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Temple, William
Nicklin, J A
Essays of Sir William Temple.  £28.00 
Gaty, H F K
Aunt Judy's Annual Volume.  £30.00 
Gatty, Mrs Alfred
Aunt Judy's Christmas Volume. For Young People. Vol 3, No 18.  £20.00 
Milton, John
The Poetical Works of John Milton. Tome First, Volume Second, Volume Third.  £68.00 
Brazil, Angela
Wylie, Jenny
Bosom Friends. A Seaside Story.  £18.00 
Castiglione, Baldassare
Fracastorius, Hieronymus
Sannazaro, Jacopo
Poemata Selecta Italorum, qui seculo decimo sexto latine scripserunt, nonnullis adnotationibus illustrata.  £340.00 
Lord Avebury
The Pleasures of Life. Parts 1 and 2.  £14.00 
Thompson, Francis
New Poems From Francis Thompson.  £20.00 
Staley, Edgcumbe
The Charm of Holman Hunt.  £14.00 
Bensusan, S L
The Charm of Rossetti.  £22.00 
Staley, Edgcumbe
The Charm of Rembrandt.  £14.00 
Harlaw, James
The Charm of Gainsborough.  £22.00 
Tennyson, Alfred
Shaw, Byam
Guinevere.  £45.00 
Rhys, Grace
A Celtic Anthology.  £30.00 
Crawford, F Marion
Ave Roma Immortalis: Studies from the Chronicles of Rome in two Volumes, Vols 1 - 2.  £26.00 
Canonici Facchini, Ginevra
Due giorni in Ferrara. Istruzione per agevolmente pervenire alla cognizione delle opere tutte letterarie e di belle arti quivi raccolte, corredata di molte cognizioni utili egualmente al culte Viaggiatore, che al cittadino Ferrarese.  £120.00 
Smith, Datus
Guide to Book Publishing. Revised edn.  £12.00 
Philippi, Henricus
Generalis Synopsis Sacrorum Temporum (1624); Quaestiones Chronologicae de Annis Domini, Iulianis et Nabonassari et vera mundi iudaica (1630); Quaestiones Chronologicae et annis Nati et Passi Salvatoris (1630); Tractatus de Olympiadibus (1637); etc.  £720.00 
Justice of the Peace
The Justice of the Peace and County, Borough, Poor Law Union, and Parish Law Recorder. Nice half leather set. 1902, 1904 - 1909, 1911, 1912.  £240.00 
Engelgrave, Heinrich
[Emblem Book] Lucis Evangelicae, sub velum sacrorum emblematum reconditae. Pars tertia hoc est Caeleste Pantheon sive Caelum Novum in festa et gesta sanctorum totius anni, selecta historia, & morali doctrina etc. Pars primus et posterior.  £1,200.00 
Cellini, Benvenuto
La Vita di Benvenuto Cellini Scritta da lui Medesimo restituita esattamente alla lezione originale con osservazioni filologiche etc. Ed. B Bianchi.  £40.00 
Harland, Henry
The Cardinal's Snuff - Box.  £14.00 
Beheim-Schwarzbach, Martin
Die Krypta.  £24.00 
Regnard, J Fr
Theatre de J Fr Regnard, Publie avec une Notice et des Notes par G D'Heylli. Tome Premier.  £16.00 
Corpus Juris Civilis. Volume 1. Digestus Vetus.  £180.00 
Oeuvres Completes de Montesquieu. Tome Premier, Seconde.  £42.00 
Droz, Gustave
Cahier Bleu de Mlle Cibot.  £18.00 
Ibsen, Henrik
Brand: A Dramatic Poem.  £8.00 
Herrick, Robert
Poems. With an Introduction by Alice Meynell.  £12.00 
Bremer, Frederika
The Twins and Other Tales. Translated from the Swedish by a Lady. Volume Eight of The Novels of Frederika Bremer.  £18.00 
Bürger, Gottfried August
Gedichte.  £12.00 
Sedbergh School: Record of War Service 1914 - 1918.  £56.00 
Furmanov, Dmitri
Chapayev.  £12.00 
A Bunch of Pansies. Thoughts Gathered in the Garden of God.  £12.00 
King George V
An Account of the Ceremony in Westminster Hall on Thursday May 9th 1935 on the Occasion of the Presentation of Addresses by Both Houses of Parliament to King George V Congratulating Him on the Celebration of the Silver Jubilee.  £24.00 
Arnold, Matthew
Selected Poems.  £9.00 
Craik, Dinah
John Halifax, Gentleman. Illus John Bacon.  £8.00 
Russell, William
The History of Modern Europe, with an Account of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire and a View of the Progress of Society, in a Series of Letters for a Nobleman to his Son.  £36.00 
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