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British Railways
Passenger Services. London (Euston, St Pancras) - The Midlands, North Wales, The North. September 10, 1951.  £24.00 
Gresswell, Gilbert
My Prayer Book. With a Prefatory Note by the Archbishop of Canterbury.  £6.00 
Gresswell, Gilbert
Private Devotion. An Illustrated Introduction.  £6.00 
No Author Per Christum Vinces. Prayers in Time of War.  £24.00 
Mackenzie, K D
Rosenthal, G D
Getting Ready for Communion.  £6.00 
No Author Pitman's Musical Monthly, No 23, Vol 2, August 1, 1885.  £10.00 
Turner, Helen
Henry Wellcome. The Man, His Collection, and His Legacy.  £10.00 
Pole, Herbert
Consolations and Warnings. A Series of Eighteen Sermons.  £24.00 
Wolsey Hall
Wolsey Hall, Oxford. Tuition by Correspondence.  £10.00 
John Wisden & Co
The Compactum Scoring Book. 28 Matches.  £16.00 
North Western Road Car Ltd
North Western Time Table. 27 May 1967 - 24 September 1967.  £20.00 
Boy Scouts Association
Letts's Boy Scouts Diary for 1947 With Useful Information for Scouts, Wolf Cubs and Rover Scouts.  £24.00 
Drummond, Henry
Bound Volume: Greatest Thing in the World; Pax Vobiscum, Changed Life, Programme of Christianity, A City without a Church.  £28.00 
No Author Bentone. Gellants for the Pain, Plastics, Printing Ink, Adhesive and Allied Industries.  £14.00 
Women's Labour League
Women Workers Fellowship is Life. Souvenir of Womens' Labour Day, Saturday 17 July 1909.  £64.00 
Cambridgeshire Education Committee
Village College Bassingbourn. 1961 - 1962.  £8.00 
Davis, Miles
Miles Davis, Musician of the Year. Article within a complete issue of Jazz News, June 5, 1959.  £14.00 
al-Hadithi, Naji
Iraq Renews Call for Comprehensive Peace with Iran, a front page article within a complete issue of The Baghdad Observer, April 21st 1985.  £14.00 
Crystal Structures Ltd
Crystal Structure Models and Components for Building Models.  £36.00 
Mellanby, A L
James Watt. Mathematical Instrument Maker to the University of Glasgow. An Oration.  £10.00 
Hewitt, J F
Just Published, 2 Vols, Cloth: Primitive Traditional History.  £12.00 
Vowles, Alfred
The Doone Valley and the Waterslide Giving the History of the Ancient Village of Badgworthy (The "Doone Houses") Traces of Which Lie in the Valley.  £18.00 
Laurie, A P
Simple Rules for Painting in Oils.  £8.00 
Klug, Aaron
Widdowson, E E
Definitions and Formulae for Students. (Modern Physics)  £46.00 
Potter, Jim
Smallwood, Lydia
Schubert and Vienna (The 1997 Cambridge Music Festival November 1997)  £12.00 
Cole, G D H
Hints on Reading and Writing. A Guide for WEA Students.  £10.00 
No Author Hornsey County School. Distribution of Prizes 1949, 1951, 1952.  £12.00 
Soil Association
Is Your Food as Nourishing as it Used to be?  £12.00 
King's College Chapel
A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols. Christmas Eve 1990.  £7.00 
King's College Chapel
A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols in King's College Chapel upon Christmas Eve 1935, 1936.  £16.00 
Cullup, Michael
Turning to Snow.  £10.00 
Mother Elizabeth
The Silence of Mary.  £12.00 
Kiddle, Peter
Theatre Papers, The Welfare State. The First Series (1977) No 2. From Birmingham, 1975, to The Island of the Lost World, 1976.  £14.00 
Queens' College Cambridge
Queens' College Cambridge. Conference Delegates Handbook.  £7.00 
Glendining & Co. Catalogue of Naval and Military Decorations and Medals.Life Saving Medals etc. Day of Sale Thurday 28th September 1972.  £10.00 
Glendining & Co. Catalogue of Naval and Military Decorations and Medals. Day of Sale Wednesday 21st April, 1971.  £10.00 
Melles Griot
Melles Griot. The Practical Application of Light.  £36.00 
Kimber, Wilfred
Price List of Etching and Plate Printing Materials Copper Plate Presses &c.  £36.00 
Maurois, André
Waugh, Evelyn
Forbes, Joan
A Book for Brides.  £78.00 
Jones, Isaac H
The More or Less Immortal Words of Isaac H Jones.  £68.00 
Irish Tourist Board
Ireland. List of Official Tourist Information Offices and Room Reservation Services.  £7.00 
Air Navigation Order
Pilot's Flying Log Book (in accordance with the requirements of The Air Navigation Order)  £18.00 
Office of Public Information
Your United Nations. The Official Guidebook.  £10.00 
Hughes Aircraft Company
Hughes Aircraft Company. Telephone Directory, 1973.  £26.00 
Olson, Ken
Maserati Automobili. A Quarterly Publication of the Maserati Owners Club.  £28.00 
Fuseli, Henry
Haenlein, Charlotte
Oedipus Cursing His Son, Polynices. Correspondence relating to the discovery of this long lost painting rediscovered in 1974 by the Maltzahn Gallery.  £24.00 
Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain
Photographic Gelatin. A Symposium. August / Sept. 1970 Calendar of Events.  £10.00 
Lawrence, D H
Gill, Peter
D H Lawrence. A Season of Plays. Royal Court Theatre 1968.  £18.00 
Greenwood, Frank
Postcard Adressed to Frank Greenwood.  £22.00 
Low, D A
Professor D. A. Low's Diagram Measurer. An Instrument for measuring the areas of irregular figures and specially useful for determining the mean effective pressure from indicator diagrams from Steam, Gas, and other Engines.  £36.00 
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