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Shepherd, Gordon
Creating Modern Neuroscience. The Revolutionary 1950s.  £26.00 
North Regional Association for the Deaf
Deafness. A Survey of the Problems.  £16.00 
Tasaki, Ichiji
Nervous Transmission.  £18.00 
Eccles, John
The Brain and the Person.  £8.00 
Bloom, Floyd
The Dana Guide to Brain Health.  £36.00 
Ramsey, Ian
Models and Mystery.  £5.00 
Cresswell, P A
Smith, G A
Student Suicide. A Study in Social Integration.  £12.00 
Villa, Guido
Manacorda, Harold
Contemporary Psychology.  £52.00 
MacMurray, John
Persons in Relation. Being the Gifford Lectures Delivered in the University of Glasgow in 1954.  £10.00 
Haynes, Renee
The Seeing Eye, The Seeing I.  £12.00 
Hoyle, Graham
Muscles and their Neural Control.  £14.00 
Katsuki, Yasuji
Receptive Mechanisms of Sound in the Ear. First Edition. Signed by Author.  £28.00 
Stokes, Adrian
Wollheim, Richard
The Image in Form: Selected Writings of Adrian Stokes.  £14.00 
Savage-Rumbaugh, Sue
Murphy, Jeannine
Seveik, Rose
Language Comprehension in Ape and Child.  £10.00 
Fawcett, Thomas
The Symbolic Language of Religion. An Introductory Study.  £12.00 
Sowa, J F
Conceptual Structures. Information Processing in Mind and Machine.  £20.00 
Frankenhaeuser, Marianne
Stressparadoxen - Mitt liv och min forskning.  £14.00 
Reiner, Robert
The Blue-Coated Worker. A Sociological Study of Police Unionism.  £10.00 
Cantril, Hadley
Gauging Public Opinion.  £24.00 
Welford, A T
Ageing and Human Skill. A Report Centred on Work by the Nuffield Unit for Research into Problems of Ageing.  £16.00 
Levy, Hermann
Drink. An Economic and Social Study.  £13.00 
Offner, Max
Das Gedächtnis. Die Ergebnisse der experimentellen Psychologie und ihre Anwendung in Unterricht und Erziehung.  £16.00 
Meumann, Ernst
Ökonomie und Technik des Gedächtnisses. Experimentelle Untersuchungen über das Merken und Behalten.  £12.00 
Burton, Robert
The Anatomy of Melancholy, Volume 2.  £12.00 
Burton, Robert
The Anatomy of Melancholy, Volume 3.  £12.00 
Bovone, Laura
González, Ana Marta
Fashion and Identity: A Multidisciplinary Approach.  £46.00 
Baylis, Nick
Learning from Wonderful Lives: Lessons from the Study of Well-being Brought to Life by the Personal Stories of Some Much Admired Individuals.  £34.00 
Sorley, W R
Reconstruction and the Renewal of Life. Three Lay Sermons.  £24.00 
Freud, Sigmund
Moses and Monotheism.  £18.00 
Lennon, Kathleen
Whitford, Margaret
Knowing the Difference. Feminist Perspectives in Epistemology.  £8.00 
von Heydebrand, Caroline
Childhood. A Study of the Growing Soul.  £28.00 
Otley, David
Berry, Anthony
Jane, Broadbent
Management Control: Theories, Issues and Practices.  £22.00 
Walters, Mike
Building the Responsive Organization: Using Employee Surveys to Manage Change.  £7.00 
von Franz, Marie-Louise
The Feminine in Fairytales.  £9.00 
Murphy, Daniel
Rice, Valentine
The Arts and the Gifted Child. Conference Proceedings and Occasional Papers.  £20.00 
Smith, J
Golden, Peggy
Human Resources Management Simulation Player's Manual Second Edition.  £16.00 
Brown, William
Mind, Medicine and Metaphysics. The Philosophy of a Physician.  £10.00 
Adams, Michael
Swanson, Gavin
Neurotoxins. Trends in Neurosciences, Supplement April 1994.  £18.00 
Holbrook, David
Folksong and the Culture of Hate. Essay in: The Use of English, Vol 18, No 1, 1966.  £10.00 
Jahoda, Gustav
The Psychology of Superstition.  £7.00 
Welford, A T
Ageing and Human Skill.  £16.00 
Vernon, M D
Visual Perception.  £12.00 
Klein, Josephine
Working with Groups. The Social Psychology of Discussion and Decision.  £12.00 
Pavlov, Ivan
Lectures on Conditioned Reflexes: Vol 2: Conditioned Reflexes and Psychiatry. Translated and edited by Horsley Gantt.  £18.00 
Köhler, Wolfgang
The Mentality of Apes.  £18.00 
Gomulicki, Bronislaw
The Development and Present Status of the Trace Theory of Memory.  £14.00 
Wills, W D
Common Sense about Young Offenders.  £7.00 
Whitehead, Tony
Mental Illness and the Law.  £24.00 
Nieuwenhuys, Rudolf
Voogd, J
The Human Central Nervous System: A Synopsis and Atlas.  £24.00 
Eysenck, H J
Smoking, Health and Personality.  £7.00 
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