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Ritter, Heinrich
Morrison, Alexander
The History of Ancient Philosophy. First English Edition. Vol 2. (History of the Socratic Schools - Socrates and the Imperfect Socratists; Plato and the Old Academy)  £50.00 
Nikitin, I S
de-Pule, M O
Sochineniia I S Nikitina s ego portretom I biografiey, Tom 1-2. Russian Language.  £80.00 
Prout, William
On the Nature and Treatment of Stomach and Urinary Diseases: Being an Inquiry into the Connexion of Diabetes, Calculus, and Other Affections of the Kidney and Bladder, with Indigestion. Third Edition, Much Enlarged.  £46.00 
Sterne, Laurence
The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gent. (The Works of Laurence Sterne, Volume III - Edinburgh Edition)  £15.00 
Christie, W H M
Astronomy.  £19.00 
Stewart, Alexander
A Compendium of Modern Geography: with Remarks on the Physical Peculiarities,Productions,Commerce, and Government of the Various Countries; Questions for Examination at the End of each Division…Illustrated by Ten New Maps. COMPLETE WITH ALL MAPS, VG.  £40.00 
Scott, Sir Walter
Heart of Mid-Lothian (Novels and Tales of the Author of Waverley. Tales of My Landlord. Second Series, Volume XII)  £20.00 
Schiller, Friedrich
Gedichte.  £16.00 
Perret, Paul
Confessions Galantes d'une Femme du Monde, ou Le Roman de mon Alcove. [bound with] La Grande Rose.  £90.00 
Grotefeld, H
Zeitrechnung des deutschen Mittelalters und der Neuzeit. Erste Band, Zweiter Band, Erste und Zweite Abtheilung.  £120.00 
Duke of Beaufort, K G
Watson, A E T
Dodd, L
Wilberforce, H W W
Chipp, Herbert
The Badminton Library: Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Rackets, Fives with Numerous Illustrations by Lucien Davis, C M Newton, and from Photographs.  £88.00 
Trotter, A M
A Manual of English Grammar and Analysis of Sentences.  £16.00 
Scott, Sir Walter
Rokeby, in Six Cantos; The Vision of Don Roderick.  £30.00 
Teignmouth, Lord
Memoirs of the Life, Writings and Correspondence of Sir William Jones. Second Edition.  £395.00 
Pons, Augustin
L'Agronome, ou Dictionnaire Portatif du Cultivateur.  £340.00 
Dalton, O M
A Guide to the Medieval Antiquities and Objects of Later Date in the Department of British and Mediaeval Antiquities.  £75.00 
Church of England
La Liturgie ou Formulaire des Prières Publiques; selon l'Usage de l'Église Unie d'Angleterre et d'Irlande; avec le Pseautier et les XXXIX Articles de Foi.  £40.00 
Moschini, Giannantonio
Guida per la Citta di Venezia, All'amico delle belle arti. Opera. Vol 1, Part 1, Vol 2, Parts 1 -2.  £650.00 
Mutinelli, Fabio
Guida del Forestiero per Venezia Antica. Passeggiate quattro.  £80.00 
Zanetti, A
Della Pittura Veneziana, e delle Opere pubbliche dei Veneziani Meastri, Vol 5 (only). Edizione Seconda.  £80.00 
Rosa, Salvator
Satire di Salvator Rosa. Con le note d'Anton Maria Salvini ed'altri.  £64.00 
Menzini, Benedetto
Satire di Benedetto Menzini. Con Annotazioni.  £46.00 
Da Filicaia, Vincenzio
Poesie Toscane del Senatore Vincenzio da Filicaia, Vols 1 -2. Aggiunto il di Lui Carteggio relativo alle suddette poesie. Edizione formata sopra quella di Matini del 1707.  £64.00 
Metastasio, Pietro
Opere di Pietro Metastasio, Vols 1 - 14.  £180.00 
Alfieri, Vittorio
Opere. Vols 1 - 22. Complete Set.  £1,000.00 
Metastasio, Pietro
Opere, Vols 1 - 16.  £360.00 
Pignotti, Lorenzo
Poesie di Lorenzo Pignotti Aretino, Vols 1 - 4.  £88.00 
Rossetti, Christina
Reflected Lights from "The Face of the Deep".  £36.00 
Steele, Richard
British Essayists. The Tatler: or the Lucubrations of Isaac Bickerstaff.  £50.00 
Mrs De Salis
Entrées A La Mode.  £24.00 
Féa, Charles
Description de Rome. Traduite de l'Italien de M Charles Féa, président des antiquités Romaines. Ornée du plan de la ville et des vues les plus intéressantes; publiée par Ange Bonelli, tome 1 - 3.  £240.00 
Chandler, Richard
Travels in Asia Minor: or an Account of a Tour made at the Expense of the Society of Dilettanti. By Richard Chandler, D.D Fellow of Magdalen College and of the Society of Antiquaries. 2nd Edition.  £560.00 
Machiavelli, Niccolò
Opere di Niccolò Machiavelli. Con giunta di un nuovo indice generale delle cose notabili, Vols 1 - 3.  £84.00 
Canonici Facchini, Ginevra
Due giorni in Ferrara. Istruzione per agevolmente pervenire alla cognizione delle opere tutte letterarie e di belle arti quivi raccolte, corredata di molte cognizioni utili egualmente al culte Viaggiatore, che al cittadino Ferrarese.  £120.00 
Jones, Bence
The Life and Letters of Faraday. In Two Volumes. Volume 2 only.  £48.00 
Sparkes, George
An Easy Introduction to Chemistry.  £46.00 
Craik, George
The Pursuit of Knowledge Under Difficulties. Illustrated by Anecdotes. 2 Volumes.  £46.00 
Harré, Rom
Physical Sciences Since Antiquity.  £7.00 
Eadie, John
King, David
A Concordance to the Holy Scriptures on the Basis of Cruden.  £12.00 
Haller, Albrecht von
Versuch Schweizerischer Gedichte. Neunte, rechtmäßige, vermehrte und veränderte Auflage.  £145.00 
Engel, J J
Herr Lorenz Stark: Ein Charaktergemälde. Zweite Auflage.  £90.00 
Riollay, Francis
Luciani Samosatensis Quomodo Historia Conscribenda sit. Edidit ac Notis Illustravit Franciscus Riollay.  £84.00 
Perry, Powell
Aunt Fanny's Album.  £8.00 
Arnold, Thomas
Education of Deaf-Mutes: A Manual for Teachers. 1st Edition.  £160.00 
Vesey, Francis
Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the High Court of Chancery, from the Year 1789 - 1802. Vol 1 - 6.  £360.00 
Ambler, Charles
Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the High Court of Chancery, with Some Few Other Courts.  £68.00 
Wilson, George
Raymond, Robert Lord
Raymond's Reports. Reports of Cases Argued King's Bench and Common Pleas in the Reign taken by Robert Lord Raymond. In Two Vols. Third Edition.  £140.00 
Carleton, Thomas Compton
Prometheus Christianus seu liber Moralium in quo philosophiae moralis finis et scopus aperitur, simulque media quibus in homine formando in hominem utitur declarantur ex antiquorum Philosophorum monumentis declarantur. Secunda editio.  £560.00 
Ceriziers, René
L'Inocence Reconue dans la Vie de Ste Genevieve, Princesse de Brabant. Par Rene de Ceriziers, Aumonier du Roi. Nouvelle Edition.  £240.00 
Wood, Thomas
[An Institute of the Laws of England.] Defective copy without title page.  £80.00 
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