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Stubbs, Edmund
The Health of the Nation: Averting the Demise of Universal Healthcare.  £12.00 
Hudson, Cheryl
Why Academic Freedom Matters: A Response to Current Challenges.  £12.00 
Türk, Egbert
Nugae Curialium. Le Règne d'Henri II Plantegenêt (1145-1189) et l'éthique Politique.  £24.00 
Painter, Sidney
Castellans of the Plain of Poitou in the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries.  £10.00 
Rose, W J
Poland.  £18.00 
Machiavelli, Niccolò
The Ruler. A new Translation by Peter Rodd. With an Introduction by Walter Elliot.  £16.00 
Moreil, Françoise
L'Intendance de Languedoc a la Fin du XVIIe Siècle: Edition critique du Memoire "Pour l'Instruction du Duc de Bourgogne".  £84.00 
MacFadyen, Dugald
Sir Ebenezer Howard and the Town Planning Movement.  £12.00 
Metadier, Jacques
France. Preface by Wickham Steed.  £10.00 
Northedge, F S
The Use of Force in International Relations.  £12.00 
Butalia, Urvashi
The Other Side of Silence. Voices From the Partition of India.  £18.00 
Gould, Mark
Revolution in the Development of Capitalism: The Coming of the English Revolution.  £12.00 
Becher, Werner
Karl Veidt (1879 – 1946): Paulskirchenpfarrer und Reichstagsabgeordneter.  £24.00 
Stenzl, Jürg
Von Giacomo Puccini zu Luigi Nono. italienische Musik 1922 - 1952, Faschismus-Resistenza-Republik.  £24.00 
Foerster, Isolde von
Musikforschung - Faschismus - Nationalsozialismus: Referate der Tagung auf Schloss Engers (8. bis 11. März 2000)  £48.00 
Lehmann- Haupt, C F
Solon of Athens. The Poet, the Merchant and the Statesman. An Inaugural Lecture.  £10.00 
Ramsden, John
The Age of Balfour and Baldwin 1902 - 1940.  £16.00 
No Author The Sacral Kingship. La Regalita Sacra. Contributions to the Central Theme of the VIIIth International Congress for the History of Religions (Rome, April 1955).  £42.00 
Korngold, Ralph
Robespierre. First Modern Dictator.  £18.00 
Salvemini, Gaetano
The Fascist Dictatorship in Italy. Volume 1: The Origins and Practices.  £20.00 
Lewis, Jane
Politics of Motherhood: Child and Maternal Welfare in England, 1900 - 1939.  £46.00 
Washburn, Wilcomb
Effect of Bacon's Rebellion on Government in England and Virginia.  £16.00 
Klapthor, Margaret Brown
Benjamin Latrobe and Dolley Madison Decorate the White House, 1809 - 1811.  £16.00 
Melder, Keith
Bryan the Campaigner.  £16.00 
Hill, Christopher
Beadle, Sarah
The Art of Attraction. Soft Power and the UK's Role in the World.  £24.00 
Cayley, Edward Stillingfleet
The European Revolutions of 1848.  £16.00 
Headingley, Adolphe
The Biography of Charles Bradlaugh. Second Edition.  £16.00 
Alto Adige
Alto Adige. Acts of Terrorism and Austrian Responsibility.  £30.00 
Kaur, Raminder
Hutnyk, John
Travel Worlds. Journeys in Contemporary Cultural Politics.  £36.00 
Lenin, V I
Letters From Afar.  £8.00 
Prynne, William
The Perpetuitie of Regenerate Mans Estate.  £1,200.00 
Socialist Party of Great Britain
Questions of the Day. A Socialist Analysis.  £8.00 
Tyrolese Provincial Government
Alto Adige
Austria's Just Claim to South Tyrol.  £20.00 
No Author Scientific Aspects of Forestry. Volume 2: Minutes of Evidence (House of Lords, Session 1979-80. 2nd Report of the Select Committee on Science and Technology)  £18.00 
Kultur, Wirtschaft, Recht und die Zukunft des deutschen Musiklebens.  £64.00 
Bennington, Geoff
The Oxford Literary Review, Volume 7. Double Issue.  £12.00 
Forrester, John
Psychoanalysis and History. Volume 7 (2009) to Volume 16 (2015)  £200.00 
Forrester, John
Sabbadini, Andrea
Psychoanalysis and History. Volume 5 (2007) to Volume 16 (2015)  £240.00 
Hitchens, Christopher
Détente and Destabilization: Report from Cyprus. Essay in New Left Review No 94, 1975.  £14.00 
Nevins, Allan
Hamilton Fish. The Inner History of the Grant Administration.  £34.00 
Cecil, Gwendolen
Life of Robert Marquis of Salisbury. Volume 1: 1830 - 1868.  £12.00 
Morris, Gouverneur
A Diary of the French Revolution.  £46.00 
Burton, F R
International University Course. Constitutional Law.  £10.00 
Cecil, Edward
The Leisure of an Egyptian Official.  £10.00 
Shackleton, Robert
The Encyclopedie and the Clerks.  £16.00 
Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals
University Development in the 1970's: A Statement of Views by the Committee.  £14.00 
Kapp, Wolfgang
Die nationalen Kreise und der Reichskanzler. Denkschrift.  £120.00 
Temperley, Harold
Das Tagebuch der Fürstin Lieven, mit politischen Skizzen und einigen Briefen.  £20.00 
Keegan, Timothy
Colonial South Africa: The Origins of the Racial Order.  £12.00 
Hyam, Ronald
Elgin and Churchill at the Colonial Office, 1905 - 1908.  £14.00 
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