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Cole, G D H
Why Nationalise Steel?  £10.00 
Ministry of Labour and National Service
A Short Guide to the Factories Acts 1937 and 1948.  £10.00 
Owen, Nicholas
Human Rights, Human Wrongs. The Oxford Amnesty Lectures 2001.  £8.00 
Hegel, G W F
Wood, Allen
Hegel. Elements of the Philosophy of Right.  £16.00 
Fichte, Johann Gottlieb
Moore, Gregory
Fichte. Addresses to the German Nation.  £12.00 
Marcuse, Herbert
An Essay on Liberation.  £6.00 
Langer, William
The Revolutions of 1848. Chapters from 'Political and Social Upheaval'  £8.00 
Secretary of State for Education and Science
University Grants Committee Annual Survey Academic Year 1974 - 75 Cmnd. 6435.  £8.00 
Krahl, Hans-Jürgen
Konstitution und Klassenkampf. Zur historischen Dialektik von bürgerlicher Emanzipation und Proletarischer Revolution.  £12.00 
Sinn Fein
Ard Fheis '72 Report.  £16.00 
Lenin, V I
Stalin, Joseph
Lenin and Stalin on Youth.  £8.00 
Williams, Shirley
National Consumers' Agency. Presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for Prices and Consumer Protection by Command of Her Majesty September 1974. Cmnd. 5726.  £6.00 
Healey, Denis
Capital Transfer Tax. Presented to Parliament by the Chancellor of the Exchequer by Command of Her Majesty August 1974. Cmnd. 5705.  £6.00 
Healey, Denis
Wealth Tax. Presented to Parliament by the Chancellor of the Exchequer by Command of Her Majesty August 1974 Cmnd. 5704.  £8.00 
Liberal Democrats
Shaping Tomorrow Starting Today. Liberal Democrat Priorities for a better Britain by the year 2000.  £10.00 
Turrou, Leon
Nazi Spies in America.  £24.00 
Maritain, Jacques
Redeeming the Time.  £12.00 
Maurois, André
Disraeli.  £4.00 
Hildebrandt, Kurt
Norm und Verfall des Staates.  £24.00 
Mehring, Franz
Absolutism and Revolution in Germany, 1525 to 1848.  £46.00 
Gorgias.  £6.00 
The Symposium.  £6.00 
Protagoras and Meno.  £6.00 
The Last Days of Socrates.  £6.00 
Widgery, John
Report of the Tribunal Appointed to Inquire into the Events on Sunday, 30th January 1972, Which Led to Loss of Life in Connection with the Procession in Londonderry on that Day.  £64.00 
Rafferty, Oliver
Catholicism in Ulster 1603 - 1983 An Interpretative History.  £12.00 
Barnard, T
Planters and Policies in Cromwellian Ireland.  £10.00 
Rutherford, Evan
Palestinians and Israelis on Peace.  £24.00 
Hopkins, David
Improving the Quality of Schooling: Lessons from the O.E.C.D. International School Improvement Project.  £10.00 
Loewe, Michael
Records of Han Administration.  £180.00 
Sadleir, Randal
Tanzania. Journey to Republic.  £12.00 
Simms, Brendan
The Impact of Napoleon. Prussian High Politics, Foreign Policy and the Crisis of the Executive, 1797 - 1806.  £34.00 
Way, Twigs
Study of the Impact of Imparkment on the Social Landscape of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire from c.1080 to 1760.  £24.00 
Kenen, Peter
The International Monetary System.  £12.00 
Leadam, I S
Domesday of Inclosures, 1517 -1518. 2 Volumes.  £20.00 
Marcel, Gabriel
Fresh Hope for the World: Moral Re-Armament in Action.  £14.00 
Marlowe, John
Cecil Rhodes: The Anatomy of Empire.  £12.00 
Young, Charles
The Royal Forests of Medieval England.  £12.00 
Baldwin, Richard
Expanding Membership of the European Union.  £16.00 
Steinberg, Jonathan
All or Nothing: The Axis and the Holocaust 194 - 43.  £10.00 
Petrie, Charles
The Modern British Monarchy.  £10.00 
Toynbee, Arnold
Lectures on the Inudstrial Revolution of the 18th Century in England. Popular Addresses, Notes and Other Fragments.  £32.00 
Bevan, Edwyn
Singer, Charles
The Legacy of Israel.  £10.00 
Martin, Ernest
Palin, Gurdon
The Chairman's Manual Being a Guide to the Management of Meetings in General, and of Meetings of Local Authorities, with Separate and Complete Treatment of the Meetings of Public Companies.  £10.00 
Church, Richard
A Look at Tradition. The English Association, Presidential Address 1965.  £10.00 
Chandos, Oliver Lyttleton
The Well of English Defiled. The English Association, Presidential Address 1966.  £10.00 
Davis, G R C
Accessions to Repositories and Reports Added to the National Register of Archives.  £12.00 
Walker, B
Abdy, J
The Institutes of Justinian.  £46.00 
Bentwich, Norman
The Declaration of London, with an Introduction and Notes and Appendices.  £28.00 
Ward, Barbara
Policy for the West.  £8.00 
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