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No Author Britain into Europe.  £12.00 
No Author Freer Trade in Europe.  £14.00 
No Author Our Future in Europe. The Long Term Case for Going In.  £12.00 
No Author Britain and the European Communities. Background to the Negotiations.  £14.00 
Bryant, Arthur
A Choice for Destiny. Commonwealth and Common Market.  £6.00 
No Author Why You Should Vote Yes.  £12.00 
No Author Membership of the European Community. Report on Renegotiation.  £6.00 
No Author The Common Agricultural Policy of the European Economic Community.  £8.00 
No Author The Common Agricultural Policy of the European Economic Community.  £10.00 
No Author Membership of the European Communities.  £12.00 
No Author Legal and Constitutional Implications of United Kingdom Membership of the European Communities.  £14.00 
Corbishley, Gill
Ration Book Recipes. Some Food Facts 1939-1954.  £6.00 
Brooks, Robin
Kent Airfields in the Second World War.  £8.00 
Moynihan, Noel
The Light in the West.  £8.00 
Kafka, Franz
Briefe an Milena.  £8.00 
Kee, Robert
The Wall. (Encounter, November 1961, Volume 17, No 5)  £10.00 
Brogan, D W
Death in Dallas. (Encounter, December 1964, Volume 23, No 6)  £10.00 
Cohn, Norman
Was There Ever a Society of Witches? (Encounter, December 1974, Volume 43, No 6)  £10.00 
Allsop, Kenneth
Jazz and Narcotics. (Encounter, June 1961, Volume 16, No 6)  £10.00 
Rhode, Eric
Hitchcock's Art. (Encounter, October 1963, Volume 21, No 4)  £10.00 
Bellow, Saul
Recent American Fiction. (Encounter, November 1963, Volume 21, No 5)  £10.00 
Steiner, George
Karl Kraus and Period - Piece Love. (Encounter, January 1975, Volume 44, No 1)  £10.00 
Esslin, Martin
Samuel Beckett and the Art of Broadcasting. (Encounter, September 1975, Volume 45, No 3)  £10.00 
Walker, Alexander
Beyond the Excremental Cinema. (Encounter, May 1974, Volume 42, No 5)  £10.00 
Betjeman, John
Mortality. (Encounter, July 1965, Volume 25, No 1)  £10.00 
Aldcroft, Derek
The British Economy. Volume 1: The Years of Turmoil 1920 - 1951.  £10.00 
Weightman, John
Another Play For Pinterites. (Encounter, July 1975, Volume 45, No 1)  £10.00 
Eluard, Paul
Selected Writings.  £44.00 
Hessen, Ludwig von
Die Darmstädter Künstlerkolonie und ihr Gründer, Grossherzog Ernst Ludwig.  £8.00 
Smith, Rennie
Peace Verboten.  £30.00 
Carter, Angela
Hoban, Russell
Rushdie, Salman
Granta 3. The End of the English Novel.  £48.00 
Gallo, Rubén
Freud's Mexico. Into the Wilds of Psychoanalysis.  £36.00 
Mann, R D
A Textbook of Pharmaceutical Medicine.  £18.00 
Zammit Tabona, J
A Songbook for Mdina and Other Poems.  £12.00 
Spater, Virginia
Tom Roberts.  £62.00 
Israels, Machtelt
New Documents for Sassetta and Sano di Pietro at the Porta Romana, Siena. Essay in: Burlington Magazine, July 1998.  £12.00 
Levey, Michael
The Earliest Years of the Burlington Magazine: A Brief Retrospect. Issue 1000. Essay in: Burlington Magazine, July 1986.  £12.00 
Kotkova, Olga
'The Feast of the Rose Garlands': What Remains of Dürer? Essay in: Burlington Magazine, January 2002.  £12.00 
Losty, J P
The 'Bute Hafiz' and the Development of Border Decoration in the Manuscript Studio of the Mughals. Essay in: Burlington Magazine, December 1985.  £12.00 
Ray, Anthony
A Special Issue on Ceramics and Glass, Burlington Magazine, May 1987.  £12.00 
Rosenberg, Pierre
Bailey, Colin
Not Greuze, but Bernard d'Agesci. Essay in: Burlington Magazine, April 2001.  £12.00 
No Author Modern Locomotives and Electric Traction of the Southern Railway.  £10.00 
No Author Pullman Diesel Express Services. The Birmingham Pullman and The Bristol Pullman. BR 35028.  £8.00 
MacLeod, A B
The McIntosh Locomotives of the Caledonian Railway 1895 - 1914.  £4.00 
Aldrich, C Langley
Fowler and Stanier Locomotives of the L.M.S. 1923 - 1947 A Brief Descriptive Illustrated Souvenir of Types.  £6.00 
Adshead, David
The Design and Building of the Gothic Folly at Wimpole, Cambridgeshire. Essay in: Burlington Magazine, February 1998.  £10.00 
Grieve, Alastair
Towards an Art of Environment: Exhibitions and Publications by a Group of Avant - Garde Abstract Artists in London 1951 - 55. Essay in: Burlington Magazine, November 1990.  £12.00 
Ernst, Max
Hopkins, David
Hermetic and Philosophical Themes in Max Ernst's 'Vox Angelica'. Essay in: Burlington Magazine, November 1992.  £12.00 
Mao Tse-Tung
Schram, Stuart
Mao's Road to Power. Revolutionary Writings 1912 - 1949. (VOLUME 7 ONLY) New Democracy 1939 - 1941.  £85.00 
Ballard, J G
The Complete Short Stories: Volume 2.  £10.00 
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