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Harris, Frances
Transformations of Love. The Friendship of John Evelyn and Margaret Godolphin.  £12.00 
Shapiro, Barbara
Frank, Robert
English Scientific Virtuosi in the 16th and 17th Centuries (Papers Read at the Clark Library Seminar, 1977)  £24.00 
Hutton, Sarah
Henry More (1614 - 1687) Tercentenary Studies.  £86.00 
Benecke, Gerhard
Germany in the Thirty Years War.  £6.00 
Woodward, Walter
Prospero's America. John Winthrop Jr, Alchemy, and the Creation of New England Culture, 1606 to 1676.  £28.00 
Holland, Peter
Shakespeare's English Histories and their Afterlives.  £52.00 
Sease, Virginia
A Study of Daniel von Czepko's Sexcenta Monodisticha Sapientum.  £64.00 
Berkeley, George
A New Theory of Vision and other Writings. Ed. A Lindsay.  £12.00 
Bouteroue, Denys
Discorso Breve delle persecuzioni occorse in questo tempo alle Chiese del Marchesato di Saluzzo (1620) a cura di Enea Balmas e Grazia Zardini Lana.  £36.00 
Bein, Werner
Heiduk, Franz
Schlesischer Barock: Literatur, Geschichte, Kunst.  £12.00 
Roullet, Antoine
Spina, Olivier
Szczech, Nathalie
Trouver sa Place: Individus et Communautes dans l'Europe Moderne.  £16.00 
Lipp, Charles
Noble Strategies in an Early Modern Small State. The Mahuet of Lorraine.  £38.00 
Codignola, Luca
Binasco, Mattio
Little Do We Know. History and Historians of the North Atlantic 1492 - 2010.  £74.00 
Arundell, Denis
Purcell, Henry
The Fairy Queen. An Opera by Henry Purcell. As Performed at the New Theatre, Cambridge 10 - 14 February 1931 with The Dialogue taken from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream in place of the alterations made by the Anonymous Librettist of 1692.  £24.00 
Blunt, Anthony
Diamand, Peter
Italian 17th Century Drawings from British Private Collections. An Exhibition sponsored by the Edinburgh Festival Society and arranged by the Scottish Arts Council.  £16.00 
Lara Izquierdo, Pablo
Sistema Aragonés de Pesos y Medidas. La Metrologia Histórica Aragonesa y sus Relaciones con la Castellana.  £34.00 
Wright, Anthony
The Divisions of French Catholicism, 1629 to 1645.  £54.00 
Bloedau, Carl August
Grimmelshausens Simplicissimus und seine Vorgänger: Beiträge zur Romantechnik des Siebzehnten Jahrhunderts.  £22.00 
Milton, John
Ross, John
Poems by John Milton. Edited, With Life and Notes Critical and Philological.  £14.00 
Ferry, Anne
Wilbur, Richard
Seventeenth-Century English Minor Poets.  £8.00 
Ormrod, David
The Dutch in London. The Influence of an Immigrant Community 1550 - 1800.  £12.00 
Withey, Alun
Physick and the Family. Health, Medicine and Care in Wales. 1600 to 1750.  £36.00 
Rye, Walter
Pedes Finium or Fines relating to the County of Cambridge Levied in the King's Court from the Seventh Year of Richard I. to the End of the Reign of Richard III.  £20.00 
Koenigsberger, H G
Patronage and Bribery during the Reign of Charles V.  £10.00 
Clapham, J H
Charles Louis, Elector Palatine, 1717 - 1680. An Early Experiment in Liberalism.  £7.00 
Bush, Stephen
Young, Charles
Sixteenth Century French Anthology.  £12.00 
Postan, M M
The Cost of the Hundred Years' War.  £8.00 
Skeel, Caroline
The Council in the Marches of Wales: A Study in Local Government During the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries.  £46.00 
Manwaring, G E
The Diary of Henry Teonge: Chaplain on Board H.M.'s Ships Assistance, Bristol, and Royal Oak 1675 - 1679.  £18.00 
Bottin, Jacques
Pellegrin, Nicole
Échanges et Cultures Textiles dans l'Europe Pré-Industrielle: Actes du Colloque de Rouen, 17-19 Mai 1993.  £84.00 
Cleary, Frederick
Pepys House, Brampton, in the County of Cambridgeshire: A Paper Read at Apothecaries' Hall, Blackfriars on 29th October 1981.  £8.00 
Valdés, Juan de
Trataditos.  £36.00 
Fawcett, Burlington
Broadside Ballads of the Restoration Period from the Jersey Collection Known as The Osterley Park Ballads, with an Introduction and Notes by Burlington Fawcett.  £56.00 
Odlozilik, Otakar
Three Offprints: Good King Wenceslas, Karel of Zerotin, Wycliffe's Influence.  £14.00 
Grant, James
Seafield Correspondence from 1685 to 1708.  £28.00 
Terry, Charles Sanford
The Scottish Parliament. Its Constitution and Procedure 1603-1707. With an Appendix of Documents.  £18.00 
Kidd, Colin
Subverting Scotland's Past. Scottish Whig Historians and the Creation of an Anglo-British Identity, 1689-c.1830.  £38.00 
Mackenzie, W C
Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun. His Life and Times.  £28.00 
Elder, John
The Highland Host of 1678.  £48.00 
Klaveren, Jacob von
Europäische Wirtschaftsgeschichte Spaniens im 16. und 17. Jahrhundert.  £16.00 
Engels, Friedrich
The Peasant War in Germany. Introduction by D. Riazanov.  £10.00 
Cailliet, E
Pascal.  £8.00 
Juel, H O
Notes on the Herbarium of Abraham Bäck.  £12.00 
Tudor-Craig, Pamela
'Old St Paul's' The Society of Antiquaries' Diptych 1616.  £34.00 
Maycock, A L
The Story of Little Gidding.  £8.00 
Cevese, Renato
I Palazzi dei Thiene, Sede della Banca Popolare di Vicenza.  £28.00 
Serodine, Giovanni
Giovanni Serodine 1594/1600 - 1630 e i Precedenti Romani.  £46.00 
Colnaghi Gallery
Art in Seventeenth Century Italy.  £14.00 
Clark, J W
The Riot at the Great Gate of Trinity College, February 1611 - 11.  £12.00 
Lunn, John Robert
Memoir of Caleb Parnham: Sometime Fellow and Tutor of St. John's College, Cambridge.  £14.00 
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