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Marlès, Mr de
Gustave, ou Le Jeune Voyageur en Espagne.  £16.00 
Wilcox, Ella Wheeler
Maurine.  £24.00 
Smith, William
Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology. Volume 3 ONLY: Oarses - Zygia.  £56.00 
Du Camp, Maxime
Les Chants Modernes. Nouvelle Edition.  £360.00 
Marlowe, Christopher
Edward the Second.  £120.00 
Sutcliffe, Matthew
Matthaei Sutlivii De Vera Christi Ecclesia, adversus Rob. Bellarminum, aliosque Sectae Lebusiticae Sodales, eorumque Errores & Haereses: liber unus; De Conciliis Libi Duo; De Monarchis Disputatio.  £1,600.00 
Herbert, George
The Poetical Works of George Herbert.  £36.00 
Tennyson, Alfred
Ballads and Other Poems.  £10.00 
Beattie, James
Blair, Robert
Falconer, William
The Poetical Works of Beattie, Blair, and Falconer, With Lives, Critical Dissertations, and Explanatory Notes, by the Rev. George Gilfillan.  £28.00 
Dehmel, Richard
Hundert Ausgewählte Gedichte.  £16.00 
Montaigne, Michel de
Select Essays.  £24.00 
Weigall, Arthur
Bedouin Love.  £14.00 
Ansell, Evelyn
Bloomfield, Diana
Twenty-Five Poems.  £360.00 
Irving, Washington
Rip Van Winkle and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  £18.00 
Fatio, G
Boissonnas, Fred
La Campagne Genevoise d'après nature.  £46.00 
Stanbrook Abbey Press
Stanbrook Abbey Press. Price List, 1977 - 1978.  £30.00 
Stanbrook Abbey Press
The Addresses of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Delivered at Westminster Hall and Guildhall on the Occasion of Her Silver Jubilee 1952-1977. Miniature Book.  £24.00 
Dreyfus, John
Stanbrook Abbey Press
An Exhibit of Productions from Stanbrook Abbey Press, 1876 - 1966.  £20.00 
Riddell, Maria
Robert Burns. A Memoir.  £64.00 
Stanbrook Abbey Press
Samaan-Hanna, A
Moods that Endure.  £200.00 
Pearson, Anthony
The Great Case of Tithes Truly Stated, Clearly Open'd, and fully Resolv'd. With an Appendix thereto, to which is Added: A Defence of some other Principles held by the People call'd Quakers (…), by J M.  £160.00 
de Laclos, Choderlos
Les Liaisons Dangereuses. Volume 1 ONLY.  £10.00 
Beeton, S O
Beeton's Great Book of Poetry from Caedmon and King Alfred's Boethius to Browning and Tennyson. Also, A Separate Selection of American Poets.  £76.00 
Schlegel, Frederick von
The Philosophy of History in a Course of Lectures, Delivered at Vienna.  £36.00 
Wordsworth, William
Nature's Idylls.  £10.00 
Orlik, Emil
Hauptmann, Gerhard
A collection of 5 Plays by Gerhard Hauptmann in publisher's Art Nouveau bindings designed by Emil Orlik.  £30.00 
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Poetical Works.  £24.00 
Sheridan, Richard
Whyte, Wolmer
Sheridan's Plays. The Rivals. School for Scandal. The Critic.  £16.00 
Phillimore, J S
The Hundred Best Latin Hymns.  £10.00 
Vaglieri, Dante
Gli Scavi Recenti nel Foro Romano (con 121 incisioni).  £86.00 
Bull, George
The Works of George Bull, D.D. Lord Bishop of St. David's, Collected and Revised: To Which is Prefixed The Life of Bishop Bull 7 Volumes bound in 8.  £120.00 
Witherstine, Christopher Sumner
International Pocket Medical Formulary.  £56.00 
Ecroyd, Donald
Towne, Ralph
Establishing Belief: The Process of Proving.  £16.00 
Mason, A E W
The Broken Road.  £16.00 
Zweig, Arnold
Der Spiegel des grossen Kaisers. Mit Illustrationen von Ruth Knorr.  £24.00 
Lord Russell
Life of William Lord Russell. Letters of Rachel Lady Russell (vol 2 ONLY).  £26.00 
Hamilton, Anthony
Memoirs of the Count of Grammont with Notes and Illustrations. Second Edition, Revised. Vol 1 ONLY.  £24.00 
Demoustier, C A
Lettres à Emilie sur la Mythologie. Volume 3-6 ONLY.  £46.00 
Ludwig, Julie
Blumen am Wege. Fünf Erzählungen für Mädchen. Zweite Auflage.  £40.00 
Wilcox, Ella Wheeler
Poems of Life.  £12.00 
Crutchley, Brooke
Phillips, Euan
A Printer's Christmas Books.  £36.00 
Crutchley, Brooke
Phillips, Euan
Ridler, Vivian
Tributes to Brooke Crutchley on his Retirement as University Printer. Limited Edition.  £36.00 
Petiet, Henri
Bibliothèque Henri Petiet, Huitième Partie: Livres Anciens (MS de Rousselet), Livres Romantiques, Livres Illustrés fin de Siècle, Importantes Reliures.  £12.00 
Bentley, Nicolas
Waynflete, John
Kapp, Edmond
Clerihews by Various Hands, Edited by John Waynflete, B.A. Second Edition Revised and Enlarged.  £36.00 
Strachan, W J
The Livre d'Artiste, 1967 - 1980.  £12.00 
Bell, Thomas
A History of British Reptiles.  £56.00 
Petrarca, Francesco
Hefele, Hermann
Petrarca: Briefe an die Nachwelt, Gesprache uber die Weltverachtung, Von seine und vieler Leute Unwissenheit.  £140.00 
Matarazzo, Francesco
Herzfeld, Marie
Francesco Matarazzo: Chronik von Perugia, 1492 - 1503.  £160.00 
Hefele, Hermann
Infessura, Stefano
Stefano Infessura: Römisches Tagebuch.  £160.00 
Herzfeld, Marie
Landucci, Luca
Luca Landucci: Ein Florentinisches Tagebuch.  £200.00 
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