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Karg, Ina
... sin süeze surez ungemach.... Erzählen von der Minne in Wolframs "Parzival".  £18.00 
Müller, Ulrich
Untersuchungen zur politischen Lyrik des deutschen Mittelalters.  £18.00 
Hammond, Basil Edward
Bodies Politic and their Governments.  £18.00 
Vaughan, Richard
Valois Burgundy.  £12.00 
Toland, John
The State-Anatomy of Great Britain.  £36.00 
Schumacher, E F
Hands Wanted.  £12.00 
Commager, Henry
America and the Future.  £8.00 
Lloyd, A L
Portrait of an Ally.  £10.00 
Bennett, Richard
One World. A Discussion of the United Nations Charter.  £10.00 
Dorgot, Jean
France is Divided: La Seconde Patrie.  £10.00 
Peyrot, Giorgio
Gli Evangelici nei loro Rapporti con lo Stato das Fascismo as Oggi.  £18.00 
Santini, Luigi
Gli Evangelici Italiani negli Anni della Crisi (1918 - 1948)  £16.00 
Santini, Luigi
Il Valdismo dalla crisi dello stato liberale al fascismo. (Rio Marina 1906 - 1926)  £18.00 
LeGates, Richard
Think Globally, Act Regionally. GIS and Data Visualization for Social Science and Public Policy Research.  £28.00 
Fryde, E B
The Great Revolt of 1381.  £6.00 
Attwater, Donald
Modern Christian Revolutionaries. An Introduction to the Lives and Thought of: Kierkegaard, Eric Gill, G K Chesterton, C F Andrews, Berdyaev.  £18.00 
Open University
Course Introduction and Death of the Old Regime?  £12.00 
Brunt, P A
Ancient Culture and Society. Social Conflicts in the Roman Republic.  £6.00 
Barber, Noel
Lords of the Golden Horn. The Sultans, their Harems and their Fall of the Ottoman Empire.  £14.00 
Collins, Stephen
From Divine Cosmos to Sovereign State. An Intellectual History of Consciousness and the Idea of Order in Renaissance England.  £10.00 
Leroy, Maxime
Les Tendances du Pouvoir et de la Liberté en France au XXieme Siècle.  £16.00 
Venning, Timothy
Cromwellian Foreign Policy.  £18.00 
Beaud, Michel
A History of Capitalism 1500 - 1980.  £10.00 
Ministry of Power
The Efficient Use of Fuel.  £12.00 
Leonard, Dick
Crosland and New Labour.  £36.00 
Lottman, Herbert
The Left Bank. Writers, Artists, and Politics from the Popular Front to the Cold War.  £12.00 
Campbell, Fiona
British Involvement in the Spanish Civil War 1936 - 1939.  £24.00 
Eatwell, Roger
Goodwin, Matthew
The New Extremism in 21st Century Britain.  £20.00 
Bauman, Zygmunt
Alone Again: Ethics After Certainty.  £8.00 
Chiper, Mihai
O Societate in Cautarea Onoarei. Duel si Masculinitate in Romania (1859 - 1914)  £24.00 
Coetzee, Frans
Shevin-Coetzee, Marilyn
The World in Flames.  £24.00 
Masalha, Nur
The Palestine Nakba. Decolonising History, Narrating the Subaltern, Reclaiming Memory.  £14.00 
Machiavelli, Niccolò
The Prince.  £8.00 
Mukherjee, Ramkrishna
The Rise and Fall of the East India Company. A Sociological Appraisal.  £12.00 
Falconi, Carlo
The Silence of Pius XII.  £10.00 
Bercé, Yves-Marie
History of Peasant Revolts. The Social Origins of Rebellion in Early Modern France.  £10.00 
Porter, Roy
Scribner, Bob
The Reformation in National Context.  £24.00 
Lindemann, Albert
Anti-Semitism before the Holocaust.  £12.00 
de Tocqueville, Alexis
Reeve, Henry
Democracy in America.  £8.00 
Burgess, Glen
The Politics of the Ancient Constitution. An Introduction to English Political Thought, 1603 - 1642.  £16.00 
Carney, Frederick
Althusius, Johannes
The Politics of Johannes Althusius. An Abridged Translation the Third Edition of Politica Methodice Digesta, Atque Exemplis Sacris et Profanis Illustrata And Including the Prefaces to the First and Third Editions.  £10.00 
Mumford, Lewis
The Story of Utopias.  £18.00 
McCoy, Charles
The Structure of Political Thought. A Study in the History of Political Ideas.  £88.00 
Trotsky, Leon
Jenness, Douglas
Leon Trotsky on the Paris Commune.  £8.00 
Peters, Edward
The Shadow King. Rex Inutilis in Medieval Law and Literature, 751 - 1327.  £24.00 
Johnson, Martin
The Dreyfuss Affair.  £12.00 
Wiesner, Merry
Gender, Church and State in Early Modern Germany.  £12.00 
Aron, Raymond
Democracy and Totalitarianism.  £14.00 
Black, A J
Monarchy and Community. Political Ideas in the Later Conciliar Controversy 1430 - 1450.  £14.00 
Mazrui, Ali
Towards a Pax Africana. A Study of Ideology and Ambition.  £14.00 
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