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Lund, Percy
Photography For Novices. The Primus Handbook.  £20.00 
Hughes, Talbot
Dress Design.  £18.00 
Boltz, C L
Wireless for Beginners.  £10.00 
Schiller, Friedrich
Der GeisterSeher.  £12.00 
New Zealand
New Zealand Wildflowers.  £12.00 
Gullick, Thomas John
Painting Popularly Explained.  £14.00 
Ray, Anthony
A Special Issue Devoted to French Nineteenth Century Painting and Sculpture, Burlington Magazine, June 1964.  £12.00 
Ray, Anthony
A Special Issue Devoted to The Italian Seventtenth Century, Burlington Magazine, April 1964.  £12.00 
Hasluck, Paul
Bookbinding. With Numerous Engravings and Diagrams.  £16.00 
Newton, Charles
Photography in Printmaking.  £10.00 
Francis-Lewis, Cecile
A Practical Handbook on Stencilling.  £16.00 
Staples, Peter
Pavey, Don
The Artists' Colourmen's Story.  £18.00 
Newhall, Beaumont
The History of Photography from 1839 to the Present Day.  £16.00 
Hasluck, Paul
Bent Iron Work.  £22.00 
Bayer, Herbert
Gropius, Walter
Gropius, Ise
Bauhaus 1919 - 1928.  £48.00 
Hills, L D
Haywood, E H
Rapid Tomato Ripening for Nurseryman and Amateur.  £10.00 
Klickmann, Flora
Artistic Crochet.  £14.00 
Klickmann, Flora
The Stitchery Annual. Containing Nos 5 to 8 of Stitchery, The Quarterly Supplement to the Girl's Own Paper and Woman's Magazine.  £36.00 
Dillmont, Thérèse de
Encyclopedia of Needlework.  £16.00 
Catalogo della Rinomata Raccolta di importanti Maioliche Italiane venduta per incarico del proprietario Signor Guy G Hannaford. Giorno di Vendita Venerdì 17 Ottobre, 1969.  £28.00 
Crafts Advisory Committee
Rugs for Churches. Commissioned Altar Rail Kneelers to Celebrate Her Majesty's Silver Jubilee.  £14.00 
Hume, Ivor Noël
Watkins, Malcolm
The Poor Potter of Yorktown.  £16.00 
Cooper, Grace
The Copp Family Textiles.  £18.00 
Rackham, Oliver
Trees, Wood and Timber in Greek History.  £12.00 
Struck, Hermann
Die Kunst des Radierens. Ein Handbuch. Dritte Auflage.  £68.00 
Arnold, Sarah Louise
The Way of Understanding.  £8.00 
Magnusson, Einar
Allmogeurmakeriet i Västergötland och i västra Småland.  £18.00 
Schultz, W
Nos Montres et nos Horloges et des soins a leur donner.  £12.00 
Museum of Leathercraft
A Picture Book of Leather.  £28.00 
Museum of Leathercraft
Leathercraft through the Ages: An Historical Survey by the Museum of Leathercraft, June 18 to July 7, 1951.  £28.00 
Dryad Handicrafts
Dryad Handicrafts Materials 1965. Art, Craftwork, Needlework.  £12.00 
Hall, A J
The Standard Textbook of Textiles.  £38.00 
No Author Apparel Engineering and Needle Trades Handbook.  £46.00 
Purcell, Donovan
Cambridge Stone.  £10.00 
Croy, O R
The Retina Way. The Retina Photographer's Companion.  £12.00 
Walters Art Gallery
Ivory: The Sumptuous Art. Highlights from the Collection. The Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore.  £15.00 
Cubrilovic, Vasa
Verre Medieval aux Balkans. Srednjovekovno staklo na Balkanu: V - XV vek.  £86.00 
Pelekanides, Stylianos
Syntagma ton Palaiokhristianikon Psephidoton Dapedon tes Hellados, 1.  £86.00 
Radaus Ribaric, Jelka
Szenczi, Blazenda
Vezak Vezla. Motivi Narodnih Vesova. Croatian Folk Embroidery.  £18.00 
Bischoff, Margarete
Alte Puppenspiele in und um Innsbruck. Ein Beitrag zum Höttinger Peterlspiel.  £14.00 
Mais, Adolf
Literarisches und Graphisches auf Habaner Keramiken.  £14.00 
Weinhold, Rudolf
Töpferwerk in der Oberlausitz. Beiträge zur Geschichte des Oberlausitzer Töpferhandwerks.  £24.00 
Fraikin, Jean
Artisanat et Folklore au Pays de Châtelet.  £26.00 
Pivetta, Marie-Louise
Binche et la Dentelle.  £26.00 
Soustelle, Jacques
La Famille Otomi-Pame du Mexique Central.  £56.00 
Guernsey's Gentleman's Auction. An important Grouping of extraordinary Collections of Toy Soldiers, Ship Models, Beer Steins and other Items of Interest to the Gentleman Connoisseur.  £36.00 
Blitz, G
Lamouret, J
Colour with Kodak Films. Still and Movie. How to tackle any subject with Kodak colour films.  £10.00 
Bertram, Anthony
Design.  £6.00 
Machatschek, Michael
Laubgeschichten. Gebrauchswissen einer alten Baumwirtschaft, Speise- und Futterlaubkultur.  £380.00 
No Author Good Housekeeping's Wedding and Birthday Cakes.  £8.00 
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