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Huxley, Aldous
The Doors of Perception. Heaven and Hell.  £8.00 
Cocteau, Jean
Opium. The Diary of a Cure.  £10.00 
Masefield, Pamela
The Land of Green Tea. Letters and Adventures Colonel C L Baker of the Madras Artillery 1834 - 1850.  £14.00 
Huxley, Aldous
Barfoot, C C
Aldous Huxley between East and West.  £28.00 
Snow, Stephanie
Operations Without Pain: The Practice and Science of Anaesthesia in Victorian Britain.  £24.00 
Mills, James
Cannabis Nation. Control and Consumption in Britain, 1928 - 2008.  £32.00 
Vleugels, An
Narratives of Drunkenness: Belgium, 1830 - 1914.  £102.00 
Allsop, Kenneth
Jazz and Narcotics. (Encounter, June 1961, Volume 16, No 6)  £10.00 
Roth, Martin
Schiff, A A
Freeman, H L
Schizophrenia: New Pharmacological and Clinical Developments.  £12.00 
Leary, Timothy
Drugs and the Mind. (The Harvard Review: Volume 1, Number 4)  £120.00 
Tour Saint Jacques
Les Cahiers de La Tour Saint Jacques. La Drogue. No. 1, 1960.  £20.00 
Burnby, Juanita
A Study of the English Apothecary from 1660 - 1760.  £26.00 
Skinner, W W
Information on Industrial Alcohol.  £8.00 
Davies, E Beresford
Memorandum on the Problem of Illicit Drug-Taking and Dependence, Particularly among Young People.  £10.00 
Cook, George Cram
Shay, Frank
The Provincetown Plays, with a Foreword by Hutchins Hapgood.  £12.00 
Moffat, J P
Yorkshire Temperance Establishments Parts 1 and 2 (in The Yorkshire Numismatist Volumes 1 and 2).  £12.00 
Winn, Marie
The Plug-in Drug.  £10.00 
True Temperance Association
True Temperance Notes, August 1930.  £14.00 
Benson, C
Caine, H
The Cultivation and Curing of Tobacco as Followed near Dingigul, Madura District.  £10.00 
Ghodse, Hamid
Bucknell, Patrick
Misuse of Drugs.  £68.00 
United Kingdom
An Act to discontinue, for a limited Time, the Payment of the Duties upon Low Wines and Spirits for Home Consumption…and for discontinuing…certain Imports and Duties upon Rum and Spirits imported from the West Indies.  £10.00 
United Kingdom
An Act for the more effectually preventing the Fraudulent Removal of Tobacco, and for the Ease of the fair Trader... and establishing the Duty to be paid upon Tobacco of the Growth of the British Plantations, and the United States of America.  £10.00 
Turner, Anthony
Le Café: Essai Historique. Coffee: An Essay.  £14.00 
Adams, Michael
Swanson, Gavin
Neurotoxins. Trends in Neurosciences, Supplement April 1994.  £18.00 
Christian Economic and Social Research Foundation
Ten Years of Advertising Alcohol: A Study of Expenditure and Trends in the Sales Promotion of Alcoholic Drinks by the.  £26.00 
Eysenck, H J
Smoking, Health and Personality.  £7.00 
Wilner, Daniel
Kassebaum, Gene
Narcotics.  £24.00 
Webb, Beatrice
Webb, Sidney
The History of Liquor Licensing in England Principally from 1700 to 1830.  £20.00 
Walls, H J
Brownlie, A R
Drink, Drugs and Driving.  £14.00 
Raymond, George
The Philosophy of Drunkenness.  £14.00 
Bentley's Miscellany
A Night with an Irish Whiskey Drinker.  £12.00 
Glatt, M M
Casto III, Don
Marijuana and the Assassins, an Etymological Investigation. British Journal of Addiction November 1970.  £12.00 
Angrist, Burton
Glatt, M M
Reported Effects of 'STP' The Unreliability of Hippies as Reporters of Drug Effects. British Journal of Addiction October 1969.  £12.00 
Mukherjee, B N
Scherer, Shawn
'Moderate' and Hard Drug Users among College Students: A Study of their Drug Use Patterns and Characteristics. British Journal of Addiction December 1971.  £12.00 
Berridge, Virginia
Marketing Health: Smoking and the Discourse of Public Health in Britain, 1945 - 2000.  £38.00 
Thomas, Margaret
Saper, Anthony
The Making of Policy Through Myth, Fantasy and Historical Accident: The Making of America's Narcotics Laws. British Journal of Addiction June 1974.  £12.00 
Neal, David
Thomas, Margaret
Petrol Sniffing: A Case Study. British Journal of Addiction December 1974.  £12.00 
Guerra, Francisco
Monardes, Nicholas
d'Orta, Garcia
Acosta, Christobal
Sex and Drugs in the 16th Century. British Journal of Addiction September 1974.  £16.00 
Miyake, Kiichi
Imai, Yoshitaka
Genetic Studies on Papaver Somniferum.  £18.00 
Treasury Department
Protection against Habit-Forming Drugs: A Survey of Law Enforcement and Other Activities of the United States Treasury Department in Dealing with the Narcotics Problem. May 1940.  £24.00 
Williams, Christopher
Failure.  £8.00 
Williams, Christopher
Maki.  £15.00 
Vogel, Victor
Facts About Narcotics and Other Dangerous Drugs.  £22.00 
No Author Narcotic Drugs. International Control of Drugs outside the Scope of the Convention of July 13, 1931, as Amended.  £12.00 
Eckenhoff, James
McIntyre, A R
Symposium on Muscle Relaxants. (Anesthesiology: The Journal of the American Society of Anesthesiologists )  £12.00 
Bean, Philip
The Social Control of Drugs.  £12.00 
Stimmel, Barry
Opiate Receptors, Neurotransmitters and Drug Dependence: Basic Science-Clinical Correlates.  £12.00 
Commission on Drug Safety
Report of the Commission on Drug Safety.  £30.00 
Bozarth, Michael
Methods of Assessing the Reinforcing Properties of Abused Drugs.  £100.00 
Stockley, David
Drug Warning: An Illustrated Guide for Parents and Teachers.  £5.00 
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