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Lubbock, David
The Boyd Orr View - From the Old World to the New, with Proposal for Action to Banish Hunger. The late Lord Boyd Orr's Testament by David Lubbock.  £24.00 
Waller, Harold
Clinical Studies in Lactation.  £12.00 
Callow, Barbara
Food and Health. An Introduction to the Science of Nutrition.  £8.00 
Bailey, John
A Question of Taste.  £8.00 
Carpenter, Kenneth
Beriberi, White Rice and Vitamin B. A Disease, a Cause and a Cure.  £16.00 
Hautvast, J G A J
Hermus, R J J
Blood and Arterial Wall in Atherogenesis and Arterial Thrombosis.  £36.00 
Quigley, D T
The National Malnutrition.  £10.00 
Carnegie, Andrew
Andrew Carnegie Sesquincentenary Gathering, Dunfermline, August 1985: Conference, Discussion Groups, Sesquincentenary Dinner.  £24.00 
Theosophical Research Centre
Some Unrecognized Factors in Medicine.  £14.00 
MacDonald, G
Abbey, P M
O Level Cookery.  £10.00 
Le Gros Clark, F
Pirie, N W
Four Thousand Million Mouths.  £10.00 
Clifford, W M
Mottram, V H
Properties of Food. A Practical Textbook for Teachers of Domestic Science.  £10.00 
Le Gros Clark, F
Feeding the Human Family. Science Plans for the World Larder.  £8.00 
Fox, Michael Allen
Deep Vegetarianism.  £16.00 
Archetti, Eduardo
Guinea-Pigs. Food, Symbol and Conflict of Knowledge in Ecuador.  £10.00 
Gladding, Jody
Ferrieres, Madeleine
Sacred Cow, Mad Cow. A History of Food Fears.  £18.00 
Rudy, Kathy
Loving Animals. Toward a New Animal Advocacy.  £18.00 
James, Kenneth
Escoffier, The King of Chefs.  £24.00 
James, Kenneth
Kenneth James' A-Z of Starters and Light Lunches.  £18.00 
Kaibel, George
Athenaei Naucratitae Dipnosophistarum Libri XV. Volume 3: Libri XI - XV et Indices.  £46.00 
Blanch, Lesley
Nicolson, Nigel
Weidenfeld, A G
Better Living. A Contact Book.  £18.00 
Jordan, Robert
Weiss, Thomas
The World Food Conference and Global Problem Solving.  £22.00 
Moule, Tom
Nature Cure in a Nutshell. A Simple Guide to Healthful Living. Revised and Enlarged Edition.  £8.00 
Croft-Cooke, Rupert
Madeira.  £8.00 
Garin, Eugenio
Manipulus Florum a Eugenio Garin.  £36.00 
Cannon, Poppy
Unforbidden Sweets. Delicious Desserts of 100 Calories or Less.  £8.00 
Le Hir, Jean
Poèmes Gourmands de France et de Normandie en Cotes, Plaines et Bocages.  £36.00 
Attwell, Bruce
Traeger, Tessa
The Uncanny Knack.  £8.00 
Trotter, David
Cooking With Mud. The Idea of Mess in Nineteenth-Century Art and Fiction.  £84.00 
Chwolson, D
Das Letzte Passamahl Christ und der Tag seines Todes, nach den in Übereinstimmung gebrachten Berichten der Synoptiker und des Evangelium Johannis.  £40.00 
Petroni Cena Trimalchionis. Nebst ausgewählten Pompejanischen Wandinschriften. Ed. W Heraeus.  £12.00 
Combined Food Board
Food Consumption Levels in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Report of a Special Joint Committee.  £14.00 
Jones, Marvin
Final Report of the War Food Administration, 1945.  £24.00 
Street, Julian
Table Topics.  £10.00 
Leake, Martin
Howard, Albert
The Influence of the Environment on the Milling and Baking Qualities of Wheat in India. No 1: The Experiments of 1907-08 and 1908-09.  £24.00 
Leake, Martin
Prasad, Ram
Wheat Experiments on the Botanical Area, Cawnpore, and their Bearing on the Wheat Cultivation in the United Provinces.  £24.00 
Leake, Martin
Howard, Albert
The Influence of the Environment on the Milling and Baking Qualities of Wheat in India. No 2: The Experiments of 1909-10 and 1910-11.  £24.00 
Lummis, Herb
Rabbit on a Shovel: Aussies Cooking Around the Campfire.  £18.00 
Conil, Jean
Gastronomic Tour de France.  £16.00 
Fisher, M F K
The Art of Eating. With an Introduction by W H Auden.  £88.00 
Rowntree, Seebohm
The Human Needs of Labour.  £36.00 
United Kingdom
An Act for regulating Houses, and other Places, kept for the Purpose of Slaughtering Horses.  £10.00 
Scott, Walter
Peanut Protein Fiber. Its Position in the Protein Fiber World.  £12.00 
Levy, Hermann
Drink. An Economic and Social Study.  £12.00 
Bridges, A
Milk Production. A Study of Variations in Costs 1934/5 to 1938/9.  £14.00 
Brown, J A C
Bain, A D
Trends in the Consumption of Citrus Fruit in the United Kingdon.  £8.00 
Turner, Anthony
Le Café: Essai Historique. Coffee: An Essay.  £14.00 
Cunningham, Andrew
Kamminga, Harmke
The Science and Culture of Nutrition, 1840 - 1940.  £26.00 
Ridge, Benjamin
Ourselves, Our Food and Our Physic. Fifth edition .  £28.00 
Burnet, James
A Dictionary of Medical Treatment a Guide to Therapeutics for Students and Practitioners with an Appendix on Diet. Third Edition.  £36.00 
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