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Vaughan, C J
The Church of the First Days: Lectures on the Acts of the Apostles. Volumes 1 - 3 complete.  £46.00 
Farrar, Frederic
The Lord's Prayer - Sermons Preached in Westminster Abbey.  £24.00 
Pusey, E B
Daniel the Prophet: Nine Lectures Delivered in the Divinity School of the University of Oxford.  £36.00 
Deak, John
Forging a Multinational State. State Making in Imperial Austria from the Enlightenment to the First World War.  £40.00 
Woollacott, Angela
Settler Society in the Australian Colonies. Self-Government and Imperial Culture.  £58.00 
Conant, Sean
The Gettysburg Address. Perspectives on Lincoln's Greatest Speech.  £10.00 
Alexander, Benjamin
Coxey's Army. Popular Protest in the Gilded Age.  £10.00 
Freeman, Philip
Esdaile, Charles
Burgos in the Peninsular War, 1808 - 1814. Occupation, Siege, Aftermath.  £58.00 
van Atta, John
Wolf by the Ears. The Missouri Crisis, 1819 - 1821.  £12.00 
Taylor, David
Laybourn, Keith
The Battle for the Roads of Britain. Police, Motorists and the Law, c. 1890s to 1970s.  £66.00 
Turnham, Margaret
Catholic Faith and Practice in England 1779 - 1992. The Role of Revivalism and Renewal.  £66.00 
Burk, Kathleen
The Lion and the Eagle. The Interaction of the British and American Empires 1783 - 1972.  £20.00 
Garipzanov, Ildar
Graphic Signs of Authority in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages, 300 - 900.  £62.00 
White-Spunner, Barney
Of Living Valour. The Story of the Soldiers of Waterloo.  £34.00 
Seyler, Dorothy
The Obelisk and the Englishman. The Pioneering Discoveries of Egyptologist William Bankes.  £16.00 
Hopwood, Nick
Haeckel's Embryos. Images, Evolution, and Fraud.  £26.00 
Todd, David
Free Trade and its Enemies in France, 1814 - 1851.  £48.00 
Priest, Robert
The Gospel According to Renan. Reading, Writing, and Religion in Nineteenth-Century France.  £68.00 
Shore, Heather
London's Criminal Underworlds, c. 1720 - c. 1930. A Social and Cultural History.  £28.00 
Stauter-Halsted, Keely
The Devil's Chain. Prostitution and Social Control in Partitioned Poland.  £28.00 
Edling, Max
A Hercules in the Cradle. War, Money, and the American State, 1783 - 1867.  £28.00 
Kert, Faye
Privateering. Patriots and Profits in the War of 1812.  £26.00 
Dal Lago, Enrico
The Age of Lincoln and Cavour. Comparative Perspectives on Nineteenth-Century American and Italian Nation Building.  £40.00 
Eichendorff, Joseph von
Aus dem Leben Eines Taugenichts.  £8.00 
Nash, David
All Change 1838 - 1969. The Coin Price Guide.  £16.00 
Buchan, John
Nelson's History of the War. 24 Volume Complete Set.  £140.00 
Tieck, Ludwig
Tiecks Werke in Zwei Bänden. Erster Band.  £12.00 
Chekhov, Anton
Heilmann, Ursula
Anton Tschechow. Sein Leben in Bildern.  £8.00 
Baxter, J
The Library of Agricultural and Horticultural Knowledge. Third Edition.  £16.00 
Flaubert, Gustave
L'Éducation Sentimentale.  £14.00 
Balzac, Honoré de
Le Lys dans la Vallée.  £14.00 
Austen, Jane
Northanger Abbey.  £8.00 
Duignan, Peter
Gann, L H
Colonialism in Africa 1870 - 1960. Volumes 1 and 2. Complete Set.  £42.00 
Keats, John
Hyperion.  £12.00 
Madame de Stael
De la Littérature. De L'Allemagne.  £6.00 
Michelet, Jules
Pages Choises. Volumes 1 and 2 Complete Set.  £8.00 
Musset, Alfred de
Pages Choises. Volumes 1 and 2 Complete Set.  £6.00 
Nietzsche, Friedrich
Kaufmann, Walter
The Portable Nietzsche.  £10.00 
Walpole, Hugh
Above the Dark Circus.  £8.00 
Arnim, Elizabeth von
The Adventures of Elizabeth in Rügen.  £26.00 
Verlaine, Paul
Oeuvres Poétiques Complètes.  £24.00 
Jones, M
The Story of Don Quixote and His Squire Sancho Panza.  £16.00 
Hackett, C A
Rimbaud. A Critical Introduction.  £8.00 
Bimba, Anthony
The Molly Maguires.  £10.00 
Ross, Robert
Vallance, Aymer
Aubrey Beardsley.  £28.00 
Hartley, Anthony
The Penguin Book of French Verse 3. The Nineteenth Century.  £8.00 
Manning, Samuel
English Pictures Drawn with Pen and Pencil.  £22.00 
Reed, A H
With Anthony Trollope in New Zealand 1872.  £10.00 
Carman, A H
The Birth of a City. Wellington, 1840 - 1843.  £28.00 
Hobson, Anthony
J W Waterhouse.  £10.00 
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