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No Author The dal Pozzo Collection Again. The Inventories of 1689 and 1695 and the Family Archive. Essay in: Burlington Magazine, August 1990.  £12.00 
Milton, John
Symposium on John Milton. Papers Read at the Autumn General Meeting, November 14, 1975.  £14.00 
Mazzucchelli, Mario
The Nun of Monza.  £14.00 
Jones, G P
Knoop, Douglas
The Bolsover Castle Building Account, 1613.  £46.00 
Leong, Elaine
Rankin, Alisha
Ireland and Medicine in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries.  £64.00 
Leong, Elaine
Rankin, Alisha
Secrets and Knowledge in Medicine and Science, 1500–1800.  £64.00 
Cipolla, Carlo
Cristofano and the Plague: A Study in the History of Public Health in the Age of Galileo.  £10.00 
Rubens, Peter
McGrath, Elizabeth
Corpus Rubenianum Ludwig Burchard: An Illustrated Catalogue Raisonné of the Work of Peter Paul Rubens. Part 13 ONLY: Subjects from History. Parts 1 and 2.  £140.00 
Mouton, Jean
Proust.  £10.00 
Raymond, Marcel
Fénelon.  £10.00 
Hazard, Paul
La Crise de la Conscience Européenne (1680 - 1715).  £56.00 
Mercanton, Jacques
Racine.  £10.00 
Pascal, Blaise
Lafuma, Louis
Pensées sur la Religion et quelques Autres Sujets.  £240.00 
Dryden, John
Dramatic Essays.  £10.00 
Defoe, Daniel
Defoe's Review. Volume 8: 1711 - 12. Complete 2 Volume Set.  £268.00 
Harris, Brian
Passion, Poison, and Power. The Mysterious Death of Sir Thomas Overbury.  £38.00 
Harvey, William
An Anatomical Disquisition on the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals.  £10.00 
Campbell, John
Smith, Christopher
Severteenth Century French Studies. Volume 1, 1979 - Volume 19, 1997.  £140.00 
Bromley, J S
Corsairs and Navies, 1600 - 1760.  £36.00 
Challe, Robert
Difficultés sur la Religion Proposées au Père Malebranche.  £16.00 
Lachevre, Frederic
Les Oeuvres Libertines de Cyrano de Bergerac.  £64.00 
Blassneck, Marce
Frankreich als Vermittler englisch-deutscher Einflüsse im 17. und 18. Jahrhundert.  £34.00 
Du Boscq de Beaumont, Gaston
Correspondance de Sophie Dorothée Princesse électorale de Hanovre avec Le Comte De Konigsmarck, 1691 - 1693.  £16.00 
Godwin, Joscelyn
Robert Fludd. Hermetic Philosopher and Suveyor of Two Worlds.  £14.00 
Lough, John
An Introduction to Seventeenth Century France.  £10.00 
Jourda, Pierre
Moreau, E de
La Crise Religieuse du XVI Siècle.  £18.00 
Barrow, Isaac
Isaac Barrow's Optical Lectures, 1667.  £46.00 
Berkeley, George
A New Theory of Vision and other Writings.  £12.00 
Harvey, William
An Anatomical Disquisition on the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals.  £10.00 
Defoe, Daniel
Memoirs of a Cavalier.  £10.00 
Blomfield, Reginald
Sebastien le Prestre de Vauban 1633 - 1707.  £24.00 
Zuber, Roger
La Révocation de l'Édit de Nantes et le Protestantisme Français en 1685. Actes du Colloque de Paris (15-19 Octobre 1985)  £18.00 
Caspar, Max
Johannes Keplers wissenschaftliche und philosophische Stellung.  £14.00 
Sitwell, Sacheverell
Southern Baroque Revisited.  £12.00 
Calamy, Edmund
An Abridgement of Mr. Baxter's History of his Life and Times. With an account of many others of those Worthy Ministers who were ejected, after the Restauration of King Charles the Second.  £320.00 
Metzler, Guido
Französische Mikropolitik in Rom unter Papst Paul V. Borghese (1605-1621)  £12.00 
Hall, Gaston
Moliere: Tartuffe.  £6.00 
Hijmans, Willem
Kuiper, Luitsen
Hein, Annemarie vels
Rembrandts Nachtwacht. Het vendel van Frans Banning Cocq, de geschiedenis van een schilderij.  £16.00 
Shuckburgh, Evelyn
Laurence Chaderton, D.D. (First Master of Emmanuel) Translated from a Latin Memoir of Dr Dillingham. Richard Farmer, D.D. (Master of Emmanuel 1775 - 1797) An Essay.  £48.00 
de Courcillon, Louis
Timoleon, Francois
Parish, Richard
Abbé de Choisy et Abbé de Dangeau. Quatre Dialogues suivis de l'Apologie de Pierre Jurieu.  £28.00 
Thomson, James
The Poetical Works of James Thomson. 2 Volumes, Complete Set.  £14.00 
Cowper, William
The Poetical Works of Matthew Prior. 2 Volumes, Complete Set.  £18.00 
Downes, Kerry
Bennett, J A
Sir Christopher Wren. The Whitechapel Art Gallery 1982.  £12.00 
Parnell, Thomas
The Poems of Thomas Parnell.  £8.00 
No Author Map of Edo.  £24.00 
Prest, John
The Garden of Eden. The Botanic Garden and the Re-Creation of Paradise.  £36.00 
Jonson, Ben
Timber: or Discoveries Being Observations on Men and Manners.  £10.00 
Rupp, Gordon
William Bedell 1571 - 1642. A Commemorative Lecture given in the Old Library, Emmanuel College on 1 December 1971.  £14.00 
Maclaren, Neil
Catalogue of the Dutch School 1600 - 1900.  £56.00 
Pascal, Blaise
The Provincial Letters of Blaise Pascal.  £14.00 
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