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Burns, Richard
Black Light. Poems in Memory of George Seferis.  £12.00 
Sedgwick, Adam
A Discourse on the Studies of the University.  £6.00 
Buxton, John
Williams, Penry
New College, Oxford 1379 - 1979.  £10.00 
Mansbridge, Albert
The Older Universities of England. Oxford and Cambridge.  £18.00 
Sherwood, W
Oxford Yesterday. Memoirs of Oxford Seventy Years Ago.  £10.00 
Arnold, Thomas
Introductory Lectures on Modern History, Delivered in Lent Term, MDCCCXLII. With the Inaugural Lecture Delivered in December, MDCCCXLI.  £24.00 
Stedman, A M M
Oxford. Its Life and Schools.  £24.00 
Godley, A D
Oxford in the Eighteenth Century.  £12.00 
Gray, J H
The Queens' College of St. Margaret and St. Bernard in the University of Cambridge.  £16.00 
Johnson, R Brimley
The Cambridge Colleges. With 25 Illustrations.  £12.00 
Haverfield, F
The Study of Ancient History in Oxford. A Lecture Delivered to Undergraduates Reading for The Literae Humaniores School, May 1912.  £10.00 
Shipley, A E
J. A Memoir of John Willis Clark. Registrary of the University of Cambridge and Sometime Fellow of Trinity College.  £16.00 
Baynes, Norman
A Bibliography of the Works of J B Bury.  £94.00 
Weaver, J R H
Henry William Carless Davis 1874 to 1928.  £10.00 
Werskey, Gary
The Visible College: A Collective Biography of British Scientists and Socialists of the 1930s.  £10.00 
Ward, Adolphus
In Memoriam. Adolphus William Ward, Master of Peterhouse 1900 to 1924.  £16.00 
Smith, Goldwin
Haultain, Arnold
A Selection from Goldwin Smith's Correspondence. Comprising letters chiefly to and from his English friends, written between the years 1846 and 1910.  £22.00 
Jebb, Caroline
Life and Letters Sir Richard Claverhouse Jebb O.M., Litt.D.  £48.00 
Heitland, William
After Many Years. A Tale of Experiences and Impressions Gathered in the Course of an Obscure Life.  £34.00 
Browning, Oscar
Memories of Sixty Years at Eton, Cambridge and Elsewhere.  £36.00 
Anstruther, Ian
Oscar Browning. A Biography.  £46.00 
Morgan, Paul
Oxford Libraries Outside the Bodleian. A Guide.  £8.00 
Faber, Geoffrey
Jowett. A Portrait with Background.  £10.00 
University of Oxford
Report of Her Majesty's Commissioners Appointed to Inquire into the State, Discipline, Studies, and Revenues of the University and Colleges of Oxford: Together with the Evidence and an Appendix.  £80.00 
Student Representative Council
Libraries in Cambridge.  £16.00 
Cooper, Charles
Cooper, John
Annals of Cambridge. Volume 5.  £46.00 
Gilbert-Carter, Humphrey
A Guide to the University Botanic Garden.  £12.00 
Selwyn College
Selwyn College Cambridge. 1882 - 1939.  £10.00 
Mellanby, Ruth
Kleiner Führer durch Cambridge.  £6.00 
Maitland, F W
Bateson, Mary
The Charters of the Borough of Cambridge.  £20.00 
Plommer, Hugh
The Ugciad. A History in Heroic Verse of the Corruptions in Our Higher Learning Together with a Prophecy of its Probable End.  £16.00 
Foster, Joseph
Oxford Men and their Colleges. Illustrated with Portraits and Views.  £80.00 
Magrath, John
The Queen's College. Volume 1: 1341 - 1646. Volume 2: 1646 - 1877.  £56.00 
Cambridge University
Praelections Delivered Before the Senate of the University Cambridge, 25, 26, 27 January 1906.  £18.00 
Loyd, Philip
The East Window. Three Lent Addresses on the Scenes of the Passion in the Great East Window of King's College Chapel, Cambridge.  £12.00 
Cambridge University
The Cambridge University Calendar for the Year 1948 - 1949.  £20.00 
Newman, John Henry
Fifteen Sermons Preached Before the University of Oxford Between AD 1826 and 1843.  £18.00 
Geyer-Kordesch, Johanna
Kamminga, Harmke
The History of Medicine in Cambridge. Education, Science and the Healing Arts.  £12.00 
Mullinger, James
A History of the University of Cambridge.  £22.00 
Queens' College Cambridge
Queens' College Cambridge. Conference Delegates Handbook.  £7.00 
Cicero, Marcus Tullius
McLean, Norman
M. Tulli Ciceronis Scripta quae Manserunt Omnia Partis IV. Vol. I. Continens Academica, de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum Libros, Tusculanas Disputationes.  £56.00 
Robinson, Duncan
The Fitzwilliam Museum Biennial Review 2000 - 2002.  £12.00 
White, James
The Cambridge Movement. The Ecclesiologists and the Gothic Revival.  £24.00 
Holford, William
Wright, H M
Cambridge Planning Proposals. Volume 1: Report to the Cambridgeshire County Council. Volume 2: Maps and Plans.  £38.00 
Linehan, Peter
St John's College Cambridge. A History.  £34.00 
Purdy, I M
River Cam. Environment and Conservation.  £24.00 
Purdy, I M
Cambridge Townscape. An Analysis.  £16.00 
Taub, Liba
Willmoth, Frances
The Whipple Museum of the History of Science: Instruments and Interpretations, to Celebrate the 60th Anniversary of R. S. Whipple's Gift to the University of Cambridge.  £36.00 
Mayall, W H
The Aesthetics of Industrial Design (Cambridge Research Volume 3 No 3 Apri 1968)  £12.00 
Ssiklos, S T C
Supervision in Mathematics.  £7.00 
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