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Roch, André
Smythe, F S
On Rock and Ice: Moutaineering in Photographs.  £12.00 
Cambridge University Mathematical Society
Qarch. Volume 1. No. 8. June 1984.  £10.00 
Wiseman, Howard
Brundle, Fred
Archery.  £18.00 
Gribbins, Joseph
Nautical Quarterly No 3. Summer 1978.  £14.00 
Gardner, Martin
More Mathematical Puzzles and Diversions.  £6.00 
Watkins, J W N
Introduction to the Mechanics of Human Movement.  £14.00 
Hunter, T A A
Murray, G W
Physical Education and Health. First Edition.  £12.00 
Russo, Perce
Learn or Teach Australian Swimming Methods.  £14.00 
Thompson, Richard
Race and Sport.  £15.00 
Laing, Margaret
Games and Activities for Infants.  £14.00 
Saraswati, Swami
Practice of Yoga. Volume 1: Various Practical Methods in Yoga and Meditation.  £24.00 
Treherne, G T
Goldie, J H
Record of the University Boat Race 1829 - 1883. New Ed. Carefully revised and completed to Date by Geo Treherne. Published under the Special Authority of the University Boat Clubs.  £140.00 
Lariar, Lawrence
You've Got Me on the Hook: A Catch of the Funniest Cartoons About Fishing By Leading Cartoonists.  £12.00 
Maguire, Michael
Scratchproof.  £8.00 
Johnson, Derek
East Anglian Sporting Days.  £12.00 
Forsyth, Richard
PASCAL at Work and Play. An Introduction to Computer Programming in Pascal.  £8.00 
Gomme, Alice
The Traditional Games of England, Scotland, and Ireland.  £24.00 
Tomlin, Stan
The Young Athlete.  £10.00 
Conklin, Drue
The Official Scrabble Players Handbook.  £12.00 
Schad, Jerry
Krupp, Don
50 Southern California Bicycle Trips.  £12.00 
Murphy, Tom
50 Northern California Bicycle Trips.  £8.00 
Ellman, Eric
Weisbroth, Ericka
Bicycling Mexico.  £12.00 
Immler, Robert
Bicycling in Hawaii.  £14.00 
Hunter, Rob
Cycle Touring in France.  £14.00 
Lindsay, Lowell
The Southern Overland Route: Cyclists' Guide to a Major Scenic and Historic Route Through the Southwest.  £12.00 
Faria, Irvin
Cycling Physiology for the Serious Cyclist.  £12.00 
Kersting, Dave
Performance Shifting. A Guide to 10-Speed Shifting.  £16.00 
Retallick, Martha
Ride Over the Mountain.  £16.00 
Stonestrom, Peter
Stanford Area Bicycle Trip Guidebook.  £8.00 
Willey, R G
Bike America in 30 Days.  £10.00 
Chapin, Clinton
Bicycling Maps - Puget Sound.  £12.00 
Perelin, A
A Bicycle Tour of Highway 49.  £10.00 
Bell, Norton
Bicyclist's Guide to the High Sierra.  £14.00 
Pennington, Paula
Bicycling Through the Mother Lode.  £8.00 
Stiles, Ed
Grand Canyon to Mexico Bicycle Route.  £8.00 
Lindsay, Lowell
Southwest America Bicycle Route.  £15.00 
Kotsilibas-Davis, James
Great Times Good Times: The Odyssey of Maurice Barrymore.  £8.00 
Hughes, Tim
Great Cycle Tours of Britain.  £8.00 
Wood, Mike
Five Go to War: The Glorious Five Nations Story.  £14.00 
Donaldson, Terry
The Dragon Tarot.  £5.00 
Parlett, David
Poker and Brag.  £7.00 
Salwi, Dilip
1000 Maths Quiz.  £10.00 
Tondeur, Keith
What Price the Lottery?  £6.00 
Hardy, D P
Postcard addressed to D P Hardy at Selwyn College Cambridge. Bicycle.  £10.00 
Murphy, Dervla
Full Tilt. Ireland to India with a Bicycle.  £20.00 
No Author Deutscher Kulturspiegel. September 1985: Segeln mit Behinderten.  £7.00 
Lewis, William
The Chess-Board Companion. Fourth Thousand.  £140.00 
Somogyi, J C
Nutritional Aspects of Physical Performance.  £18.00 
Wijn, J F de
Binkhorst, R A
Nutricia Symposion on Nutritional Aspects of Physical Performance.  £20.00 
No Author Official Rules of Sports and Games.  £12.00 
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