Museum of Labels

The bookseller deals in cultural memories, superficially, purely economically, but nevertheless. And in doing so, providing a simple service, he may occasionally find something which is lacking an account in the general bank of culture.   

Otto Harrassowitz Buchhandlung Leipzig Charles E Lauriat Importers Booksellers opp. Old South Boston Utting and Fairbrother Ltd Capetown Hathaway House Bookshop Wellesley


This museum is an attempt to open an account for these little fellows, miniscule traces of other booksellers, as they made their life in the book differential: The fact that many books last longer than their owners. Second hand booksellers take care of the fact that books live on even when their owner dies. And bookseller labels last longer than booksellers: Welcome to this international cemetery of the trade. 


Collet's London Bookshop Ltd 66 Charing Cross Rd WC1 Temple Bar 6306 C Bamann, Bookseller, Bookbinder, and Stationer, 148 Genesee Street, Buffalo NY Foyles We Allow More for Books Bearing this Label W H Smith English Bookshop Bruxelles


Libreria Flli Bocca Milano Sheppherd's Library, Bookseller and Stationer, 1 Bessborough Rd, Harrow Newbold's Bookshop Ltd, 394 George Street, Dunedin C1 NZ Slade's Book and Fancy Store, Abingdon Street Northampton


They are tiny, fragile, and speak in many ways. They are the postage stamps of books.  


Sid Goodfellow, Stationer & Fancy Goods Factor, Bishop's Stortford & Stansted Law Notes Lending Library Ltd Chancery Lane Stabilimento Musical Alessando Pigna Milano C J Buckland Bookseller and Stationer, James Street Brighton


Widdison Bookseller, Stationer & Printer 14, Fargate, Sheffield Julius Hainauer Konigl Hof und Musikalien Buch & Kunsthandlung Breslau, Schweizerstrasse 52 John J Banks Stationer, Imperial Library, Cheltenham Mittler's Sortiments Buchhandlung (A Bath) Berlin, Mohrenstr 19 W & E Pickering Bath


We are not the first to have collected them: If books are required, a good starting point is Reinhard Öhlberger: Wenn am Buch der Händler klebt. Wien: Löcket Verlag, 1999. 354p large format, a few original labels included, is offering an international history of the book-trade, dating certain labels and documenting the design changes for single bookdealers. Another publication is Larry Dingman: Bookseller Marks (1986) and Marcus McCorison: Book Trade Labels in the American Antiquarian Society (1973.) See also Sevenroads, Greg Kindall's Gallery of Book Trade Labels  


Better Books Ltd 92 - 94 Charing Cross Road TEM 6944 WC2 George Gregory Bookseller to H M Queen Alexandra Bath DUPLICATE P Rolandi Foreign Bookseller Circulating Library Berners Street London


Thornton & Sons Booksellers Foyles Allan Dean St Bookseller Blackets Collingwood St, Stationer, Newcastle  Richard Kimpton Bookseller 126 Wardour Street Oxford Street W


Buchhändler all over the world: Yes, there is a whole class of labels from exotic places with suspicious German sounding names: Here are the first notes for a study of Auslandsbuchhandel (perhaps not an entirely contingent topic for Plurabelle Books)  


Victor Wachter Waechter Bookbinding Cairo Lola Meyer Bookseller Lanhill Rd London CUNingham 2117 Libreria Internazionale Ermano Loescher Cia Roma Corso 346 347 B Seeber Succ Loescher Seber Firenze Libreria Internazionale


Libreria, Imprenta, Encuadernacion Antonio Lehmann San Jose de C-R [Costa Rica] L W Schmidt New York German Bookseller G E Stechert & Co (Alfred Hafner) New York Libreria y Encuadernaciones Penella y Bosch, Ronda Universidad 3, Barcelona


F Bauermeister Foreign and Art Bookseller (Successor to Wilson Ross & Co) The Mound, Edinburgh Edwin Frankfurter Librairie Nouvelle Lausanne Grand Chêne Libreria Internacional de Müller Hnds Mexico. D.F. Nankodo Buchhandlung Tokyo Kyoto


F Furchheim Deutsche und englische Buchhandlung Neapel Schoenhof's Foreign Books, Inc 1280 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge 38, Mass. L'Erma di Bretschneider - Roma via Cassiodoro 19, Tel 35 07 65


If you too have a few and want to trade, we are quite well stocked with local labels from the likes of Heffer, or Heffers, Deighton & Bell, Diver and Son, Galloway & Porter, Plurabelle, etc.


Galloway and Porter Ltd, New and Second Hand Booksellers 30 Sidney Street Cambridge (Eng) B Diver and SOn (Late H W Wallis) 21 Sidney St, Cambridge Plurabelle Books Plurabelle Books



R Diver and Son (Late H W Wallis) 24 Sidney St, Cambridge W P Spalding, School Stationer, Printer Cambridge Bowes and Bowes 1 + 2 Trinity St, Cambridge Elijah Johnson 30 Trinity Street Cambridge Eng. Deighton, Bell and Co, Cambridge



Deighton, Bell and Co, Cambridge Harry Johnson and Nephew, Stationers and Booksellers, 3 St Andrew's St, Cambridge William Tomlin & Son Booksellers and Stationers, 24 Trinity St and 73 Bridge St, Cambridge John P Gray and Sons Bookbinders Cambridge


H C Payne Stationer, 2 Emmanuel St, Cambridge Heffers: Childrens Bookshop Harold S Driver, Stationer etc, 28 Hills Rd Cambridge