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Morgan, Charles
The Liberty of Thought and the Separation of Powers. A Modern Problem Considered in the Context of Montesquieu.  £16.00 
Holub, Joseph
La Représentation Politique en Hongrie au Moyen Âge.  £14.00 
The Eve of Magna Carta.  £12.00 
d'Eszlary, Charles
La Magna Carta et son Origine Française.  £14.00 
Falkiner, C Litton
The Parliament of Ireland under the Tudor Sovereigns. Together with: Supplementary Paper.  £16.00 
Lousse, Emile
Parlementarisme ou Corporatisme? Les Origines des Assemblees d'Etats.  £10.00 
Marongiu, Antonio
G Zurita, le Cortes e le Liberta Aragonesi.  £12.00 
Marongiu, Antonio
Il Parlamento baronale del Regno di Napoli del 1443.  £12.00 
Marongiu, Antonio
Rappresentanza e mandato nelle nostre antiche assemblee costituzionali.  £16.00 
Marongiu, Antonio
Monarchia assoluta e istituto parlamentare nella politica cinque-secentesca.  £12.00 
Post, Gaines
Plena Potestas and Consent in Medieval Assemblies. A Study in Romano-Canonical Procedure and the Rise of Representation, 1150 - 1325.  £15.00 
Richardson, H G
Sayles, George
Pariament in Medieval Ireland.  £10.00 
Smith, Elsie
The Sarum Magna Carta 1215. A History of the Document and a Guide to its Translation.  £8.00 
Strateman Sims, Catherine
Policies in Parliaments: An Early Seventeenth-Century Tractate on House of Commons Procedure.  £8.00 
Harriss, G L
The Commons' Petition of 1340.  £8.00 
Russell, Josiah Cox
Early Parliamentary Organization.  £12.00 
Wollaston, G Woods
Coronation Claims. Containing a Full Report of All the Cases Argued Before the Court of Claims at the Coronation of King Edward VII.  £24.00 
Norwich, Brahm
Dilemmas of Difference, Inclusion, and Disability. International Perspectives and Future Directions.  £16.00 
Levitas, Ruth
The Inclusive Society? Social Exclusion and New Labour.  £12.00 
Henderson, Nicholas
Prince Eugen of Savoy. A Biography.  £24.00 
Matthews, W R
The Foundations of Peace.  £14.00 
Anttonen, Anneli
The Young, the Old and the State. Social Care Systems in Five Industrial Nations.  £12.00 
Joppke, Christian
Immigration and the Nation-State. The United States, Germany, and Great Britain.  £16.00 
Birch, Anthony
The Concepts and Theories of Modern Democracy.  £18.00 
Yuchtman-Ya'ar, Ephraim
Peres, Yochanan
Between Consent and Dissent. Democracy and Peace in the Israeli Mind.  £10.00 
Jones, Michael
The Australian Welfare State. Evaluating Social Policy.  £18.00 
Decker, Scott
Weerman, Frank
European Street Gangs and Troublesome Youth Groups.  £26.00 
Keane, John
Violence and Democracy.  £12.00 
Lin, Nan
Social Capital. A Theory of Social Structure and Action.  £18.00 
Fößel, Amalie
Die Königin im mittelalterlichen Reich: Herrschaftsausübung, Herrschaftsrechte, Handlungsspielräume.  £22.00 
Wilson, Charlotte
Anarchist Essays .  £8.00 
Taylor, Gary
Todd, Malcolm
Democracy and Participation. Popular Protest and New Social Movements.  £14.00 
Hogwood, Brian
From Crisis to Complacency? Shaping Public Policy in Britain.  £10.00 
Jordan, Bill
Social Policy for the Twenty-First Century.  £14.00 
Avrich, Paul
Bakunin and Nechaev.  £6.00 
Godwin, William
Marshall, Peter
The Anarchist Writings of William Godwin.  £18.00 
Sanders, Teela
Paying For Pleasure. Men Who Buy Sex.  £16.00 
Cohen, Stanley
Folk Devils and Moral Panics.  £12.00 
Arneil, Barbara
Diverse Communities. The Problem with Social Capital.  £16.00 
Hantrais, Linda
Family Policy Matters. Responding to Family Change in Europe.  £14.00 
Brooks-Gordon, Belinda
The Price of Sex. Prostitution, Policy, and Society.  £10.00 
Kennett, Patricia
A Handbook of Comparative Social Policy.  £16.00 
Bourgeois, Léon
Pour la Societe des Nations.  £10.00 
Hazard, Paul
La Pensée Européenne au XVIIIeme Siècle de Montesquieu a Lessing. Tome 2 ONLY.  £14.00 
Science Research Council
Chemistry. A Review of the Policies and Activities of the Chemistry Committee of the Science Research Council.  £16.00 
Campbell, Alastair
Producer Cooperatives in Eastern Europe. Lessons for the West.  £14.00 
Wenzel, Horst
Adelsherrschaft und Literatur.  £34.00 
Nellmann, Eberhard
Die Reichsidee in deutschen Dichtungen der Salier- und frühen Stauferzeit. Annolied, Kaiserchronik, Rolandslied, Eraclius.  £15.00 
Thomas, Hinton
Nietzsche in German Politics and Society, 1890-1918.  £10.00 
Blundell, Michael
So Rough a Wind. The Kenya Memoirs of Sir Michael Blundell.  £32.00 
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