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Abbate, Carlo
Regulae Contrapuncti. Reprint.  £14.00 
Hazard, Paul
La Pensée Européenne au XVIIIeme Siècle de Montesquieu a Lessing. Tome 2 ONLY.  £14.00 
Pérez Sánchez, Alfonso
Spinosa, Nicola
Ribera 1591 - 1652.  £40.00 
Bibliothèque Nationale
Saint-Simon 1675 - 1755.  £12.00 
Pascal, Blaise
Bibliothèque Nationale
Blaise Pascal 1623 - 1662.  £12.00 
Palgrave, Francis
The Golden Treasury of the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Language.  £10.00 
Povolo, Claudio
Il Processo a Paolo Orgiano (1605 - 1607)  £68.00 
Van der Haven, Alexander
From Lowly Metaphor to Divine Flesh: Sarah the Ashkenazi, Sabbatai Tsevi's Messianic Queen and the Sabbatian Movement.  £24.00 
Merton, Robert
Science, Technology and Society in Seventeenth-Century England.  £86.00 
Kepler, Johannes
Kepler's Conversation with Galileo's Sidereal Messenger. First Complete Translation, with an Introduction and Notes, by Edward Rosen.  £140.00 
Rhys, Hedley Howell
Seventeenth Century Science and the Arts. By Stephen Toulmin, Douglas Bush, James Ackerman, Claude Palisca.  £20.00 
Filippini, Orietta
Memoria della Chiesa, Memoria dello Stato. Carlo Cartari (1614-1697) e l'Archivio di Castel Sant'Angelo.  £36.00 
Gude, Mary Louise
Le Page Disgracié: The Text as Confession.  £46.00 
Fischer, Friedrich Johann
Der Abdecker. Seine Bedeutung als Träger magischer Vorstellungen im Zeitalter des Barocks.  £16.00 
Sor Juana Ines de La Cruz
Salazar Mallen, Ruben
Apuntes para una Biografia de Sor Juana Ines de La Cruz.  £36.00 
Toussaint, Manuel
Denuncias contra Simón Pereyns en la Inquisición de México. Introduccion por Manuel Toussaint.  £34.00 
Fraedrich Nowag, Stefanie
Acta Pacis Westphalicae.  £78.00 
Bell, James
Empire, Religion and Revolution in Early Virginia, 1607 - 1786.  £58.00 
Benton, Lauren
Ross, Richard
Legal Pluralism and Empires, 1500 - 1850.  £16.00 
Penny, H Glenn
Kindred By Choice. Germans and American Indians since 1800.  £66.00 
Ryrie, Alec
Mears, Natalie
Worship and the Parish Church in Early Modern Britain.  £108.00 
Hardman Moore, Susan
Abandoning America. Life-Stories from Early New England.  £34.00 
Doucette, Leonard
Emery Bigot. Seventeenth-Century French Humanist.  £12.00 
Harris, Tim
Taylor, Stephen
The Final Crisis of the Stuart Monarchy. The Revolutions of 1688 - 91 in Their British, Atlantic, and European Contexts.  £74.00 
Reece, Henry
The Army in Cromwellian England, 1649 - 1660.  £66.00 
Mahlberg, Gaby
Wiemann, Dirk
European Contexts for English Republicanism.  £96.00 
Merritt, J F
Westminster, 1640 - 60. A Royal City in a Time of Revolution.  £58.00 
Zerbe, Britt
The Birth of the Royal Marines, 1664 - 1802.  £58.00 
Foxley, Rachel
The Levellers. Radical Political Thought in the English Revolution.  £66.00 
Young, Francis
English Catholics and the Supernatural, 1553 - 1829.  £74.00 
Gottmann, Felicia
Global Trade, Smuggling, and the Making of Economic Liberalism. Asian Textiles in France 1680 - 1760.  £56.00 
Monod, Paul Kléber
Solomon's Secret Arts. The Occult in the Age of Enlightenment.  £18.00 
Cabantous, Alain
Le Dimanche, Une Histoire. Europe Occidentale (1600-1830)  £18.00 
Gregory, Anabel
Rye Spirits. Faith, Faction, and Fairies in a Seventeenth Century English Town.  £14.00 
Locke, John
Second Treatise of Government and a Letter Concerning Toleration.  £6.00 
Gibney, John
The Shadow of a Year. The 1641 Rebellion in Irish History and Memory.  £10.00 
Gillespie, Raymond
Irish Europe 1600-1650. Writing and Learning.  £46.00 
Mijers, Esther
News From the Republick of Letters. Scottish Students, Charlie Mackie and the United Provinces.  £104.00 
Stephen, Jeffrey
Defending the Revolution. The Church of Scotland 1689 - 1716.  £96.00 
Kilday, Anne-Marie
A History of Infanticide in Britain, c.1600 to the Present.  £70.00 
Bowden, Caroline
Kelly, James
The English Convents in Exile, 1600-1800. Communities, Culture, and Identity.  £84.00 
McCall, Fiona
Baal's Priests. The Loyalist Clergy and the English Revolution.  £98.00 
cummings, Abbott Lowell
Massachusetts and its First Period Houses. A Statistical Survey with Summary Abstracts of Structural History and Transcriptions of Building Documents.  £48.00 
Williams, Melvin
The Last Word. The Lure and Lore of Early New England Graveyards.  £12.00 
Dehérain, Henri
Le Cap de Bonne-Espérance au XVIIième Siècle.  £10.00 
West, F H
West, Alice
Rude Forefathers. The Story of an English Village 1600 - 1666.  £8.00 
La Fontaine, Jean de
Marsh, Edward
La Fontaine's Fables.  £10.00 
Redwood, John
European Science in the Seventeenth Century.  £12.00 
Burnet, G
Some Letters Containing an Account of What Seemed Most Remarkable in Switzerland, Italy, &c. .  £88.00 
Howie, John
The Scots Worthies. Containing a Brief Historical Account of the Most Eminent Noblemen, Gentlemen, Ministers, and Others, who Testified or Suffered for the Cause of Reformation in Scotland.  £24.00 
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