair, Andrew
Selections from The Greek Anthology.  £14.00 
Radice, Betty
The Letters of Abelard and Heloise.  £8.00 
Jebb, R C
The Tragedies of Sophocles.  £12.00 
Cole, G D H
Rousseau, Jean Jacques
The Social Contract and Discourses.  £10.00 
Rex, Walter
Magdelaine, Michelle
Whelan, Ruth
De l'Humanisme aux Lumières, Bayle et le Protestantisme. Mélanges en l'Honneur d'Elisabeth Labrousse.  £36.00 
Kierkegaard, Søren
Gospel of Sufferings.  £16.00 
Guthrie, W K C
The Greek Philosophers. From Thales to Aristotle.  £24.00 
Russell, Bertrand
Autobiografia.  £36.00 
Ménard, Louis
Rèveries d'un Paien Mystique.  £78.00 
Steiner, Rudolf
The Manifestations of Karma. Eleven Lectures Given in Hamburg, 16th to 28th May, 1910.  £18.00 
Plamenatz, John
Machiavelli, Hobbes, and Rousseau.  £22.00 
Weir, Todd
Monism. Science, Philosophy, Religion, and the History of Worldview.  £36.00 
Lock, F P
The Rhetoric of Numbers in Gibbon's History.  £36.00 
Reyner, J H
The Diary of a Modern Alchemist.  £28.00 
Margolin, Jean-Claude
Briggs, E R
Aspects du Libertinisme au XVIème Siecle. Actes du Colloque International de Sommières.  £36.00 
Tezas, Christos
Ho Thales ho Milesios kai hoi arches ton epistemon (Epistemonike epeterida tes Philosophikes Scholes, Dodone. Parartema)  £68.00 
Schrader, Carlos
La Paz de Calias: Testimonios e Interpretacion.  £68.00 
Lukács, Georg
History and Class Consciousness. Studies in Marxist Dialectics. transl R Livingstone.  £20.00 
Diderot, Denis
Niklaus, Robert
Diderot and Drama. An Inaugural Lecture deliver in The University College of the South West of England on 11th May, 1953.  £12.00 
Waddington, C H
The Scientific Attitude.  £8.00 
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