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McLaren, Moray
Stevenson and Edinburgh. A Centenary Study.  £6.00 
Somerville, Edith
Some Irish Yesterdays.  £10.00 
Somerville, E
An Incorruptible Irishman. Being an Account of Chief Justice Charles Kendal Bushe, and of his Wife, Nancy Crampton, and their times, 1767 - 1843.  £10.00 
Imbriani, Vittorio
L. [50] Canzonette Infantili Pomiglianesi. Illustrate da V. I.  £36.00 
Skeat, Walter
Offprint of a short contribution about the nasal sounds in Nightingale by Prof Otto Ritter inscribed "Herrn Professor Walter W Skeat in Hochachtung, der Verfasser".  £8.00 
Holroyd, Maria Josepha
The Girlhood of Maria Josepha Holroyd (Lady Stanley of Alderley). Recorded in Letters of a Hundred Years Ago: From 1776 to 1796.  £36.00 
Dubief, Henri
Réflexions sur quelques Aspects du Premier Réveil et sur le Milieu ou il se forma.  £12.00 
Imbriani, Vittorio
Gargiolli, Carlo
Novelline e Canti Popolari delle Marche.  £40.00 
Hearn, Lafcadio
Kokoro. Hints and Echoes of Japanese Inner Life.  £28.00 
Hearn, Lafcadio
Shadowings.  £22.00 
Hearn, Lafcadio
Out of the East. Reveries and Studies in New Japan.  £10.00 
Davenport, Guy
Barrett, Clifton Waller
The Art of Lafcadio Hearn.  £10.00 
Bisland, Elizabeth
The Life and Letters of Lafcadio Hearn. Volumes 1 and 2. Complete Set.  £58.00 
Ronan, Sean
Koizumi, Toki
Lafcadio Hearn (Koizumi Yakumo). His Life, Work, and Irish Background.  £14.00 
Gwyn, Ann
Lafcadio Hearn. A Catalogue of the Collection at the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, Tulane University.  £10.00 
Ronan, Sean
Irish Writing on Lafcadio Hearn. Writer, Journalist, and Teacher.  £28.00 
Collier, E C F
A Victorian Diarist: Later Extracts from the Journals of Mary, Lady Monkswell, 1895 - 1909.  £12.00 
Hearn, Lafcadio
Chita. A Memory of Last Island.  £12.00 
Waterton, Charles
Wanderings in South America, the North-West of the United States, and the Antilles, in the Years 1812, 1816, 1820 and 1824. New edition edited with biographical introduction and explanatory index by Rev J G Wood.  £16.00 
Hilton, H F
The Eastern Union Railway, 1846 - 1862.  £18.00 
Dow, George
The First Railway between Manchester and Sheffield.  £20.00 
Dow, George
The First Railway across the Border.  £20.00 
Dow, George
The Story of the West Highland.  £24.00 
No Author Mayfield and Fountainhall: A Short History Leading up to the Union of the Churches of Mayfield North and Fountainhall Road.  £14.00 
Bué, Henri
First Steps in French Idioms.  £12.00 
Cowper, William
Poems, by William Cowper, Esq. of the Inner Temple in three Volumes, containing his Posthumous Poetry and a Sketch of His Life. Volume 3 ONLY.  £30.00 
Davy, M J B
Henson and Stringfellow. Their Work in Aeronautics. The History of a Stage in the Development of Mechanical Flight, 1840 - 1868.  £15.00 
Henderson, Nicholas
Prince Eugen of Savoy. A Biography.  £24.00 
Haycraft, Margaret
Our Feathery Folk. Sunday Chats With the Children.  £16.00 
Thomas, Gordon
The "Thomas" Lift constructed at Foxton, Leicestershire by the Grand Junction Canal Company.  £10.00 
Wilson, Charlotte
Anarchist Essays .  £8.00 
Avrich, Paul
Bakunin and Nechaev.  £6.00 
Godwin, William
Marshall, Peter
The Anarchist Writings of William Godwin.  £18.00 
No Author Sir Gilbert Scott (1811 - 1878) Architect of the Gothic Revival.  £6.00 
Atkins, Ken
The Royal Albert. The History of a Cambridge Almshouse set in its Times. 1846 to the present.  £8.00 
Haeckel, Ernst
Natürliche Schöpfungsgeschichte. Gemeinverständliche wissenschaftliche Vorträge über die Entwicklungslehre im allgemeinen und diejenige von Darwin, Goethe und Lamarck im Besonderen.  £28.00 
Institution of Civil Engineers
Minutes of Proceedings, with Abstracts of the Discussions. Volume 9. Session 1849 - 1850. Edited by Charles Manby.  £88.00 
Hagemeyer, Kerstin
Die Kunst leidet keinen Stillstand: Carl Gottlieb Reißiger (königlicher Hofkapellmeister in Dresden von 1827 - 1859) zum 200. Geburtstag; eine Ausstellung in der SLUB vom 30. Juni bis zum 12. September 1998.  £14.00 
Dvorak, Antonin
Symphonie Nr. 4 in G Dur, Opus 88.  £14.00 
Anderton, Paul
Images of Edwardian Leek.  £14.00 
de Bary, Helene
Museum. Geschichte der Museumsgesellschaft zu Frankfurt am Main.  £20.00 
Punch, or The London Charivari. Volume 86, 1889.  £46.00 
Punch, or The London Charivari. Volume 87, 1884.  £46.00 
Punch, or The London Charivari. Volume 97, 1883.  £46.00 
Punch, or The London Charivari. Volume 84, 1883.  £46.00 
Punch, or The London Charivari. Volume 82, 1882.  £46.00 
Parker, John William
Essays and Reviews.  £42.00 
Roderick, Gordon
Stephens, Michael
Education and Industry in the 19th Century.  £10.00 
Flaubert, Gustave
Bibliothèque Nationale
Gustave Flaubert et Madame Bovary. Exposition Organisée à la Bibliothèque Nationale pour le Centenaire de la Publication du Roman.  £8.00 
Baudelaire, Charles
Bibliothèque Nationale
Charles Baudelaire. Exposition organisée pour le centenaire des Fleurs du Mal.  £12.00 
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