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Roper, Lanning
The Gardens of Anglessey Abbey, Cambridgeshire.  £30.00 
McQueen, Harvey
This Piece of Earth. A Life in My New Zealand Garden.  £54.00 
New Zealand
New Zealand Wildflowers.  £12.00 
Shewell-Cooper, W E
Continuous Cloche Gardening - A Handbook on Growing Crops Under Cloches.  £12.00 
Gibbons, Martin
Identifying Palms.  £8.00 
Copley, G H
Pot Plant Production.  £10.00 
Allwood, Montagu
Carnations, Pinks, and Dianthus. Allwood Bros.  £8.00 
Shewell-Cooper, W E
The ABC of Cloche Gardening.  £8.00 
Flowers of the Holy Land. Blumen des Heiligen Lande.  £32.00 
Sudell, R
Teach Yourself Gardening.  £6.00 
Larwood, Jacob
The Story of the London Parks.  £18.00 
Hunt, John Dixon
The Genius of the Place. The English Landscape Garden 1620 - 1820.  £12.00 
Clément, Bernard
Plaine des Riaux: Le Creusot, lectures du paysage industriel.  £36.00 
Haywood, Sheila
Quarries and the Landscape.  £14.00 
R C Notcutt Ltd
Notcutt's Book Catalogue of Trees, Shrubs, Climbing Plants, Fruit Trees, Rses and Herbaceous Plants offered by R C Notcutt Ltd, Nurserymen, Landscape Gardeners, Seedsmen and Florists. August 1945.  £12.00 
Strasburger, Eduard
Streifzüge an der Riviera. Dritte gänzlich umgearbeitete Auflage.  £26.00 
Egli, Bernhard
Obstgärten der Region Schaffhausen.  £20.00 
Geo Jackman & Son
Planters Handbook. 150th Anniversary. Geo Jackman & Son (working Nurseries) Ltd, Woking, Surrey.  £12.00 
A Reevs & Co
Reeves Roses. Fruit Trees, Ornamental Trees and Flowering Shrubs.  £12.00 
Daniels Bros Ltd
Catalogue of Fruit Trees, Roses, Shrubs, Plants etc. Autumn 1940, Spring 1941.  £12.00 
Daniels Bros Ltd
Garden Guide 1972.  £12.00 
R C Notcutt Ltd
Notcutts Nurseries Ltd, 1967. Catalogue.  £8.00 
Mohr Baumschulen
Gebr Mohr Baumschulen. Hauptpreisverzeichnis Herbst 1959 / Fruhjahr 1960.  £16.00 
Daniels Bros Ltd
Nursery Catalogue.  £12.00 
Kurz, Peter
Hecken: Anlage, Erhaltung und Nutzung, Geschichte und Ökologie.  £16.00 
Neefjes, Jan
Strubben Kniphorstbosch: Inrichtings - & Beheerplan.  £46.00 
No Author Scientific Aspects of Forestry. Volume 2: Minutes of Evidence (House of Lords, Session 1979-80. 2nd Report of the Select Committee on Science and Technology)  £18.00 
Jones, Melvyn
Deer or the New Woodlands? (Special Publication of the Journal of Practical Ecology and Conservation, November 1996)  £13.00 
Fane, R
Fifty Two Kenya Trees and How to Recognise Them.  £16.00 
Cambridge Botanical Garden
Cambridge Botanical Garden. Chronological Bed.  £14.00 
Mompalo de Piro, Joseph
The Amateur Gardener in Malta.  £8.00 
Yeo, P F
King, C J
Catalogue of Plants in the Cambridge University Botanic Garden.  £12.00 
Berg, Carl Heinrich Edmund
Geschichte der Deutschen Wälder bis zum Schlusse des Mittelalters. Ein Beitrag zur Culturgeschichte.  £16.00 
Wright, Walter
An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Gardening.  £12.00 
Summerson, John
Inigo Jones.  £14.00 
Jesus College
Sculpture in the Close: Jesus College, Cambridge, 21st June to 1st August 1992.  £7.00 
Frere Didier
Fleurs en Louange.  £24.00 
Prest, John
The Garden of Eden. The Botanic Garden and the Re-Creation of Paradise.  £36.00 
Roberts, Eirlys
Which? June 1961.  £8.00 
Roberts, Eirlys
Which? March 1962.  £8.00 
Peace, T R
Pathology of Trees and Shrubs. With Special Reference to Britain.  £88.00 
Bleumink, H
Neefjes, Jan
Het Loo Royal Estate.  £46.00 
Burrage, Albert
Catalogue of the Library of Albert Burrage, Esq., Manchester, Massachusetts: Consisting of Works Relating to Orchids, Horticulture, Botany, Travel, Herbals and Early Printed Books on Gardening.  £28.00 
Gram, Ernst
Weber, Anna
Plant Diseases. In Orchard, Nursery and Garden Crops.  £30.00 
Strasburger, Eduard
Strasburger's Text-Book of Botany. Fifth English Edition.  £36.00 
Apokolokyntosis. Ed. Alessandro Ronconi.  £24.00 
Stokoe, W J
The Observer's Book of Trees and Shrubs of the British Isles. Describing 106 species with 50 line illustrations, 110 half tone photographs and 12 colour plates.  £6.00 
Gooch, Bernard
The Garden of a Naturalist.  £14.00 
Fermond, Charles
Essai de Phytomorphie, ou Etudes des Causes qui Déterminent les Principales Formes Végétales. Tome 1.  £26.00 
Brown, Jane
Newnham College Cambridge: The Making of the Gardens.  £10.00 
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