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Thackeray, William Makepeace
The Christmas Books of Mr M A Titmarsh, With Illustrations by the Author and Richard Doyle.  £10.00 
Caldecott, Randolph
Irving, Washington
Old Christmas. From the Sketch Book of Washington Irving. Second Edition.  £260.00 
Telemann, Georg Philipp
Becher, Werner
Frankfurter Weihnachtsoratorium.  £46.00 
Norwich, John Julius
A Christmas Cracker: Being a Commonplace Selection.  £10.00 
Grobet Palacio
Cuantas Navidades?  £46.00 
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor
A Christmas Tree, A Wedding, An Honest Thief. Russian Language.  £6.00 
Maurice, Frederick Denison
Christmas Day and other Sermons.  £36.00 
Roberts, Eirlys
Which? December 1959.  £8.00 
Dickens, Charles
Ede, A
A Christmas Carol.  £12.00 
Stanbrook Abbey Press
St Leo the Great on the Birthday of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  £100.00 
Booth-Clibborn, Edward
My Father and Edward Ardizzone: A Lasting Friendship.  £16.00 
Armstrong, Neil
Christmas in Nineteenth-Century England.  £42.00 
Buckton, A M
Eager Heart. A Christmas Mystery Play. 17th Ed.  £12.00 
Pfeiffer, Hellmut
Was Feiert der Deutsche? Weihnachten in der Röhn.  £12.00 
Pfeiffer, Hellmut
Was Feiert der Deutsche? Weihnachten in der Röhn.  £12.00 
Triebe, Katarina
Holidays: Christmas Trees.  £18.00 
Gingrich, Arnold
Esquire. The Magazine for Men. December 1959.  £24.00 
No Author In Dulci Jubilo. Old German Christmas Carols.  £8.00 
Bechtler, Andreas
Bessie und Hans Bechtler: Mit vielen guten Wünschen für 1997.  £14.00 
Anzengruber, Ludwig
Heimg'funden: Wiener Weihnachtskomödie in drei Akten.  £18.00 
Coleridge, Sara
Christmas Tyde. A Series of Sacred Songs and Poetical Pieces, Suited to the Season.  £168.00 
No Author Happy Xmas Annual.  £36.00 
Wood, Alexander
Sound Waves and Their Uses: Six Lectures Delivered Before a "Juvenile Auditory" under the Auspices of the Royal Institution, Christmas 1928.  £8.00 
Lennard, May
Dawn in Bethlehem. A Play for Christmastide.  £16.00 
Shipton, Helen
At the Sign of the Brown Cow. A Christmas Fantasy.  £8.00 
Cropper, Margaret
Three Roses, and other Christmas Plays.  £24.00 
No Author Carols of Today: Seventeen Original Settings for Mixed Voices.  £14.00 
No Author Manuscript Christmas Letter.  £8.00 
Hamilton, Ian
Eight Poets, Edited by Ian Hamilton for the Poetry Book Society. Christmas 1968.  £14.00 
St Francis
Il Cantico di Frate Sole.  £14.00 
St Francis
Laudes Creaturarum. Natale MCMXLIV.  £28.00 
Roseberry, Eric
The Faber Book of Carols and Christmas Songs.  £8.00 
Rutherford, Edna
Wilkè, Margaret
Newton, Margaret
Christmas Tree.  £8.00 
Macaulay, Thomas Babington
Mitford, Miss
Pringle, Thomas
The Birth-Day Gift, and Friendship's Offering: A Christmas and New Year's Present. With Steel Engravings.  £38.00 
Baring-Gould, Sabine
The Birth of Jesus: Eight Discourses for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany.  £12.00 
Beliajus, V F
Hope Viltis. A Folklore Magazine. Vol. 22, No. 4, 1963. Lithuanian Christmas Ornaments Contest.  £12.00 
DeFalco, Tom
Marvel Age: The Official Marvel News Magazine! No 73, 1989. Special Holiday Issue.  £12.00 
Dearmer, Percy
The Oxford Book of Carols.  £10.00 
Appleton, Marion
A Christmas Carol.  £12.00 
Christmas, F E
Merry Christmas: A Seasonable Anthology.  £7.00 
Victoria & Albert Museum
Secrets of the Stage: A Christmas Exhibition.  £5.00 
Pevear, Richard
Noel. Printed at Christmas, 1974 for the friends of Elizabeth & Richard Pevear, Ann & J Laughlin, and New Directions.  £10.00 
Levin, Harry
The Waste Land: From Ur to Echt.  £10.00 
Holbrook, David
Poston, Elizabeth
The Apple Tree: Christmas Music from the Cambridge Hymnal.  £22.00 
Schulz, Charles
Christmas is Together Time.  £6.00 
Morrison, John
Bower, John
A Little Book of Carols.  £8.00 
Church Information Office
Together for Christmas. A Resource Anthology.  £8.00 
Cherry, John
Medieval Crafts: A Book of Days.  £6.00 
Brown, Michele
Royal Christmas Book.  £8.00 
Goldmann, Petra
Zocher, Wolfgang
Berlin. Weihnachten 1989.  £14.00 
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