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Margolin, Jean-Claude
Briggs, E R
Aspects du Libertinisme au XVIème Siecle. Actes du Colloque International de Sommières.  £36.00 
Hamburger, Jeffrey
Jaggi, Carola
Frauen - Kloster - Kunst. Neue Forschungen zur Kulturgeschichte des Mittelalters.  £88.00 
Rees, Garnet
The 'Chat Noir' and the Literary Cafés of Paris in the Eighteen-Nineties (Reprinted from 'Modern Languages' Magazine October 1938).  £14.00 
Hebditch, Max
The Quiet Conquest. The Huguenots 1685 to 1985.  £20.00 
Maynes, Mary Jo
Waltner, Ann
The Family, A World History.  £14.00 
Leyser, Henrietta
Hermits and the New Monasticism. A Study of Religious Communities in Western Europe, 1000 - 1150.  £14.00 
Peel, Robert
Human Ability: Genetic and Environmental Influences.  £16.00 
Hammond, J L
Hammond, Barbara
The Town Labourer 1760 - 1832: The New Civilisation.  £10.00 
Llewellyn, Nigel
The Art of Death. Visual Culture in the English Death Ritual c.1500 - c.1800.  £10.00 
Head, B W
Ideology and Social Science: Destutt de Tracy and French Liberalism.  £24.00 
Williams, Rory
A Protestant Legacy: Attitudes to Death and Illness Among Older Aberdonians.  £18.00 
Fotheringham, A Stewart
Wegener, Michael
Spatial Models and GIS. New Potential and New Models.  £46.00 
Klosterman, Richard
Community Analysis and Planning Techniques.  £36.00 
Rhind, David
A Census User's Handbook.  £24.00 
Central Office of Information
Britain's Way Ahead. An Official Illustrated Account of our Economic Situation and the Prospects for 1953.  £12.00 
Henkel, Karl
Agrarstrukturwandel und Migration im östlichen Amazonien (Para, Brasilien)  £12.00 
Blokland, Arjan
Crime Over the Life Span. Trajectories of Criminal Behavior in Dutch Offenders.  £10.00 
Frank, Andrew
Raper, Jonathan
Life and Motion of Socio-Economic Units.  £46.00 
Poole, Roger
Benoist, Jean-Marie
20th Century Studies. Structuralism.  £18.00 
Ministry of Labour and National Service
A Short Guide to the Factories Acts 1937 and 1948.  £10.00 
Gibbs-Smith, Charles
The Fashionable Lady in the 19th Century.  £10.00 
Griffith, Daniel
Haining, Robert
Transformations Through Space and Time. An Analysis of Nonlinear Structures, Bifurcation Points and Autoregressive Dependencies.  £36.00 
Holland, Walter
Oxford Textbook of Public Health. Second Edition. Volume 1: Influences of Public Health.  £28.00 
Langer, William
The Revolutions of 1848. Chapters from 'Political and Social Upheaval'  £8.00 
Douglas, George
All Aboard! The Railroad in American Life.  £12.00 
Barry, M Kaneti
2100 Sixth Formers. A survey and analysis of 2,100 sixth formers and in particular their awareness of courses and career opportunities in Further Education.  £8.00 
Allerbeck, Klaus
Soziologie radikaler Studentenbewegung. Eine vergleichende Untersuchung in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland und den Vereinigten Staaten.  £16.00 
Moore, P G
Statistics and the Manager. The Uses of Statistics and Probability in Managerial Decisions.  £10.00 
Paulhan, Jean
De La Paille et du Grain.  £10.00 
Bliss, Kathleen
The Christian News-Letter. Nos 305, 309, 313, 319, 322, 328 (1948-1949)  £14.00 
Lawrence, John
Stalin and Tito. Special issue of Christian News-Letter, April 1953)  £10.00 
Job, R R
Human Problems of Coal Mining. (Essay in Christian News-Letter, July 1953)  £10.00 
Priestland, Gerald
The Dilemmas of Journalism.  £12.00 
National Council for Civil Liberties
Great Britain
Annual Report 1972.  £10.00 
Povey, Glenda
Bobert. A Life Fulfilled. An Encouraging Story for Strugglers Everywhere.  £10.00 
Comte, Auguste
Andreski, Stanislav
The Essential Comte.  £10.00 
Benda, Julien
Belphégor - Essai sur l'esthétique de la présente société française.  £12.00 
Caton, R
The Making of the University.  £14.00 
Marcombe, David
English Small Town Life. Retford 1520 - 1642.  £8.00 
Florence, L Secor
Only an Ocean Between.  £12.00 
Wilson, Bryan
The Youth Culture and the Universities.  £10.00 
Anderton, P
Leek in 1861 Census of Population. A Sample Study.  £10.00 
Martin-Leake, H
Things Not Generally Said: A Social Study by a Simple Citizen.  £46.00 
Truscot, Bruce
First Year at the University. A Freshmen's Guide.  £12.00 
Buck, Anne
The Gallery of English Costume. Picture Book Number Three: Women's Costume in the 18th Century.  £6.00 
Buck, Anne
The Gallery of English Costume. Picture Book Number Three: Women's Costume 1800 - 1835.  £6.00 
Buck, Anne
The Gallery of English Costume. Picture Book Number Five: Women's Costume 1870 - 1900.  £6.00 
Buck, Anne
The Gallery of English Costume. Picture Book Number Four: Women's Costume 1835 - 1870.  £6.00 
Cobbing, Beryl
Priestland, Pamela
Sir Thomas Stanhope of Shelford. Local Life in Elizabethan Times.  £10.00 
Birch, Maureen
Lincoln's Medieval Jewry and Up-hill Norman Houses.  £8.00 
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