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French, Roger
Wear, Andrew
British Medicine in an Age of Reform.  £46.00 
Gosse, Philip
The Squire of Walton Hall. The Life of Charles Waterton.  £16.00 
Levi, David
The Form of Prayers for the Festivals of Passover and Pentecost According to the Custom of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews, Carefully Translated from the Original Hebrew.  £68.00 
The Letters of Junius.  £18.00 
Guest, George
A Social History of England.  £8.00 
Bernardin de Saint-Pierre
Paul et Virginie. Preface de Melchior de Vogue.  £12.00 
Landor, William Savage
Charles James Fox. A Commentary on his Life and Character.  £14.00 
Figes, Eva
Patriarchal Attitudes: Women in Society.  £7.00 
Chasseloup Laubat, F de
François Fresneau, Seigneur de la Gataudière, Père du Caoutchouc.  £14.00 
Torres Villarroel, Diego
Vida. Edición, introducción y notas de Federico de Onís.  £10.00 
Melo, Francisco Manuel de
Apólogos Dialogais.  £15.00 
Fourier, Charles
Textes Choisis.  £12.00 
Kant, Immanuel
Zum ewigen Frieden. Ed. Karl Kehrbach.  £6.00 
Kant, Immanuel
Kritik der Praktischen Vernunft. Ed. Karl Kehrbach.  £6.00 
Kant, Immanuel
Träume eines Geistersehers. Ed. Karl Kehrbach.  £6.00 
Crébillon, Prosper Jolyot de
Tanzai und Neadarne oder Der Schaumlöffel. Eine japanische Geschichte.  £12.00 
Michael, Ian
Literature in School. A Guide to the Early Sources 1700 - 1830.  £18.00 
Cannon, John
The Historian at Work.  £14.00 
Locke, John
The Works of John Locke. Volume 1: The Philosophical Works.  £16.00 
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Letters of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Edited by E H Coleridge.  £36.00 
Wordsworth, Dorothy
MacLean, Catherine
Dorothy Wordsworth. The Earl Years.  £14.00 
Goldsmith, Oliver
The Vicar of Wakefield. Illustrated by H M Paget.  £24.00 
Kanceff, Emanuele
Il Garda della Cultura Europea. Volume Primo, Volume Secondo.  £88.00 
Zeller, Rosmarie
Struktur und Wirkung. Zu Konstanz und Wandel literarischer Normen im Drama zwischen 1750 und 1810.  £46.00 
Mann, Michael
Sturm-und-Drang-Drama. Studien und Vorstudien zu Schillers Räubern.  £12.00 
Eigenmann, Susanne
Zwischen ästhetischer Raserei und aufgeklärter Disziplin.  £16.00 
Stephen, Leslie
English Literature and Society in the Eighteenth Century.  £10.00 
Barker, Theo
The Long March of the Everyman 1750 to 1960.  £10.00 
Caldwell, Patricia
The Puritan Conversion Narrative: The Beginnings of American Expression.  £12.00 
Le Tartufe ou l'Imposteur.  £18.00 
Forman-Barzilai, Fonna
Adam Smith and the Circle of Sympathy. Cosmopolitanism and Moral Theory.  £52.00 
Johnson, Samuel
Wilson, Mona
Johnson Prose and Poetry.  £10.00 
Jarlert, Anders
Piety and Modernity. The Dynamics of Religious Reform in Nothern Europe 1780 - 1920.  £45.00 
Biskup, Thomas
Friedrichs Grösse. Inszenierungen des Preussenkönigs in Fest und Zeremoniell 1740 to 1815.  £24.00 
Fezzi, Luca
Il Rimpianto di Roma. Res publica, libertà 'neoromane' e Benjamin Constant, agli inizi del terzo millennio.  £36.00 
Rieder, Philip
La Figure du Patient au XVIIIe Siècle.  £38.00 
Burrows, Simon
The Chavalier d'Eon and his Words. Gender, Espionage and Politics in the Eighteenth Century.  £28.00 
Ritvo, Harriet
The Platypus and the Mermaid and other Figments of the Classifying Imagination.  £10.00 
Fara, Patricia
Sympathetic Attractions. Magnetic Practices, Beliefs, and Symbolism in Eighteenth Century England.  £14.00 
Schwartz, Janelle
Worm Work. Recasting Romanticism.  £16.00 
Hufbauer, Karl
The Formation of the German Chemical Community (1720 to 1795)  £10.00 
Daniels, Bruce
Puritans at Play. Leisure and Recreation in Colonial New England.  £16.00 
Johnson, W Branch
Carrington, John
The Hertfordshire Pepys. John Carrington of Bramfield and his Diary from 1797 to 1810.  £24.00 
Clay, Lauren
Theatre and the Commercialization of Culture in Eighteenth Century France.  £32.00 
Bloom, E & L
Leites, Edmund
Educating the Audience: Addison, Steele and Eighteenth-Century Culture (Papers Read at the Clark Library Seminar, 1980)  £24.00 
Burrows, Simon
A King's Ransom. The Life of Charles Theveneau de Morande, Blackmailer, Scandalmonger and Master-Spy.  £18.00 
Bentham, Jeremy
Schofield, Philip
Of the Limits of the Penal Branch of Jurisprudence. The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham.  £88.00 
Mantzius, Karl
A History of Theatrical Art in Ancient and Modern Times. Vol 5 Great Actors of the 18th Century.  £28.00 
Cantor, Geoffrey
Lindberg, David
The Discourse of Light from the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment Papers Read at a Clark Library Seminar, 1982.  £38.00 
Boccerini, Luigi
Quintetto Op 47.  £12.00 
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