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Hampshire, Stuart
Kolakowski, Leszek
The Socialist Idea.  £14.00 
Howe, Anthony
Cobden, Richard
Morgan, Simon
The Letters of Richard Cobden. Volume 3, 1854 - 1859.  £48.00 
Fischer, David Hackett
Fairness and Freedom. A History of Two Open Societies, New Zealand and the United States.  £18.00 
Newmyer, R Kent
The Treason Trial of Aaron Burr. Law, Politics, and the Character Wars of the New Nation.  £16.00 
Lazarski, Christopher
Power Tends to Corrupt. Lord Acton's Study of Liberty.  £30.00 
Monger, David
Patriotism and Propaganda in First World War Britain. The National War Aims Committee and Civilian Morale.  £40.00 
McGee, J Sears
An Industrious Mind. The Worlds of Sir Simonds D'Ewes.  £36.00 
Peters, Shawn Francis
The Catonsville Nine. A Story of Faith and Resistance in the Vietnam Era.  £14.00 
Prochaska, F K
Eminent Victorians on American Democracy. The View from Albion.  £14.00 
Tsesis, Alexander
For Liberty and Equality. The Life and Times of The Declaration of Independence.  £18.00 
Cross, Michael
A Biography of Robert Baldwin. The Morning Star of Memory.  £14.00 
Grisinger, Joanna
The Unwieldy American State. Administrative Politics Since the New Deal.  £42.00 
Lukes, Igor
On the Edge of the Cold War. American Diplomats and Spies in Postwar Prague.  £16.00 
VanDeMark, Brian
American Sheikhs. Two Families, Four Generations, and the Story of America's Influence in the Middle East.  £12.00 
Dowty, Alan
Israel/Palestine.  £12.00 
Griffin, Ben
The Politics of Gender in Victorian Britain. Masculinity, Political Culture, and the Struggle for Women's Rights.  £48.00 
Biskupski, M B B
Independence Day. Myth Symbol, and the Creation of Modern Poland.  £26.00 
Hilton, Matthew
McKay, James
Crowson, Nick
A Historical Guide to NGOs in Britain. Charities, Civil Society and the Voluntary Sector since 1945.  £64.00 
Bren, Paulina
Community Unwrapped.Consumption in Cold War Eastern Europe.  £18.00 
Antonelli, Marina
Satira Politica e Risorgimento: I Giornali Italiani, 1848-1849.  £38.00 
Orsina, Giovanni
Culture, Politiche, e Leadership, nell'Europa degli Anni Ottanta.  £32.00 
Armour, Ian
A History of Eastern Europe 1740 - 1918. Empires, Nations and Modernisation.  £14.00 
Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr
Leontovitsch, Victor
The History of Liberalism in Russia.  £36.00 
Black, Jeremy
War and the Cultural Turn.  £14.00 
Jabbari, Eric
Pierre Laroque and the Welfare State in Postwar France.  £38.00 
Devji, Faisal
The Impossible Indian. Gandhi and the Temptation of Violence.  £12.00 
Plamenatz, John
Machiavelli, Hobbes, and Rousseau.  £22.00 
Friend, Julius
Stateless Nations. Western European Regional Nationalisms and the Old Nations.  £46.00 
Shields, Johanna
Freedom in a Slave Society. Stories from the Antebellum South.  £44.00 
Miller, Eben
Born Along the Color Line. The 1933 Amenia Conference and the Rise of a National Civil Rights Movement.  £14.00 
Lockley, Philip
Visionary Religion and Radicalism in Early Industrial England. From Southcott to Socialism.  £48.00 
Reynolds, Henry
The Other Side of the Frontier. Aboriginal Resistance to the European Invasion of Australia.  £6.00 
Buchanan, Tom
East Wind. China and the British Left, 1925 - 1976.  £48.00 
Inbari, Motti
Messianic Religious Zionism Confronts Israeli Territorial Compromises.  £40.00 
Deringil, Selim
Conversion and Apostasy in the Late Ottoman Empire.  £46.00 
Irwin, Ryan
Gordian Knot. Apartheid and the Unmaking of the Liberal World Order.  £24.00 
Qureshi, Saleem
Jinnah. The Founder of Pakistan.  £14.00 
Ball, Warwick
Sultans of Rome. The Turkish Expansion.  £10.00 
Ali, Rabia Umar
Empire in Retreat. The Story of India's Partition.  £14.00 
Phillips Fein, Kim
What's Good For Business. Business and American Politics since World War 2.  £14.00 
Middleton, Roger
Inside the Department of Economic Affairs. Samuel Brittan, the Diary of an 'Irregular', 1964 - 6.  £46.00 
Gibbon, Edward
The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. In Six Volumes.  £68.00 
Sweetnam, Mark
The Minutes of the Antrim Ministers' Meeting 1654 - 8.  £36.00 
Featherstone, David
Solidarity. Hidden Histories and Geographies of Internationalism.  £12.00 
Johnes, Martin
Wales Since 1939.  £14.00 
Tobin, Robert
The Minority Voice. Hubert Butler and Southern Irish Protestantism, 1900 - 1991.  £58.00 
McNamara, Robert
The Churchills in Ireland 1660 - 1965. Connections and Controversies.  £20.00 
Potterton, Michael
Herron, Thomas
Dublin and the Pale in the Renaissance c. 1540 - 1660.  £38.00 
Machiavelli, Niccolò
Ricci, Luigi
The Prince.  £16.00 
Dennis, David
Inhumanities. Nazi Interpretations of Western Culture.  £16.00 
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