Author: Nuttall, George

Publisher: not published 1915.

Description: This is a collection of three bound volumes containing papers and offprints on Cestodes [Cestoda, Tapeworm] collected by George Nuttall. The papers are distributed alphabetically by the authors (B - Li, Lühe - Stephens, Stiles - Young), and the volumes are numbered 1-3. On the spine there is an additional number (3-5). The volumes bear the Nuttall bookplate and that of the Molteno Institute. The period covered is approx 1878 - 1914, and for that period this collection offers an exhaustive and un-rivalled survey of tapeworm-research. This is an unique item which can never be assembled again, not least because some of the papers appeared in exotic publications. Together approx 100 papers, many with exquisite plates, some signed by their authors

Order No: PIP 121269

Language: English

This book has been catalogued with the following subject terms: Tropical Medicine

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