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Fördergemeinschaft Buch-Leinen
Buch-Leinen: Der Qualitäts-Einband aus natürlichem Gewebe.  £8.00 
Chalmers, Patrick
Pipes and Tabors. A Book of Light Verse.  £26.00 
Tinayre, Marcelle
La Rançon.  £12.00 
Den Swenska Psalm-Boken, med de Stycken, som därtil höra, och på följande sida finnas uptecknade; Uppå Kongl. Maj:ts Nådigsta befallning, år 1695 öfwersedd och nödtorfteligen förbättrad.  £56.00 
Lesage, Alain-René
Smollett, Tobias
The Adventures of Gil Blas of Santillane. A new Translation by the Author of Roderick Random. Fourth Edition. 4 Volumes.  £124.00 
The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Appointed to be read in Churches. (Pulpit Format)  £48.00 
Laucournet, Dominique
Livres Illustrés Modernes Reliures du XXème Siècle. Geneve Lundi Novembre 1988.  £16.00 
Givaudan, Leon
Loudmer, Guy
Bibliothèque Léon Givaudan. Livres Illustrés Modernes Reliures 1900-1950.  £14.00 
Laver, James
A Stitch in Time; or, Pride prevents a Fall and Love's Progress or The Education of Araminta. 2 volumes.  £48.00 
Carlyle, Thomas
The French Revolution. A History. Volume 1.  £8.00 
Thomas, H Kerr
Automobile Engineering: In 30 Weekly Parts - Parts 1 - 23 completing Volume 6.  £65.00 
Thompson, Francis
The Hound of Heaven.  £12.00 
Wood, Henry
Edward Burton. Tenth edition.  £40.00 
Browning, Robert
Rabbi Ben Ezra and Saul.  £20.00 
Thomson, David
England in the Nineteenth Century, 1815 - 1914.  £14.00 
Parker, Benjamin
A Survey of the Six Days of Creation: Philosophically proving the truth of the account thereof, as deliver'd by Moses in the first chapter of Genesis.  £380.00 
Williams, Gertrude
The Economics of Everyday Life.  £14.00 
Dean, Frederick Rothwell
The Tragedy of the Cross. A Meditation.  £25.00 
Dean, Frederick Rothwell
The Church and Her Sacraments. Doctrinal Sermons.  £25.00 
Dean, Frederick Rothwell
The Virgin Conception and Virgin Birth of our Blessed Lord. A Scientific Proposition.  £25.00 
Jefferies, Richard
Morris, William
Thompson, Theodora
Underneath the Bough. A Posie of Other Men's Flowers. Fifth Edition.  £12.00 
Libreria Hoepli
La Biblioteca di Eugenio de Beauharnais, Vicere d'Italia. Parte 2: Scienza, Letteratura, Storia, Viaggi, Arte, Costumi, Legislazione, Militaria, Napoleonica, Legature.  £34.00 
Enschede, Just
100% De Best Verzorgde Boeken 1998 The Best Dutch Book Designs.  £30.00 
Buchan, John
Judd, Alfred
The Dancing Floor.  £12.00 
Campion, Thomas
The Lyric Poems of Philip Sidney. Ed. Ernest Rhys.  £18.00 
Drinkwater, John
Victorian Poetry.  £12.00 
Isaacs, Alan
The Survival of God in the Scientific Age.  £12.00 
Bewick, Thomas
Thomson, James
The Seasons. New Edition ornamented with Engravings on Wood by Bewick from designs by Mr Thurston.  £88.00 
Messages. September 3, 1977. Quote King and Prophet Unquote. Written in Jail by the Sacred Ginko Trees and by the Sacred Oak.  £60.00 
Du Laurens, Henri-Joseph
La Chandelle d'Arras. Poème Héroi-comique en 18 Chants.  £120.00 
Duhamel, Jean Marie Constant
Eléments de Calcul Infinitésimal.  £240.00 
Hopkins, Jane Ellice
Christ the Consoler: A Book of Comfort for the Sick. First Edition.  £100.00 
Wilkins, Mary
A Far-Away Melody and other Stories.  £16.00 
Wordsworth, William
Bulkeley, Henry
With Courage: Some Sonnets of William Wordsworth written during and after the Napoleonic Crisis, and Sonnets and other Verses, mostly written during the present War by H J Bulkeley.  £16.00 
Howe, John
Watts, Isaac
Devout Meditations from the Rev I Watts, The Blessedness of the Righteous and Delighting in God from the Rev J Howe.  £24.00 
Dale, Thomas
Companion for the Altar, with preparatory considerations, addressed to those who are about to communicate, and prayers suitable to be used during the solemnity.  £26.00 
The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ: To which are added various readings, references to parallel passages and explanatory notes. With maps illustrative of the sacred text.  £36.00 
The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, with short explanatory notes, and numerous references to illustrative and parallel passages, printed in a centre column. Illustrated with Maps.  £68.00 
White, Gleeson
Ballades and Rondeaus, Chants Royal, Sestinas, Villanelles etc. Selected, with Chapter on the Various Forms.  £12.00 
Church of England
La Liturgie ou Formulaire des Prières Publiques; selon l'Usage de l'Église Unie d'Angleterre et d'Irlande; avec le Pseautier et les XXXIX Articles de Foi.  £40.00 
Hinton, James
The Mystery of Pain: A Book for the Sorrowful.  £24.00 
No Author Maggie: Birthday and Memorandum Book with a History of the Name.  £36.00 
Goldoni, Carlo
Memorie di Carlo Goldoni per l'Istoria della sua Vita e del suo Teatro, Vols 1 -2.  £90.00 
Williams, Isaac
The Gospel Narrative of Our Lord's Passion. Harmonized: with Reflections.  £48.00 
Metastasio, Pietro
Opere, Vols 1 - 16.  £360.00 
Pope, Alexander
Gauffered Edges
Poetical Works. Ed. Cary, Illustrated by Gilbert. Third Edition.  £18.00 
Musset, Alfred de
Oeuvres de Alfred de Musset: Poésies 1828 - 1833: Contes d'Espagne et d'Italie, Poésies diverses, Spectacle dans un Fauteuil, Namouna.  £24.00 
Crane, Walter
Molesworth, Mary Louisa
Herr Baby.  £10.00 
Molesworth, Mary Louisa
Baumer, Lewis
The Blue Baby and Other Stories.  £10.00 
Cassell's Encyclopaedia of General Information. Special Edition.  £95.00 
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