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George, Alice
Peress, Gilles
Shulan, Michael
Here is New York. A Democracy of Photographs.  £28.00 
Kushiro, I
Petrology of Apollo 14 High Alumina Basalt.  £12.00 
Bayerri i Raga, Josep
Les Terres de l'Ebre, encara un futur?  £18.00 
Sporrong, Ulf
The Future of Rural Landscapes.  £24.00 
Jarnut, Jörg
Goetz, Hans-Werner
Mediävistik im 21. Jahrhundert – Stand und Perspektiven der internationalen und interdisziplinären Mittelalterforschung.  £38.00 
Fuller, Buckminster
Utopia or Oblivion. Reproduced from Typescript.  £24.00 
Christianse, Yvette
Imprendehore.  £24.00 
Aronowitz, Robert
Risky Medicine. Our Quest to Cure Fear and Uncertainty.  £16.00 
Legg, Thomas
Judges for the New Century.  £10.00 
Mumford, Lewis
Programme for Survival.  £12.00 
Marcel, Gabriel
Fresh Hope for the World: Moral Re-Armament in Action.  £14.00 
Todd, R W
Alty, C J N
An Alternative Energy Strategy for the United Kingdom.  £6.00 
Williams, Raymond
Towards 2000.  £4.00 
Mérimée, Prosper
Le Carrosse du Saint-Sacrement, Lettres d'Espagne, Carmen.  £12.00 
Devlin, Keith
The Millennium Problems. The Seven Greatest Unsolved Mathematical Puzzles of our Time.  £12.00 
Moody, Fred
I Sing the Body Electronic: Year with Microsoft on the Multimedia Frontier.  £16.00 
Ciba Foundation
The Future as an Academic Discipline.  £12.00 
Hall, Stephen
Invisible Frontiers: Race to Synthesize a Human Gene.  £16.00 
Wakeford, Tom
Science for the Earth: Can Science Make the World a Better Place?  £8.00 
Tindemans, Peter
The Future of the Sciences and Humanities: Four Analytical Essays and a Critical Debate on the Future of Scholastic Endeavour.  £8.00 
Zienkiewicz, O C
The Next Decade of Civil Engineering. Inaugural Lecture.  £12.00 
Dullien, Sebastian
Kotte, Detlef
The Financial and Economic Crisis of 2008 - 2009 and Developing Countries.  £10.00 
Burroughs, William
Climate: Into the 21st Century.  £12.00 
Eugenics Society
The Eugenics Review. Volume 53, No 1, April 1961.  £10.00 
Oko , Emelia
Eros, Psyche and Society: Narrive Continuity in Mariama Ba's So Long A Letter and Scarlet Song. (CALIEL Vol. 1 No. 1)  £8.00 
Sternfeld, A
Interplanetary Travel.  £12.00 
Kasarda, John
Dogan, Mattei
The Metropolis Era. Volume 1: A World of Giant Cities.  £8.00 
Kasarda, John
Dogan, Mattei
The Metropolis Era. Volume 2: Mega Cities.  £14.00 
Clark, Colin
Starvation or Plenty.  £8.00 
Geary, R C
Europe's Future in Figures.  £14.00 
Barker, Terry
Green Futures for Economic Growth. Britain in 2021.  £24.00 
Tudge, Colin
Food Crops for the Future: The Development of Plant Resources.  £14.00 
Bell, Anthea
Stanisic, Sasa
How the Soldier Repairs the Gramophone.  £5.00 
Turnbull, Michael
Managing the Reshaping of the Church of England.  £8.00 
Greenbury, Richard
Retailing in the Next Millenium. GKN Lecture 1999.  £8.00 
Wheale, Peter
The Biorevolution: Cornucopia or Pandora's Box?  £8.00 
Yoxen, Edward
The Gene Business: Who Should Control Biotechnology?  £12.00 
Dobson, Andrew
Fairness and Futurity: Essays on Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice.  £42.00 
Gardner, Richard
Coöperation in Outer Space.  £14.00 
Peeters, Peter
Can We Avoid a Third World War Around 2010?  £8.00 
Hall, R Cargill
Rescue and Return of Astronauts on Earth and in Outer Space.  £14.00 
Vidali, Gianfranco
Superconductivity: The Next Revolution?  £8.00 
Royden, Maude
Women's Partnership in the New World.  £26.00 
Ellis, Marc
Israel and Palestine - Out of the Ashes: The Search for Jewish Identity in the Twenty-First Century.  £8.00 
Thomson, George
The Foreseeable Future.  £8.00 
Nolutshungu, Sam
Margins of Insecurity: Minorities and International Security.  £18.00 
Afshar, H K
The Earth's Impending Physical Environment Round the Year 2000 and the Problems of the Developing Countries.  £86.00 
Masefield, Peter
Out of Yesterday. Men, Machines and Foreshadows of the Future.  £8.00 
Patarroyo, Manuel
Zabriskie, J B
Pizano-Salazar, Diego
Modern Biotechnology and Health: Perspectives for the Year 2000.  £36.00 
Calder, Ritchie
The Future of a Troubled World.  £8.00 
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