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Carr, E H
The Future of Nations: Independence or Interdependence.  £16.00 
Vermeil, Edmond
Hitler et le Christianisme.  £14.00 
Rupp, Gordon
Martin Luther: Hitler's Cause - or Cure? In Reply to Peter F Wiener.  £26.00 
Oliver, John
Church and Social Order: Social Thought in the Church of England, 1918 - 1939.  £10.00 
González Martínez, Enrique
Poesia, 1898 - 1938. Volume 3 ONLY.  £18.00 
Prieberg, Fred
Musik im NS-Staat.  £12.00 
Traub, Andreas
Sandor Veress zum 85. Geburtstag.  £14.00 
Silver, Boris
The Russian Workers' Own Story.  £14.00 
Cushing, Harvey
Bailey, Percival
Tumors Arising from the Blood-Vessels of the Brain. Angiomatous Malformations and Hemangioblastomas.  £840.00 
Russell, Dorothy
Observations on the Pathology of Hydrocephalus.  £46.00 
Sultanik, Aaron
Inventing Orders. An Essay and Critique in 20th Century American Literature (1950 - 2000)  £28.00 
Wailoo, Keith
Drawing Blood. Technology and Disease Identity in Twentieth-Century America.  £10.00 
Kunetz, Geza
Principles of Direct Current Resistivity Prospecting.  £10.00 
Aguirre, J M
Eliot, T S
La Tierra Baldia.  £28.00 
Lewis, C S
Watson, George
Critical Essays on C S Lewis.  £78.00 
Cushing, Harvey
A Bibliography of the Writings of Harvey Cushing Prepared on the Occasion of His Seventieth Birthday April 8, 1939.  £44.00 
Reynolds, Lorna
Kate O'Brien. A Literary Portrait.  £16.00 
Booker, Christopher
The Neophiliacs.  £8.00 
Sawyer, Phyllis
Old Leaflets for Shopping Lists and Rashly Written Poems.  £16.00 
Osborn, F J
New Towns After the War.  £8.00 
Ayers, Pat
The Liverpool Docklands. Life and Work in Athol Street.  £10.00 
No Author The Neurosurgical Clinic and the Neurological Laboratories at the Royal Infirmary, Manchester, until 1951 under the Direction of Sir Geoffrey Jefferson.  £14.00 
Luttrell, Steve
The Vagaries. A Winter's Sequence.  £14.00 
Fuller, William
Dry Land.  £26.00 
Beaumont, Cyril
Flash-Back. Stories of My Youth.  £46.00 
Carr, E H
The Bolshevik Revolution 1917 - 1923. Volume 2.  £10.00 
Dilks, David
Retreat From Power. Studies in Britain's Foreign Policy and the Twentieth Century. Volumes 1 and 2. Complete Set.  £18.00 
Jones, John Paul
Recent Paintings by John Paul Jones, October 19 - November 14, 1964.  £10.00 
Camin, Joaquin
Camin.  £16.00 
Hepworth, Barbara
Some Statements by Barbara Hepworth.  £6.00 
Glees, Anthony
The Secrets of the Service. British Intelligence and Communist Subversion 1939 - 51.  £16.00 
May, Ernest
Knowing One's Enemies. Intelligence Assessment Before the Two World Wars.  £32.00 
Murphy, Antoinette
The Paintings of Paul and Grace Henry.  £20.00 
Yip, Wai-Lim
Tyson, Ian
Surimono 3.  £68.00 
Purdom, C B
The Building of Satellite Towns: A Contribution to the Study of Town Development and Regional Planning.  £20.00 
Mullican, Lee
Lee Mullican: Paintings, 1965 - 1969. With an Introduction by Gordon Onslow Ford.  £24.00 
Mellinkoff, Sherman
Life Is Short, The Art Is Long.  £26.00 
Mixter, William Jason
Means, James Howard
William Jason Mixter by James Howard Means - An Institution and a Man by Theodore Parker Ferris - What I Believe by William Jason Mixter Means, James Howard Published by Privately Printed (1958) Used Hardcover.  £26.00 
No Author Works and Days. Miss Burke's School San Francisco, California 1936 - 1937.  £24.00 
Balfour, Arthur James
Manuscript Notes re Educational Policy by A J Balfour on House of Commons Notepaper.  £40.00 
No Author Statutory Provision for Old People, revised February 1962.  £10.00 
Schieder, Theodor
The State and Society in Our Times. Studies in the History of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries.  £10.00 
Ford, Boris
The Bureau of Current Affairs, 1946 - 1951.  £10.00 
Tyson, Ian
Collaborations. Livres d'Artiste 1968-2003.  £25.00 
Pike, Edgar Royston
Human Documents of the Lloyd George Era.  £8.00 
Tully, James
Philosophy in an Age of Pluralism. The Philosophy of Charles Taylor in Question.  £18.00 
Cox, Peter
Sixty Summers: English Cricket Since World War II.  £18.00 
Glew, Helen
Gorst, Anthony
Educating Mind, Body and Spirit: The Legacy of Quintin Hogg and the Polytechnic, 1864 - 1992.  £24.00 
Read, Herbert
Aristoteles Mother. [Aristotele's Mother]. An Imaginary Conversation.  £16.00 
Read, Herbert
Lord Byron at the Opera. A Play for Broadcasting.  £12.00 
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