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Crockett, S R
Browne, Gordon
The Surprising Adventures of Sir Toady Lion with Those of General Napolean Smith. An Improving History for Old Boys, Young Boys, Good Boys, Bad Boys, Big Boys, Little Boys, Cow Boys, and Tom-Boys.  £12.00 
No Author Sind Briten hier? Relations between British and Continental Art 1680 - 1880.  £48.00 
Kennaway, James
Bad Vibrations: The History of the Idea of Music as a Cause of Disease.  £36.00 
Hunt, G W
She Was Fat, She Was Fair, She Was Forty. Comic Song. Sung by Fred French.  £12.00 
Bois-Reymond, Emil du
Gesammelte Abhandlungen zur allgemeinen Muskel- und Nervenphysik.  £680.00 
Bois-Reymond, Emil du
Sachs, Carl
Dr Carl Sachs Untersuchungen am Zitteraal Gymnotus Electricus, nach seinem Tode bearbeitet. Mit zwei Abbildungen von Gustav Fritsch.  £240.00 
Bois-Reymond, Emil du
Untersuchungen über thierische Elektricität.  £2,400.00 
Wolfram, Ludwig
The Deutsches Echo. A Faithful Mirror of German Conversation. Sixth Edition.  £24.00 
Wingfield-Stratford, Esme
The History of English Patriotism.  £28.00 
Chasis, Herbert
Goldring, William
Homer William Smith. His Scientific and Literary Achievements.  £18.00 
La Maison de Claudine. Edited with Introduction and Notes by Hugh Shelley.  £10.00 
Sachs, Julius
Text-Book of Botany Morphological and Physiological. Second Edition.  £40.00 
Taine, Hippolyte
Life and Letters of H Taine 1828 - 1852, 1953 - 1870. Translated from the French by Mrs R L Devonshire.  £24.00 
Woodcroft, Bennet
Alphabetical Index of Patentees of Inventions.  £38.00 
Bruhns, Karl
Alexander von Humboldt. Eine wissenschaftliche Biographie. Volume 1 & 2 ONLY.  £30.00 
Sugg, Willie
A Tradition Unshared. A History of Cambridge Town and County Cricket 1700 - 1890 Part 1.  £10.00 
Becque, Henry
Lockerbie, S I
Les Corbeaux. With Introduction and Notes.  £8.00 
Aytoun, William
Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers and Other Poems.  £10.00 
Taylor, Isaac
Words and Places.  £6.00 
Liard, Louis
L'enseignement supérieur en France.  £88.00 
Humboldt, Wilhelm von
Leitzmann, Albert
Wilhelm von Humboldts Tagebücher. Erster Band 1789 - 1798; Zweiter Band 1799-1835.  £64.00 
Henriksen, Jens
Ernest Henry Starling (1866 - 1927). Physician and Physiologist. A Short Biography.  £18.00 
Chekhov, Anton
Lishnie Liudi.  £20.00 
Goncharov, Ivan
Oblomov.  £20.00 
Nietzsche, Friedrich
Die Unschuld des Werdens. Der Nachlass.  £20.00 
Schopenhauer, Arthur
Sämmtliche Werke. Grossherzog Wilhelm Ernst Ausgabe.  £46.00 
Gaunt, Richard
Sir Robert Peel. The Life and Legacy.  £18.00 
Mills, Catherine
Regulating Health and Safety in the British Mining Industries, 1800 - 1914.  £82.00 
Conrad, Sebastian
Globalisation and the Nation in Imperial Germany.  £24.00 
Eichhoff, F G
Parallèle des Langues de l'Europe et de l'Inde, ou étude des Principales Langues Romanes, Germaniques, Slavonnes et Celtiques Comparées entre elles et à la Langue Sanscrite, avec un Essai de Transcription Générale.  £340.00 
Droth, Martina
Edwards, Jason
Sculpture Victorious: Art in an Age of Invention, 1837 - 1901.  £32.00 
Burney, Frances
Madame d'Arblay
The Diary and Letters of Madame d'Arblay, edited by her Niece, Charlotte Barrett.  £48.00 
Haydn, Joseph
Vincent, Benjamin
Haydn's Dictionary of Dates and Universal Information Relating to all Ages and Nations. Containing the History of the World to August 1873. 14th Edition.  £36.00 
Carlos Segovia, Juan Andres de
Los Ramón y Cajal: Una Familia Aragonesa.  £46.00 
Scott, Sir Walter
The Heart of Midlothian.  £8.00 
Scott, Sir Walter
Quentin Durward.  £8.00 
Scott, Sir Walter
Guy Mannering.  £8.00 
Scott, Sir Walter
Old Mortality.  £8.00 
Marczewski, Jean
La Consommation Alimentaire en France de 1789 à 1964 (Cahiers de L'ISEA)  £16.00 
Guillaume, Pierre
La Population de Bordeaux au XIXe Siècle. Essai d'Histoire Sociale.  £64.00 
No Author La France au XIXe siècle; études historiques. Mélanges offerts à Charles Hippolyte Pouthas.  £24.00 
Caron, François
Histoire de l'Exploitation d'un Grand Réseau. La Compagnie du Chemin de Fer du Nord 1846 - 1937.  £24.00 
Binns, Henry Bryan
The Life of Abraham Lincoln.  £12.00 
Gilman, Russell Davis
The History of a Conscript of 1813 and Waterloo.  £8.00 
Chevalier, Louis
La Formation de la Population Parisienne au XIXe Siècle.  £14.00 
Crouzet, Francois
Léon, Pierre
L'Industrialisation en Europe au XIXe Siècle. Cartographie et Typologie. Lyon 7-10 Octobre 1970.  £28.00 
Markovitch, T J
Toutain, Jules
Le Produit de l'Agriculture Française de 1700 à 1958. 1: Estimation, 2: Croissance. (Historie Quantitative de l'Économie Française 1, 2)  £36.00 
Markovitch, T J
L'Industrie Française de 1789 a 1964. Sources et Méthodes, Analyse des faits. Analyse des faits (suite). (Histoire Quantitative de l'Économie Française)  £46.00 
Turgenev, Ivan
Nov Rudin. Zapiski Okhotnika. Ottsy i Dieti Nakanunie. Dovrianskoie Gniezdo.  £68.00 
Godlee, Rickman
Lord Lister.  £12.00 
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