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Legg, Wickham
British Diplomatic Instructions, 1689 - 1789. Volume 4: France, 1721 - 1727. (Camden Third Series Volume 38)  £16.00 
Gillot, Hubert
Le Règne de Louis XIV et l'Opinion Publique en Allemagne.  £36.00 
Brereton, Geoffrey
Jean Racine: A Critical Biography.  £12.00 
Chevallier, Pierre
Les Philosophes et le Lieutenant de Police: Jean-Charles-Pierre Le Noir.  £10.00 
Chevallier, Pierre
Études Maçonniques.  £16.00 
Bromley, J S
Corsairs and Navies, 1600 - 1760.  £36.00 
Chevallier, Pierre
La Première Profanation du Temple Maçonnique: Ou Louis XV et la Fraternité 1737 - 1755.  £26.00 
Zuber, Roger
Les "Belles Infidèles" et la Formation du Goût Classique. Perrot d'Ablancourt et Guez de Balzac.  £18.00 
Lough, John
An Introduction to Eighteenth Century France.  £10.00 
Beckford, William
Vathek.  £18.00 
Hawthorne, Nathaniel
The Blithedale Romance.  £10.00 
Adams, Leonard
William Wake's Gallican Correspondence and Related Documents, 1716 - 1731.  £260.00 
Blassneck, Marce
Frankreich als Vermittler englisch-deutscher Einflüsse im 17. und 18. Jahrhundert.  £34.00 
Mortier, Roland
Hasquin, Herve
Études sur le XVIIIe Siècle.  £26.00 
Willey, Basil
The Eighteenth Century Background. Studies on the Idea of Nature in the Thought of the Period.  £6.00 
Law, William
William Law's Defence of Church Principles: Three Letters to the Bishop of Bangor, 1717 - 1719.  £12.00 
Borrow, George
The Romany Rye.  £10.00 
Swift, Jonathan
The Tale of the Tub, The Battle fo the Books and other satires.  £10.00 
Holmes, Edward
The Life of Mozart.  £10.00 
Fielding, Henry
The History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews.  £12.00 
Rousseau, Jean Jacques
Emile, or Education.  £8.00 
Stanhope, Philip
Letters of Lord Chesterfield to his Son.  £8.00 
No Author Mozart & l'Alsace dans l'Europe des Idées et des Arts (= Saisons d'Alsace, No 113)  £12.00 
Swift, Jonathan
The Journal to Stella.  £14.00 
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Biographia Literaria.  £14.00 
Smith, Adam
An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations. Volumes 1 and 2. Complete Set.  £22.00 
Knight, R C
Racine, Convention and Classicism.  £12.00 
Moureau, Anne-Marie
Chouillet, François
Dictionnaire des Journalistes, 1600 - 1789. Supplement 4.  £16.00 
Quevedo, Francisco de
The Choice Humorous and Satirical Works. Translated into English Charles Duff.  £14.00 
Guillois, Antoine
La Marquise de Condorcet. Sa Famille, son Salon, ses Amis 1764 - 1822.  £24.00 
Villeneuve-Guibert, Gaston de
Le Portefeuille de Madame Dupin, Dame de Chenonceaux. Lettres et Oeuvres inédites de Madame Dupin, l'abbé de Saint-Pierre, Voltaire, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Montesquieu, Mably, Mairan, Marquis de Sainte-Aulaire, etc.  £46.00 
Butt, John
Pope, Alexander
Imitations of Horace.  £8.00 
Barber, W H
Voltaire: Candide.  £6.00 
Niklaus, Robert
Beaumarchais: Le Barbier de Seville.  £6.00 
Treneer, Anne
The Mercurial Chemist: A Life of Sir Humphry Davy.  £14.00 
Smith, Cecil Harcourt
Old English Costumes Selected from the Collection formed by Mr. Talbot Hughes. A Sequence of Fashions Through the 18th and 19th Centuries.  £16.00 
Open University
A207 From Enlightenment to Romanticism, c. 1780 - 1830.  £16.00 
Dilworth, Ernest
Philosophical Letters. Voltaire.  £8.00 
Vaughan, William
Romanticism and Art.  £10.00 
Donnachie, Ian
Lavin, Carmen
From Enlightenment to Romanticism. Anthology 2.  £10.00 
Donnachie, Ian
Lavin, Carmen
From Enlightenment to Romanticism. Anthology 1.  £10.00 
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von
MacDonald, Robert
Faust. Parts One and Two.  £8.00 
Summerson, John
Inigo Jones.  £14.00 
Cormack, Malcolm
J M W Turner, R.A. 1775 - 1851. A Catalogue of Drawings and Watercolours in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.  £16.00 
Summerson, John
Georgian London.  £12.00 
Ward, James
James Ward R.A. 1769 - 1859.  £8.00 
Murphy, Michael
Cambridge Newspapers and Opinion 1780 - 1850.  £8.00 
Bouis, Andre
Florian, Jean-Pierre Claris de
Mémoires d'un Jeune Espagnol suivis des Lettres a Madame de la Briche at a Boissy d'Anglais.  £8.00 
Shuckburgh, Evelyn
Laurence Chaderton, D.D. (First Master of Emmanuel) Translated from a Latin Memoir of Dr Dillingham. Richard Farmer, D.D. (Master of Emmanuel 1775 - 1797) An Essay.  £48.00 
Hampton, John
Nicolas-Antoine Boulanger et la Science de son Temps.  £16.00 
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