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Gorgias.  £6.00 
The Symposium.  £6.00 
Protagoras and Meno.  £6.00 
The Last Days of Socrates.  £6.00 
University of Ulster
Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) in Education. Diploma in Advanced Studies in Education. Prospectus 1985 to 86.  £8.00 
Dray, William
Philosophy of History.  £12.00 
Aron, Raymond
Progress and Disillusion: Dialectics of Modern Society.  £8.00 
Langkavel, Bernhard
De Partibus Animalium Libri Quattuor. (Aristotelis Opera 1)  £10.00 
Ziman, John
Public Knowledge: An Essay Concerning the Social Dimension of Science.  £8.00 
Hospers, John
An Introduction to Philosophical Analysis.  £16.00 
Polanyi, Michael
The Study of Man. The Lindsay Memorial Lectures, 1958.  £20.00 
Cicero, Marcus Tullius
Stickney, Austin
M Tullii Ciceronis: De Natura Deorum Libri Tres, with the Commentary of G F Schoeman, Translated by Austin Stickney.  £14.00 
O'Neill, Onora
Towards Justice and Virtue. A Constructive Account of Practical Reasoning.  £14.00 
Trigg, Robert Joseph Wilson
Origen. The Bible and Philosophy in the Third Century Church.  £12.00 
Ashbaugh, Anna Freire
Plato's Theory of Explanation. A Study of the Cosmological Account in the Timaeus.  £28.00 
Huxley, T H
Hume.  £10.00 
Saldana, Juan Jose
Cross Cultural Diffusion of Science. Latin America.  £12.00 
Cornford, Francis
From Religion to Philosophy. A Study in the Origins of Western Speculation.  £20.00 
Engels, Friedrich
Marx, Karl
On the Paris Commune.  £10.00 
Crump, C G
The Logic of History.  £10.00 
Walker, B
Abdy, J
The Institutes of Justinian.  £46.00 
Hudson, Donald
Ludwig Wittgenstein. The Bearing of his Philosophy upon Religious Belief.  £12.00 
Tillich, Paul
The Shaking of the Foundations.  £8.00 
Bacon, Francis
The Advancement of Learning and New Atlantis. Preface Thomas Case.  £8.00 
Rado, Kurt
24 Studen Richtig Leben.  £8.00 
Drake, Stillman
Galileo. Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems.  £10.00 
Russo, Antonio
La Filosofia della Retorica in Aristotele.  £28.00 
Roberts, David
Existentialism and Religious Belief.  £10.00 
Dickinson, Goldsworthy Lowes
The Greek View of Life.  £8.00 
Seeley, J R
Ecce Homo.  £12.00 
Sullivan, J W N
Limitations of Science.  £10.00 
Williams, Bernard
Descartes. The Project of Pure Enquiry.  £8.00 
Ladd, George
Elements of Physiological Psychology; A Treatise of the Activities and Nature of the Mind from the Physical and Experimental Point of View.  £46.00 
Nisbet, Robert
The Sociological Tradition.  £6.00 
Diaz de Baeza, Juan
Manual de Logica: que contiene lo sustancial que en esta asignatura deben aprender los estudiantes del primer ano de filosofia por el Presbitero.  £22.00 
The Apology and Meno of Plato. Translated by St George Stock and C A Marcon.  £6.00 
Raymond, George Lansing
The Representative Significance of Form. An Essay in Comparative Aesthetics.  £18.00 
Mill, John Stuart
Autobiography.  £14.00 
Geddes, W D
Platonis Phaedo. The Phaedo of Plato, edited with Introduction and Notes by W D Geddes. Second Edition.  £18.00 
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Ashe, T
Miscellanies, Aesthetic and Literary: To which is added, The Theory of Life.  £16.00 
Bernstein, Jeremy
Science Observed.  £10.00 
Sabine, George
A History of Political Theory.  £12.00 
Mandelbaum, Maurice
History, Man and Reason: A Study in 19th Century Thought.  £14.00 
Buchdahl, Gerd
Metaphysics and the Philosophy of Science. The Classical Origins - Descartes to Kant.  £36.00 
Mischel, Theodore
Human Action. Conceptual and Empirical Issues.  £10.00 
Carritt, E F
Philosophies of Beauty: From Socrates to Robert Bridges Being the Sources of Aesthetic Theory.  £8.00 
Mill, John Stuart
Coit, Stanton
The Subjection of Women.  £16.00 
Schwartz, Stephen
Naming, Necessity and Natural Kinds.  £10.00 
Singh, Jagjit
Mathematical Ideas: Their Nature and Use.  £10.00 
Thompson, E P
Beyond the Cold War. Not the Dimbleby Lecture.  £6.00 
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