Patanjali\'s Yoga Sutras. With the Commentary of Vyasa and the Gloss of Vachaspati Misra. Third Edition. Translated by Rama Prasad. With an Introduction from Rai Bahadur Srîsá Chandra Vasu. Third Edition. (The Sacred Books of the Hindus, Volume 4).


Publisher: Allahabad: Sudhindranath Vasu 1924.

Description: xii 320p original grey paper cover, cover worn or creased or partly incomplete, paper spine worn and mostly absent, text very well preserved, this is an un-cut copy, original printing in English and Sanskrit type clearly impressed in paper, original early edition, without name or stamp, fragile cover shows age

Order No: PIP 199407

Language: English

This book has been catalogued with the following subject terms: Sport, Wisdom of the East

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