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O'Day, Bonnie
Iezzoni, Lisa
More Than Ramps: A Guide to Improving Health Care Quality and Access for People with Disabilities.  £20.00 
Fox-Davies, Arthur
Heraldry Explained.  £8.00 
Adams, R J
Patel, Diana
Chirambahuyo. A Case Study in Low-Income Housing.  £24.00 
Kay-Shuttleworth, James
Moral and Physical Condition of the Working Classes Employed in the Cotton Manufacture in Manchester.  £16.00 
Noble, Daniel
Facts and Observations Relative to the Influence of Manufacturers Upon Health and Life.  £16.00 
White, Lynn
Machina Ex Deo: Essays in the Dynamism of Western Culture.  £12.00 
White, Lynn
Medieval Technology and Social Change.  £10.00 
Beik, Paul
The French Revolution Seen From the Right. Social Theories in Motion. 1789 - 1799.  £22.00 
Lovejoy, Paul
Slavery and its Abolition in French West Africa: The Official Reports of G Poulet, E Roume, and G Deherme.  £36.00 
Jules-Rosette, Benetta
Symbols of Change: Urban Transition in a Zambian Community.  £26.00 
Peral, Diego
La Salud Publica en Zafra en el Siglo XIX.  £36.00 
Brockington, C F
Public Health in the Nineteenth Century.  £20.00 
MacGonagle, Elizabeth
Crafting Identity in Zimbabwe and Mozambique.  £30.00 
Young, John
The Research Activities of the South Manchurian Railway Company, 1907-1945: A History and Bibliography.  £36.00 
Bloom, Harold
Shakespeare. The Invention of the Human.  £14.00 
Harrisson, Tom
Madge, Charles
Mass Observation
First Year's Work 1937 - 1938 by Mass-Observation. With an Essay on a Nation-Wide Intelligence Service.  £36.00 
Mass Observation
An Enquiry into British War Production. Part 1: People in Production. A Report.  £35.00 
Osheim, Duane
A Tuscan Monastery and its Social World: San Michele of Guamo (1156 - 1348)  £64.00 
No Author Bolzano or Botzen. Alto Adige Horizons Old and New.  £16.00 
Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Italy
German-Speaking Inhabitants of the Alto-Adige.  £24.00 
Opie, Iona
Opie, Peter
Children's Games with Things.  £14.00 
Pfister, Oskar
Der seelische Aufbau des klassischen Kapitalismus und der Geldgeistes.  £24.00 
Duby, Georges
A History of Private Life. Revelations of the Medieval World.  £12.00 
Callander, Robin
A Pattern of Landownership in Scotland. With Particular Reference to Aberdeenshire.  £8.00 
Roberts, Richard
The Church in the Commonwealth.  £10.00 
Blum, Carol
Croitre ou Périr. Population, Reproduction et Pouvoir en France au XVIIIe siècle.  £18.00 
Kingston, Jeff
Contemporary Japan. History, Politics, and Social Change Since the 1980s.  £18.00 
Seabrook, Jeremy
Pauperland. Poverty and the Poor in Britain.  £22.00 
Kraybill, Donald
Johnson-Weiner, Karen
Nolt, Steven
The Amish.  £18.00 
Sullivan, Ceri
Literature in the Public Service. Sublime Bureaucracy.  £36.00 
Cox, Catherine
Marland, Hilary
Migration, Health, and Ethnicity in the Modern World.  £52.00 
Spierenburg, Pieter
Violence and Punishment. Civilizing the Body Through Time.  £18.00 
Cabantous, Alain
Le Dimanche, Une Histoire. Europe Occidentale (1600-1830)  £18.00 
Ginzburg, Carlo
Tedeschi, John
Tedeschi, Anne
The Cheese and the Worms. The Cosmos of a Sixteenth Century Miller.  £16.00 
Fantoni, Marcello
Cohn, Samuel
Late Medieval and Early Modern Ritual. Studies in Italian Urban Culture.  £122.00 
Vleugels, An
Narratives of Drunkenness: Belgium, 1830 - 1914.  £102.00 
Lawson, Jane
The Elizabethan New Year's Gift Exchanges, 1559-1603.  £156.00 
Scott, Peter
The Making of the Modern British Home. The Suburban Semi and Family Life between the Wars.  £68.00 
Reinarz, Jonathan
Schwarz, Leonard
Medicine and the Workhouse.  £56.00 
Soper, Steven
Building a Civil Society. Associations, Public Life, and the Origins of Modern Italy.  £58.00 
Elvin, H H
Royal Commission on the Distribution of the Industrial Population. Report.  £12.00 
Kirby, Peter
Child Workers and the Industrial Health in Britain, 1780-1850.  £18.00 
King, William
Ambition. A History: From Vice to Virtue.  £22.00 
Carrigan, William
Waldrep, Christopher
Swift to Wrath. Lynching in Global Historical Perspective.  £16.00 
Jones, Emrys
Friendship and Allegiance in Eighteenth-Century Literature. The Politics of Private Virtue in the Age of Walpole.  £36.00 
Bartie, Angela
The Edinburgh Festivals. Culture and Society in Post-War Britain.  £60.00 
Cavallo, Sandra
Storey, Tessa
Healthy Living in Late Renaissance Italy.  £66.00 
Linton, Marisa
Choosing Terror. Virtue, Friendship, and Authenticity in the French Revolution.  £64.00 
Wehler, Hans-Ulrich
Die Neue Umverteilung. Soziale Ungleichheit in Deutschland.  £8.00 
Bold, Christine
The Frontier Club. Popular Westerns and Cultural Power, 1880-1924.  £12.00 
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