The King of the Great Clock Tower (= Life and Letters, November 1934)

Author: Yeats, William Butler

Publisher: London: Life and Letters 1934.

Description: this is the first edition of Yeats play in Life and Letters, for sale is the complete issue, appox 120p, spine a little worn, colourful marbled paper cover, this issue also contains contributions by G M Young (Prose Old and New), McAlmon (Wisdom Garnered), Phoebe Ashburner (Poems) and Michael Sadleir (Study in Two I's). Contains also a short section ("Overheard") with advice to the reading traveller setting out to find the source of a sentence in Joyce's Ulysses

Order No: PIP 182711

Language: English

This book has been catalogued with the following subject terms: 20th Century, Drama, Ireland