Medicine, General History, Vol 1, Part 1 and 2: Malaria in Ancient Greece and Rome; The Microbe-Craze by a Crazy Man; Efficacy and Modus Operandi of Cupping-Glasses, The Theory of the Microscope; etc: Collection of Offprints.

Author: Jones, W H S   Pennock, C W   

Publisher: (no imprint) 1828.

Description: set of 2 parts, approx 500p large green library cloth with gilt lettering to spine, custom binding, collection of 48 papers from varying sources bound together, most in English, several in French or German, some reprints from journals, separate pagination, pages varying in size, typed contents page bound in, b&w plates, papers dated approx 1828 - 1950, hand-written 'with the author's compliments' on several offprints, also includes: R C Punnett: Early Days of Genetics; J W McLaughlin: The Fermentation Theory of Infection and Immunity; E C Van Leersum: Préparation du calomel chez les anciens Hindous; F B Kilmer: The Story of the Papaw; W H S Jones: Dea Febris, A Study of Malaria in Ancient Italy; A B Macallum: The Scientific Spirit in Medicine; etc, very good copy from a Cambridge college library

Order No: PIP 128002

Language: English

Price: £120.00

This book has been catalogued with the following subject terms: History of Science, Medicine, Tropical Medicine

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