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Johnston, H H
Additions to the Flora of Shetland and Orkney.  £14.00 
Nelson, G A
A Flora of Leeds and District.  £18.00 
Salmon, Charles Edgar
Flora of Surrey. Being an Account of the Flowering Plants, Ferns and Characeae with Notes on the Topography, Climate and Geology and a History of the Botanical Investigation of the County.  £32.00 
Townsend, Frederick
Flora of Hampshire including the Isle of Wight, or a List of the Flowering Plants and Ferns found in the County of Southampton with Localities of the Less Common Species.  £36.00 
Primavesi, A L
Evans, P A
Flora of Leicestershire.  £14.00 
Painter, W H
A Supplement to: A Contribution To the Flora of Derbyshire. Including a List of Mosses Found in the County.  £24.00 
Allen, D E
Flora of the Isle of Man.  £24.00 
Kent, D H
Historical Flora of Middlesex.  £12.00 
Trail, J W H
James William Helenus Trail: A Memorial Volume.  £16.00 
Hayward, Ida
The Adventive Flora of Tweedside.  £86.00 
Holland, S C
Supplement to the Flora of Gloucestershire.  £19.00 
No Author The Flower Garden, Its Arrangement, Cultivation and General Management. Carefully Revised.  £48.00 
Wahlenberg, W G
Longleaf Pine. Its Use, Ecology, Regeneration, Protection, Growth, and Management.  £220.00 
Rayner, M C
Problems in Tree Nutrition.  £14.00 
Willmer, E N
[Nature Diary in Grantchester & Oleuddu: Birds and Plants].  £24.00 
Harte, J D C
Landscape, Land Use and the Law. An Introduction to the Law Relating to the Landscape and Its Use.  £20.00 
Cresti, Mauro
Ciampolini, F
Atlante dei Principali Pollini Allergenici Presenti in Italia.  £45.00 
Rutherford, Edna
Wilkè, Margaret
Newton, Margaret
Gardening.  £8.00 
Uggla, Arvid
Hos Linné i Uppsala. Trädgarden och hemmet.  £34.00 
No Author Die am häufigsten vorkommenden Essbaren Pilze in Taschenformat. 95 Abbildungen nach der Natur gemalt, in vielen Farben naturgetreu reproduziert, mit Angabe der deutschen & lateinischen Namen.  £14.00 
Green, J R
The Soluble Ferments and Fermentation.  £20.00 
Keeble, Frederick
Science Lends a Hand in the Garden.  £10.00 
Keeble, Frederick
Hardy Fruit Growing.  £12.00 
Jackson, Robert
Thomas, Graham
Gardening and Chalk and Lime Soil. First Edition.  £8.00 
Connelly, F C
Carter, Nick
The Lazy Gardener: Some Advice to Those Who Have too Little Time for the Job.  £12.00 
Robinson, Stuart
Plant Hormones (S51 - 544)  £10.00 
Burke, D P T
Plant Hormones S51 - 544.  £10.00 
Step, Edward
Wayside and Woodland Trees: A Guide to the British Sylva.  £14.00 
Corner, E J
The Life of Plants.  £10.00 
Stork, J W
Plant and Animal Ecology.  £12.00 
Seward, A C
Plants: What They Are and What They Do.  £12.00 
Priestley, J H
An Introduction To Botany: With Special Reference To The Structure of The Flowering Plant.  £25.00 
Geo. Jackman and Son (Working Nurseries) Ltd
A Catalogue Descriptive of Hardy Stock: Grown by Geo. Jackman and Son (Working Nurseries) Ltd. Season 1950-51.  £11.00 
R C Notcutt Ltd
Book Catalogue of Nursery Stock. Vol. 2.  £10.00 
R C Notcutt Ltd
Notcutts Plants.  £8.00 
Hall, M A
Plant Structure, Function and Adaptation.  £12.00 
Wright, Walter
Practical Gardening for Pleasure and Profit: A complete Guide to Plant Cultivation and Practical Gardening, Vols 1 - 6.  £64.00 
Thompson, Harold
Alpine Plants of Europe Together with Cultural Hints.  £22.00 
Kosch, Alois
Was blüht denn da? Tabelle zum Bestimmen von über 600 wichtigen Pflanzen nach der Blüte.  £8.00 
Tagore, Rabindranath
Der Gärtner.  £16.00 
Walkden, G B
Cloche Cultivation.  £7.00 
Gilmour, J S L
Walters, S M
Humphrey Gilbert-Carter: A Memorial Volume.  £16.00 
Fitting, Hans
Strasburger's Text-Book of Botany.  £12.00 
Clements, Julia
Julia Clements' Flower Arrangements: Seasonal Flowers. A Complete Set of 24 Illustrative Cards with Instructions.  £10.00 
Groom, Percy
Elementary Botany. Twenty-First Impression.  £14.00 
Scott, Dukinfield
Brooks, F T
Structural Botany. An Introduction to Structural Botany. Part 2: Flowerless Plants. Tenth Edition.  £12.00 
Simon, Andre
A Concise Encyclopaedia of Gastronomy. Section 5. Fruit. First Edition.  £12.00 
National Chrysanthemum Society
The Cultivation of Out-Door Chrysanthemums for Amateurs.  £14.00 
Halsham, John
Every Man's Book of Garden Flowers with Short Directions for Their Culture.  £10.00 
Step, Edward
Wayside and Woodland Blossoms: A Guide to British Wild Flowers. Series One, Two, and Three.  £26.00 
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