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Jantzen, Grace
Power, Gender and Christian Mysticism.  £14.00 
Vavra, Elisabeth
Alterskulturen des Mittelalters und der frühen Neuzeit. Internationaler Kongress.  £36.00 
Klotz, Sebastian
Music with her Silver Sound. Kommunikationsformen im Goldenen Zeitalter der englischen Musik.  £34.00 
Kaur, Raminder
Hutnyk, John
Travel Worlds. Journeys in Contemporary Cultural Politics.  £36.00 
Cohen, Marcel
Materiaux pour une Sociologie du Langage.  £18.00 
Keegan, Timothy
Colonial South Africa: The Origins of the Racial Order.  £12.00 
Ministry of Pensions and National Inusurance
Provision for Old Age. The Future Development of the National Insurance Scheme.  £12.00 
Ministry of Information
Man Power: The Story of Britain's Mobilisation for War.  £12.00 
Todd, Margo
Christian Humanism and the Puritan Social Order.  £18.00 
Norwich, Brahm
Dilemmas of Difference, Inclusion, and Disability. International Perspectives and Future Directions.  £16.00 
Kellehear, Allan
A Social History of Dying.  £16.00 
McKie, Linda
Families, Violence, and Social Change.  £18.00 
Le Grand, Julian
Hills, John
Understanding Social Exclusion.  £12.00 
Aveyard, Helen
Doing a Literature Review in Health and Social Care. A Practical Guide.  £10.00 
Levitas, Ruth
The Inclusive Society? Social Exclusion and New Labour.  £12.00 
Borsay, Anne
Disability and Social Policy in Britain since 1750. A History of Exclusion.  £12.00 
Kreuzer, Helmut
Höfische Dichtung oder Literatur im Feudalismus? Special issue of LiLi. Zeitschrift für Literaturwissenschaft und Linguistik. Volume 7, # 26, 1977.  £12.00 
Kreuzer, Helmut
Soziologie mittelalterlicher Literatur. Special issue of LiLi. Zeitschrift für Literaturwissenschaft und Linguistik. Volume 3, # 11, 1973.  £12.00 
Alcock, Pete
Understanding Poverty.  £10.00 
Anttonen, Anneli
The Young, the Old and the State. Social Care Systems in Five Industrial Nations.  £12.00 
Smith, Anna Marie
Welfare Reform and Sexual Regulation.  £12.00 
O'Connor, Julia
States, Markets, Families. Gender, Liberalism, and Social Policy in Australia, Canada, Great Britain, and the United States.  £12.00 
No Author Instructions Regarding Kit and Equipment for Officers 1945.  £88.00 
War Office
The Soldier's Welfare. Notes for Officers.  £6.00 
Dalrymple, Jane
Burke, Beverley
Anti-Oppressive Practice. Social Care and the Law.  £12.00 
Leathard, Audrey
McLaren, Susan
Ethics. Contemporary Challenges in Health and Social Care.  £18.00 
Cheal, David
Sociology of Family Life.  £10.00 
Welshman, John
Walmsley, Jan
Community Care in Perspective. Care, Control, and Citizenship.  £10.00 
Joppke, Christian
Immigration and the Nation-State. The United States, Germany, and Great Britain.  £16.00 
Robinson, Phil
Working With Young Homeless People.  £14.00 
Corker, Mairian
French, Sally
Disability Discourse.  £14.00 
Ledwith, Margaret
Community Development. A Critical Approach.  £10.00 
Birch, Anthony
The Concepts and Theories of Modern Democracy.  £18.00 
Asthana, Sheena
Halliday, Joyce
What Works in Tackling Health Inequalities? Pathways, Policies, and Practice Through the Lifecourse.  £16.00 
Keown, John
Euthanasia, Ethics, and Public Policy. An Argument Against Legalisation.  £10.00 
Sinclair, Paul
Rethinking Palliative Care. A Social Role Valorisation Approach.  £12.00 
Carr, Patrick
Clean Streets. Controlling Crime, Maintaining Order, and Building Community Activism.  £14.00 
Howarth, Glennys
Death and Dying. A Sociological Introduction.  £10.00 
Jones, Michael
The Australian Welfare State. Evaluating Social Policy.  £18.00 
Decker, Scott
Weerman, Frank
European Street Gangs and Troublesome Youth Groups.  £26.00 
Lin, Nan
Social Capital. A Theory of Social Structure and Action.  £18.00 
Sheppard, Michael
Social Work and Social Exclusion.  £10.00 
Bauman, Zygmunt
Liquid Love. On the Frailty of Human Bonds.  £28.00 
Willson, Jacki
The Happy Stripper. Pleasures and Politics of the New Burlesque.  £8.00 
MacDonald, Robert
Disconnected Youth? Growing Up in Britain's Poor Neighbourhoods.  £10.00 
Graham, Elaine
Making The Difference. Gender, Personhood, and Theology.  £10.00 
Fionda, Julia
Devils and Angels. Youth Policy and Crime.  £10.00 
Bakalar, James
Drug Control in a Free Society.  £26.00 
Matthews, Roger
Pitts, John
Crime, Disorder, and Community Safety.  £12.00 
Blyth, Maggie
Soloman, Enver
Prevention and Youth Crime. Is Early Intervention Working?  £12.00 
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