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National Council for Civil Liberties
Great Britain
Annual Report 1972.  £10.00 
Povey, Glenda
Bobert. A Life Fulfilled. An Encouraging Story for Strugglers Everywhere.  £10.00 
Comte, Auguste
Andreski, Stanislav
The Essential Comte.  £10.00 
Benda, Julien
Belphégor - Essai sur l'esthétique de la présente société française.  £12.00 
Caton, R
The Making of the University.  £14.00 
Marcombe, David
English Small Town Life. Retford 1520 - 1642.  £8.00 
Wilson, Bryan
The Youth Culture and the Universities.  £10.00 
Anderton, P
Leek in 1861 Census of Population. A Sample Study.  £10.00 
Martin-Leake, H
Things Not Generally Said: A Social Study by a Simple Citizen.  £46.00 
Truscot, Bruce
First Year at the University. A Freshmen's Guide.  £12.00 
Buck, Anne
The Gallery of English Costume. Picture Book Number Three: Women's Costume in the 18th Century.  £6.00 
Buck, Anne
The Gallery of English Costume. Picture Book Number Three: Women's Costume 1800 - 1835.  £6.00 
Buck, Anne
The Gallery of English Costume. Picture Book Number Five: Women's Costume 1870 - 1900.  £6.00 
Buck, Anne
The Gallery of English Costume. Picture Book Number Four: Women's Costume 1835 - 1870.  £6.00 
Cobbing, Beryl
Priestland, Pamela
Sir Thomas Stanhope of Shelford. Local Life in Elizabethan Times.  £10.00 
Nisbet, Robert
The Sociological Tradition.  £6.00 
Huff, Chuck
Finholt, Thomas
Social Issues in Computing.  £18.00 
Rochefort, Renée
Le Travail en Sicile. Étude de Géographie Sociale.  £18.00 
Gaudin, Jean-Pierre
L'Aménagement de la Société: Politiques, Savoirs, Représentations Sociales, le Production de l'Espace aux 19. et 20. Siècles.  £56.00 
Chombart de Lauwe, Paul Henry
Paris. Essais de Sociologie 1952 - 1964.  £12.00 
Freud, Sigmund
Civilization and its Discontents.  £10.00 
Snellgrove, L E
Sandford, Ron
Picture the Past. Kings Queens and Jacks.  £20.00 
Cusumano, Michael
Microsoft Secrets.  £14.00 
Adams, Carol
Bartley, Paula
Under Control. Life in a Nineteenth-Century Silk-Factory.  £14.00 
Wilkes, John
The London Police in the Nineteenth Century.  £12.00 
Coren, Stanley
The Left Hander Syndrome. The Causes and Consequences of Left Handedness.  £12.00 
Wilkes, John
The London Police in the Nineteenth Century.  £8.00 
Tames, Richard
Documents of the Industrial Revolution 1750 to 1850.  £8.00 
Timms, Noel
Values and Social Change in Britain.  £24.00 
Trotter, Eleanor
Seventeenth Century Life in the Country Parish: With Special Reference to Local Government.  £12.00 
Thorns, David
The Quest for Community.  £8.00 
Ciba Foundation
Human Rights in Health.  £15.00 
Agricultural Economics Research Institute
Country Planning: A Study of Rural Problems.  £8.00 
Zweig, Ferdynand
The British Worker.  £6.00 
Walker, Kenneth
Sex and Society.  £5.00 
Cole, Dorothy
The Economic Circumstances of Old People.  £12.00 
McCann, Phillip
Popular Education and Socialization in the Nineteenth Century.  £10.00 
Page, Don
Report of the Inquiry into the London Ambulance Service, February 1993.  £12.00 
Raison, Timothy
The Founding Fathers of Social Science.  £6.00 
Ehrenberg, Victor
The People of Aristophanes. A Sociology of Old Attic Comedy.  £18.00 
Marshall, T H
Sociology at the Crossroads. An Inaugural Lecture delivered on the 21st February.  £12.00 
Barker, Ernest
Universities in Great Britain. Their Position and Their Problems.  £6.00 
Thomson, George
Aeschylus and Athens. A Study in the Social Origins of Drama.  £12.00 
King, Anthony
Buildings and Society: Essays on the Social Development of the Built Environment.  £18.00 
Mason, Henry
Mass Demonstrations against Foreign Regimes. A Study of Five Crises.  £12.00 
Richardson, Ruth
The Politics of Maternity Care: Services for Childbearing Women in Twentieth-Century Britain.  £8.00 
Smiles, Samuel
Thrift.  £12.00 
Hammer, A G
Elementary Matrix Algebra for Psychologists and Social Scientists.  £12.00 
Walker, S
Garrett, John
Management by Objectives in the Civil Service.  £24.00 
Bane, W T
Operational Research, Models and Government.  £26.00 
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