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Swann, Julian
Félix, Joel
The Crisis of the Absolute Monarchy. France from Old Regime to Revolution.  £68.00 
Gasper, Julia
Theodore von Neuhoff, King of Corsica. The Man Behind the Legend.  £54.00 
Brady, Ciaran
James Anthony Froude. An Intellectual Biography of a Victorian Prophet.  £74.00 
Basols Batalla, Angel
Temas y Figuras de la Intervencion.  £24.00 
Young, Ernest
Ecclesiastical Colony. China's Catholic Church and the French Religious Protectorate.  £56.00 
McDaid, Shaun
Template for Peace. Northern Ireland, 1972 - 1975.  £66.00 
Nehring, Holger
Politics of Security. British and West German Protest Movements and the Early Cold War, 1945-1970.  £88.00 
Lees, Lorraine
Rodner, William
Poole, DeWitt C
An American Diplomat in Bolshevik Russia.  £18.00 
McReynolds, Louise
Murder Most Russian. True Crime and Punishment in Late Imperial Russia.  £34.00 
Locke, John
Second Treatise of Government and a Letter Concerning Toleration.  £6.00 
Martin, Alexander
Enlightened Metropolis. Constructing Imperial Moscow, 1762 - 1855.  £58.00 
Schui, Florian
Rebellious Prussians. Urban Political Culture Under Frederick the Great and His Successors.  £66.00 
Service, Hugo
Germans to Poles. Communism, Nationalism, and Ethnic Cleansing after the Second World War.  £54.00 
Vester, Matthew
Sabaudian Studies. Political Culture, Dynasty, and Territory, 1400 - 1700.  £36.00 
Chase, Malcolm
1820. Disorder and Stability in the United Kingdom.  £66.00 
Perry, Robert
Revisionist Scholarship and Modern Irish Politics.  £96.00 
Gow, James
War and War Crimes.  £18.00 
Terretta, Meredith
Nation of Outlaws, State of Violence. Nationalism, Grassfields Tradition, and State Building in Cameroon.  £28.00 
Abrams, Burton
The Terrible 10. A Century of Economic Folly.  £12.00 
Varouxakis, Georgios
Liberty Abroad. J S Mill on International Relations.  £52.00 
Cherniss, Joshua
A Mind and Its Time. The Development of Isaiah Berlin's Political Thought.  £78.00 
Crossman, Virginia
Poverty and the Poor Law in Ireland, 1850 - 1914.  £60.00 
Kramer, Michael
The Republic of Rock. Music and Citizenship in the Sixties Counterculture.  £24.00 
Friedman, Lawrence
The Lives of Erich Fromm. Love's Prophet.  £12.00 
Pombeni, Paolo
Giuseppe Dossetti. L'Avventura Politica di un Riformatore Cristiano.  £26.00 
Banner, Stuart
The Baseball Trust. History of Baseball's Antitrust Exemption.  £10.00 
Jackson, Mark
The Age of Stress. Science and the Search for Stability.  £32.00 
Carson, Jamie
Roberts, Jason
Ambition, Competition, and Electoral Reform. The Politics of Congressional Elections Across Time.  £60.00 
Sadan, Mandy
Being and Becoming Kachin.  £98.00 
Kenez, Peter
The Coming of the Holocaust.  £18.00 
Claeys, Gregory
Mill and Paternalism.  £68.00 
Braun, Guido
Strohmeyer, Arno
Frieden und Friedenssicherung in der Frühen Neuzeit: Das Heilige Römische Reich und Europa. Festschrift für Maximilian Lanzinner.  £46.00 
Kwan, Jonathan
Liberalism and the Habsburg Monarchy, 1861-1895.  £64.00 
Rodensky, Lisa
Selected Writings of James Fitzjames Stephen. The Story of Nuncomar and the Impeachment of Sir Elijah Impey.  £36.00 
Toye, Richard
The Roar of the Lion. The Untold Story of Churchill's World War 2 Speeches.  £8.00 
Delton, Jennifer
Rethinking the 1950s. How Anticommunism and the Cold War Made America Liberal.  £10.00 
Bold, Christine
The Frontier Club. Popular Westerns and Cultural Power, 1880-1924.  £12.00 
Gildea, Robert
Mark, James
Warring, Anette
Europe's 1968. Voice of Revolt.  £66.00 
Matthews, E J T
Oulton, A D M
Legal Aid and Advice Under the Legal Aid Acts 1949 to 1964.  £92.00 
Bruce, Alastair
Calder, Julian
Keepers of the Kingdom. The Ancient Offices of Britain.  £16.00 
Sainty, J C
Peerage Creations 1649 - 1800. A Chronological List of Creations in the Peerage of England and Great Britain.  £14.00 
Becher, C C
Cartas Sobre Mexico la Republica Mexicana durante los Años Decisivos de 1832 y 1833.  £24.00 
Coalición de los Pueblos Mixtecos Oaxaqueños
Resumen de Labores de la Coalición de los Pueblos Mixtecos Oaxaqueños durante su Ejercicio Social. Julio de 1957 - Julio de 1961. Sexto Informe.  £120.00 
Mitchell, L G
Lord Melbourne 1779-1848.  £52.00 
Govender, Karthy
Attempting to Achieve Substantive Equality in One of the Most Unequal Societies in the World: The South African Experience.  £16.00 
Davenport, Rodney
South Africa. A Modern History.  £18.00 
Zehrfuss, Bernard
Mayor, Federico
L'Unesco. Foyer Vivant des Bonheurs Possibles.  £12.00 
Lockhart, Bruce
Memoirs of a British Agent. Being an Account of the Author's Life in many Lands and of his Official Mission to Moscow in 1918.  £10.00 
Gandhi, Mahatma
Peace. The Words and Inspiration of Mahatma Gandhi.  £12.00 
Matthews, E J T
Oulton, A D M
Legal Aid and Advice Under the Legal Aid Acts 1949 to 1964.  £36.00 
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