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Simms, Brendan
The Impact of Napoleon. Prussian High Politics, Foreign Policy and the Crisis of the Executive, 1797 - 1806.  £34.00 
Whinney, Margaret
Wren.  £8.00 
Beaglehole, J C
The Life of Captain James Cook.  £16.00 
White, Newport
Four Good Men: Luke Challoner, Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin, 1592; Jeremy Taylor, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Dublin, Narcissus Marsh, Provost of Trinity College, Elias Bouhereau, First Public Librarian in Ireland.  £36.00 
Toynbee, Arnold
Lectures on the Inudstrial Revolution of the 18th Century in England. Popular Addresses, Notes and Other Fragments.  £32.00 
Way, Twigs
Picturing Paradise. Studies in Eighteenth to Twentieth-Century Gardens and Grden Design.  £10.00 
Green, John Richard
Studies in Oxford History. Chiefly in the Eighteenth Century.  £16.00 
Diderot, Denis
La Religieuse.  £18.00 
Linguet, Simon-Nicolas-Henri
Latude, Henri Masers de
Memoirs of the Bastille.  £12.00 
Lackington, James
Memoirs of the first forty-five years of the life of James Lackington: The Present Bookselller in Chiswell-street, Moorfields, London.  £68.00 
Johnson, John
Gibson, Strickland
Print and Privilege at Oxford to the Year 1700.  £26.00 
Hogarth, William
Paulson, Ronald
Hogarth's Graphic Works. Third, Revised Edition Compiled and with a Commentary by Ronald Paulson.  £180.00 
Holt, Geoffrey
Outram, Benjamin
The Ticknall Tramway by Geoffrey Holt together with the proposals of Benjamin Outram.  £8.00 
Buck, Anne
The Gallery of English Costume. Picture Book Number Three: Women's Costume in the 18th Century.  £6.00 
Bode, Harold
James Brindley, Millwright and Canal Engineer, 1716 - 1772.  £8.00 
Bolingbroke, Henry St John
Historical Writings.  £12.00 
Williams, Bernard
Descartes. The Project of Pure Enquiry.  £8.00 
de Laclos, Choderlos
Les Liaisons Dangereuses. Volume 1 ONLY.  £10.00 
Ogilvie, R M
Latin and Greek. A History of the Influence on the Classics on English Life from 1600 to 1918.  £24.00 
Roberts, Michael
Great Britain and the Swedish Revolution, 1772 - 73.  £12.00 
Haigh, Elizabeth
Xavier Bichat and the Medical Theory of the Eighteenth Century.  £24.00 
Goldsmith, Oliver
The Vicar of Wakefield.  £6.00 
Seddon, Edmund
Modern Economic History. British Economic and Social History 1760 to 1978.  £6.00 
Tames, Richard
Documents of the Industrial Revolution 1750 to 1850.  £8.00 
Clare, John
Selected Poems. Edited by James Reeves.  £6.00 
Lemon, Elsie
The Balliol College Register. Fourth Edition. 1916 to 1967.  £16.00 
Green, V H H
Oxford Common Room. A Study of Lincoln College and Mark Pattison.  £18.00 
MacKenzie, Agnes Mure
The Passing of the Stewarts.  £12.00 
Gutch, John
Collectanea Curiosa; Or Miscellaneous Tracts, Relating to the History and Antiquities of England and Ireland, and a Variety of Other Subjects. Collected from the Manuscripts of Archbishop Sancroft.  £38.00 
Blows, R P
History at the Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges.  £16.00 
Morley, Edith
Fanny Burney.  £10.00 
Sirluck, Ernest
Paradise Lost: A Deliberate Epic.  £8.00 
Supple, Barry
The Entrepreneur. Papers Presented at the Annual Conference of the Economic History Society, Cambridge 1957.  £16.00 
Chereau, Ollivier
Le Jargon ou Langage de l'Argot Reformé: Comme il est à présent en Usage parmi les Bons Pauvres.  £10.00 
Jones, Emrys
Pope and Dulness. Chatterton Lecture.  £10.00 
McLeod, W R
Anglo-Scottish Tracts, 1701 - 1714. A Descriptive Checklist.  £16.00 
Cobban, Alfred
Historians and the Causes of the French Revolution.  £6.00 
University of Oxford
Oxford Honours 1220 to 1894. Being an Alphabetical Register of Distinctions Conferred by the University of Oxford from the Earliest Times.  £24.00 
Robertson, John
Scottish Enlightenment and the Militia Issue.  £46.00 
Cruickshanks, Eveline
Ideology and Conspiracy: Aspects of Jacobitism, 1689 - 1959.  £56.00 
Black, Jeremy
Cruickshanks, Eveline
The Jacobite Challenge.  £48.00 
Godley, A D
Oxford in the Eighteenth Century.  £12.00 
Spence, Joseph
Anecdotes, Observations and Characters of Books and Men Collected from the Conversation of Mr. Pope and other Eminent Persons of His Time.  £16.00 
Kochan, Lionel
Jew and His History: The Model of the Exile.  £10.00 
Morgan, Michael
Molyneux's Question: Vision, Touch and the Philosophy of Perception.  £28.00 
Meynell, G G
Materials for a Biography of Dr Thomas Sydenham, 1624 - 1689: A New Survey of Public and Private Archives.  £14.00 
Cecil, David
The Stricken Deer: or, The Life of Cowper.  £8.00 
French, Roger
Wear, Andrew
British Medicine in an Age of Reform.  £46.00 
Gosse, Philip
The Squire of Walton Hall. The Life of Charles Waterton.  £16.00 
Levi, David
The Form of Prayers for the Festivals of Passover and Pentecost According to the Custom of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews, Carefully Translated from the Original Hebrew.  £68.00 
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