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Locke, John
Of Civil Government.  £8.00 
Motley, John
The Rise of the Dutch Republic.  £34.00 
Cooper, Duff
Talleyrand.  £12.00 
Weisbrode, Kenneth
Churchill and the King.  £8.00 
Carlyle, Thomas
The French Revolution. A History.  £10.00 
Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Italy
German-Speaking Inhabitants of the Alto-Adige.  £24.00 
Shaw, Gerald
The Cape Times. An Informal History.  £14.00 
Andrew, Christopher
Mitrokhin, Vasili
The Mitrokhin Archive. The KGB in Europe and the West.  £12.00 
Ure, John
Prince Henry the Navigator.  £8.00 
No Author Honours and Titles in Britain.  £8.00 
Saunders, Stuart
Vice-Chancellor on a Tightrope. A Personal Account of Climactic Years in South Africa.  £64.00 
Risk, James
The History of the Order of the Bath and its Insignia.  £10.00 
Stewart-Murray, Katharine
Searchlight on Spain by Duchess of Atholl.  £10.00 
Disraeli, Benjamin
Sybil, or The Two Nations.  £8.00 
Hindley, Geoffrey
The Medieval Establishment 1200 - 1500.  £8.00 
Durrell, Lawrence
The Best of Antrobus.  £8.00 
Jeffery, Keith
Ireland and War in the 20th Century. The Parnell Lecture 2003 - 04.  £12.00 
Arendt, Hannah
Hill, Melvyn
Hannah Arendt: The Recovery of the Public World.  £12.00 
Leakey, L S B
Mau Mau and the Kikuyu.  £8.00 
Bingham, Tom
The Rule of Law.  £8.00 
Roberts, Richard
The Church in the Commonwealth.  £10.00 
Jones, Mary Moser
The American Red Cross from Clara Barton tot he New Deal.  £32.00 
Abrams, Elliott
Tested by Zion. The Bush Administration and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.  £22.00 
Kingston, Jeff
Contemporary Japan. History, Politics, and Social Change Since the 1980s.  £18.00 
Pittock, Murray
The Road to Independence? Scotland in the Balance.  £12.00 
Mayers, David
FDR's Ambassadors and the Diplomacy of Crisis. From the Rise of Hitler tot eh End of World War 2.  £32.00 
Spender, Stephen
Hamilton, Alastair
The Appeal of Fascism. A Study of Intellectuals and Fascism 1919 - 1945.  £36.00 
Knapp, Andrew
Footitt, Hilary
Liberal Democracies at War. Conflict and Representation.  £18.00 
Konishi, Sho
Anarchist Modernity. Cooperatism and Japanese-Russian Intellectual Relations in Modern Japan.  £34.00 
Turner, William
The Cuban Connection. Nixon, Castro, and the Mob.  £10.00 
Jones, Clyve
Institutional Practice and Memory. Parliamentary People, Records and Histories. Essays in Honour of Sir John Sainty.  £16.00 
Prost, Antoine
Winter, Jay
René Cassin and Human Rights. From the Great War to the Universal Declaration.  £24.00 
Sullivan, Ceri
Literature in the Public Service. Sublime Bureaucracy.  £36.00 
Peterson, Derek
Ethnic Patriotism and the East African Revival. A History of Dissent, c. 1935 - 1972.  £22.00 
Sandys, Celia
From Winston, With Love and Kisses. The Young Churchill.  £18.00 
Sandys, Celia
Churchill. Wanted Dead or Alive.  £18.00 
Cayton, Andrew
Love in the Time of Revolution. Transatlantic Literary Radicalism and Historical Change, 1793 - 1818.  £42.00 
Gilmour, John
Stephenson, Jill
Hitler's Scandinavian Legacy. The Consequences of the German Invasion for the Scandinavian Countries, Then and Now.  £88.00 
Fenton, Laurence
Palmerston and the Times. Foreign Policy, the Press and Public Opinion in Mid-Victorian Britain.  £52.00 
Mahlberg, Gaby
Wiemann, Dirk
European Contexts for English Republicanism.  £96.00 
Gauci, Perry
William Beckford. First Prime Minister of the London Empire.  £14.00 
Merritt, J F
Westminster, 1640 - 60. A Royal City in a Time of Revolution.  £58.00 
Peltonen, Markku
Rhetoric, Politics, and Popularity in Pre-Revolutionary England.  £56.00 
Foxley, Rachel
The Levellers. Radical Political Thought in the English Revolution.  £66.00 
Otte, T G
Readman, Paul
By-Elections in British Politics, 1832 - 1914.  £68.00 
Swann, Julian
Félix, Joel
The Crisis of the Absolute Monarchy. France from Old Regime to Revolution.  £68.00 
Gasper, Julia
Theodore von Neuhoff, King of Corsica. The Man Behind the Legend.  £54.00 
Brady, Ciaran
James Anthony Froude. An Intellectual Biography of a Victorian Prophet.  £74.00 
Young, Ernest
Ecclesiastical Colony. China's Catholic Church and the French Religious Protectorate.  £56.00 
McDaid, Shaun
Template for Peace. Northern Ireland, 1972 - 1975.  £66.00 
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