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Steiner, Rudolf
Vor dem Tore der Theosophie. Vortragszyklus von Rudolf Steiner, gehalten zu Stuttgart, August 1906.  £160.00 
Oppenheimer, A
Ephemeris Pharmacologica. A Terse Synopsis of the Most Recent Publications Relating to Drugs and Modern Scientific Preparations.  £36.00 
Graham-Smith, G S
Publications by Holders of Appointments in the Department of Pathology, 1884 - 1900 (One Volume). 1901 - 1950 (Two Volumes)  £68.00 
Sauvy, Anne
Le Jeu de la Montagne et du Hasard.  £120.00 
Holcroft, Thomas
Comtesse de Genlis
Tales of the Castle, or Stories of Instruction and Delight, Being Les Veillees du Chateau. Vol 2, 3 and 5 ONLY.  £86.00 
Debenham, Mary
Miss Short-Sight's Tea-Table and other Missionary Dialogues.  £16.00 
Howe, Harold Wilberforce
Poetry. Encounter and Relationship. Verses Written in Old Age by "Simeon".  £56.00 
Thomas Cook
Inclusive Independent Tour 3018.  £46.00 
Lillich, Richard
Operation Entebbe. Folder of Research Material.  £64.00 
Private Account Book lettered Compliments of Marshall Field & Co on Cover.  £56.00 
Fowler, R H
Swirles, Berta
Letters from R H Fowler 1920's Taken from Quantum Theory Notebook.  £30.00 
Menke, William
Medicine with Pathology, 1660 - 1850.  £60.00 
No Author Little Eversden. Account Book for Village Church.  £50.00 
Willmer, E N
Laboratory Notebooks: Growth of Epithelium (1926), Marine Biology, Physical Chemistry and Unclassified Notes, Experiments in Tissue Culture (1929)  £80.00 
Willmer, E N
Nature Diary of a Voyage to Guiana 1933.  £30.00 
Willmer, E N
[Nature Diary in Grantchester & Oleuddu: Birds and Plants].  £24.00 
No Author Through the Ages. 1939 - 1945: Cax, The Warren - Beaumanor - Hut 15 - Block D - Block G. Your Friends' Addresses.  £46.00 
Education Department
New Code of Regulations with Schedules and Appendices by the Right Honourable The Lords of the Committee of the Privy Council on Education [Code 1874-1889].  £300.00 
Bennet, Roy
Clark, Paul
Weinman, Irving
Poets' Workshop Readings.  £140.00