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Rodger, George
Village of the Nubas.  £10.00 
Chagall, Marc
Paezija.  £14.00 
Spender, Michael
The Paintings of Ken Howard.  £28.00 
Jolly, Richard
Jim Grant. UNICEF Visionary.  £32.00 
Duignan, Peter
Gann, L H
Colonialism in Africa 1870 - 1960. Volumes 1 and 2. Complete Set.  £42.00 
Preston, Paul
The Spanish Holocaust. Inquisition and Extermination in Twentieth Century Spain.  £12.00 
McAulay, Lex
Against All Odds. RAAF Pilots in the Battle for Malta 1942.  £16.00 
Bancroft, Edith
The Land of Memory.  £8.00 
de Rivas, Michel
The Swiss Banknote 1907 - 1997. Le Billet de Banque Suisse 1907 - 1997.  £360.00 
Cockburn, Henry
Circuit Journeys.  £12.00 
Ottaway, Robert
Class in Britain (20th Century Spring 1965)  £10.00 
MacLean, Sorley
Spring Tide and Neap Tide. Selected Poems 1932 - 72. Reothairt is Contraigh. Taghadh de Dhain 1932 - 72.  £8.00 
Millon, Robert Paul
Zapata , Emiliano
Zapata: The Ideology of a Peasant Revolutionary.  £10.00 
Hudson, W J
Casey.  £32.00 
Whitman, Alden
AS. A Stevenson Sampler 1945 - 1965.  £20.00 
Garver, Newton
Limits to Power. Some Friendly Reminders.  £12.00 
Fortnum and Mason
The Delectable History of Fortnum and Mason.  £40.00 
Weir, Tony
Tort Law.  £8.00 
Dawson, Rosemary
And All That Is Unseen. A New Look at Women and Work.  £12.00 
Heyman, Carlo
Wuift ons uit.  £18.00 
Rao, G Nageswara
The Peace Which Passeth Understanding. A Study of The Waste Land.  £28.00 
Eliot, T S
The Waste Land.  £8.00 
Cahill, Maud
Dann, Christine
Changing Our Lives. Women Working in the Women's Liberation Movement 1970 - 1990.  £46.00 
Thomas, Dylan
Deaths and Entrances.  £10.00 
Eliot, T S
The Idea of a Christian Society.  £8.00 
LeBlanc, Felix
David and Alice van Buuren.  £18.00 
Lamb, R C
Street Corner. A Study to Mark the Thirteenth Anniversary of the Founding of the Caxton Press.  £14.00 
Fletcher, Christine
The Artist and the Trinity. Dorothy L Sayers' Theology of Work.  £14.00 
Reed, Arthur
Beamont, Roland
Typhoon and Tempest at War.  £22.00 
Saltoun Gallery
Boyle Family. Works from the Sixties and Seventies.  £14.00 
Deicher, Susanne
Piet Mondrian 1872 - 1944. Structures in Space.  £10.00 
Kingsley, John
John Kingsley. Provence, Light and Shadows. 2006.  £18.00 
Fitzwilliam Museum
Ice and Fire. Paintings by Keith Grant.  £48.00 
Vroom, W H
Retrospective Loan Exhibition of Oils, Watercolours, Woodcuts, and Drawings by Cor Visser.  £38.00 
Arts Council
British Artists of the Second World War.  £8.00 
Seymour, Anne
Anselm Kiefer. Water Colours 1970 - 1982.  £620.00 
Fauchereau, Serge
Kupka.  £52.00 
Hayward Gallery
Henri Matisse. Drawings.  £14.00 
Ipswich Art Club
Anna Airy. Retrospective Loan Exhibition.  £12.00 
Butler, Patricia
Paintings in Ipswich.  £10.00 
Kettle's Yard
Excavating the Present 3. The Exhibition.  £22.00 
Kettle's Yard
Paintings and Drawings by Martin Ball, Graham Crowley, Jeff Dellow, Clyde Hopkins, Joan Key, Bruce Russell, and David Wiseman. A Kettle's Yard Touring Exhibition.  £22.00 
Ormsby, Bronwy
Caring for Acrylics. Modern and Contemporary Paintings.  £20.00 
Shiraishi, Yuko
Yuko Shiraishi.  £160.00 
Shiraishi, Yuko
Space Space. Installation, Project and Painting.  £10.00 
No Author Anatol Chechik.  £28.00 
South Bank Centre
The British Art Show 1990.  £12.00 
Wilcox, Denys
Modern British Art. The Court Gallery.  £24.00 
Kettle's Yard
Victor Willing. Paints Since 1978.  £48.00 
Cunningham, John
Scouller, Glen
Flying Colours Gallery. John Cunningham RGI 1926 - 98.  £18.00 
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