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Brunton, Lauder
On Disorders of Assimilation, Digestion, etc.  £24.00 
Chittenden, Russell
Physiological Economy in Nutrition with Special Reference to the Minimal Proteid Requirement of the Healthy Man: An Experimental Study.  £90.00 
Parker, Robert
The Wine Advocate. No 150: California Dreamin: Deja Vu (2-64)  £18.00 
Bunn, Eleanore
Metal Molds: Ice Cream, Chocolate, Barley Sugar & Cake.  £24.00 
Jacobs, Joseph
Your Jewish Heritage. Questions and Answers on Traditional Jewish Law and Life. Sponsored by Kraft Foods.  £10.00 
Fr. Krauss' Son
Ice Cream Moulds for Every Occasion.  £34.00 
Roberts, William
Collected Contributions on Digestion and Diet.  £68.00 
Rolleston, Humphry
Moncrieff, Alan
Diet in Health and Disease.  £20.00 
McCay, D
The Protein Element in Nutrition.  £34.00 
No Author Sweets and Meats. Directory. Women's Union, First Presbyterian Church, Winona, Minnesota.  £14.00 
Yseult of Broceliande
The Best of a Watched Pot. Vol 2.  £34.00 
Yseult of Broceliande
The Best of a Watched Pot. Vol 1.  £34.00 
Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
Report of the Reorganisation Commission for Pigs and Bacon.  £18.00 
Chilean Iodine Educational Bureau
Iodine Content of Foods. Annotated Bibliography 1825 - 1951.  £28.00 
Green, J R
The Soluble Ferments and Fermentation.  £24.00 
Millen, James
The Nutritional Basis of Reproduction.  £20.00 
Stephen, Joan
Obesity in Man.  £8.00 
WHO Scientific Group
Toxicological Evaluation of Certain Food Additives and Contaminants.  £15.00 
Rechcigl, Miloslav
CRC Handbook of Nutritional Requirements in a Functional Context: Vol 2: Hemapoiesis, Metabolic Function and Resistance to Physical Stress.  £48.00 
Sachse, Helena
How to Cook for the Sick and Convalescent arranged for the Physician, Trained Nurse, and Home Use. Third Edition, revised and enlarged.  £16.00 
No Author Carolina Cuisine.  £15.00 
North Suburban Synagogue
Tradition in the Kitchen.  £15.00 
No Author Biblioteca Culinaria.  £12.00 
Cohen, Nicholas
Dumont, René
The Growth of Hunger. A New Politics of Agriculture.  £8.00 
Carnacina, Luigi
à la carte.  £24.00 
Antoine, Albert
Slimming the French Way. L'Art de Maigrir. Translated and Abridged.  £10.00 
Fogel, Walter
The Negro in the Meat Industry.  £20.00 
Royal Society
Genetically Modified Plants for Food Use and Human Health.  £8.00 
Riseman, Freda
Favourite Foods of the Famous. Book Club Edition.  £9.00 
George, Susan
Corporate Control of Food in the Third World.  £5.00 
No Author Helping People in Poor Countries Develop Fuel-Saving Cookstoves.  £7.00 
James, A H
The Physiology of Gastric Digestion.  £12.00 
Heaton, Hell
The Salad Bowl. First Edition.  £6.00 
Hirst, Irene
The Beeton Homebooks: 10 Meat Dishes. Beef, Lamb, Mutton, Port, Veal.  £10.00 
Chattopadhyay, Boudhayan
Food Systems and Society in Eastern India: Selected Readings.  £30.00 
Hossain, Mosharaff
The Assault that Failed: A Profile of Absolute Poverty in Six Villages of Bangladesh.  £30.00 
Simon, Andre
A Concise Encyclopaedia of Gastronomy. Section 5. Fruit. First Edition.  £12.00 
Mrs De Salis
Entrées A La Mode.  £24.00 
Residents and Friends
Holkham Fare: Another Collection of Favourite Recipes.  £7.00 
Simon, Andre
A Concise Encyclopaedia of Gastronomy. Section 2: Fish. Section 3: Vegetables.  £11.00 
Daniels, Miriam
Meals Deliciously Appetising.  £34.00 
Wilson, C A
Food and Drink in Britain.  £6.00 
Jenkins, Alan
Drinka Pinta: The Story of Milk and the Industry that Serves it. First Edition.  £14.00 
Meyer, Sylvia
Schmid, Edi
Spühler, Christel
Professional Table Service. Translated by Heinz Holtmann.  £34.00 
Chazan, Naomi
Coping Africa's Food Crisis.  £16.00 
Cooper, David
Growing Diversity: Genetic Resources and Local Food Security.  £16.00 
National Canners Association
Haskins, Frederick
Original Recipes for Using Canned Foods.  £10.00 
Emmerson, Robin
British Teapots and Tea Drinking.  £36.00 
Foster, Phillips
The World Food Problem: Tackling the Causes of Undernutrition in the Third World.  £12.00 
Longmans Green & Co
Longmans' Domestic Economy Readers. Standard 4.  £10.00 
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