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Brooke, Christopher
The Church and the Welsh Border in the Central Middle Ages.  £36.00 
Heather, Peter
Goths and Romans 332 - 489.  £18.00 
Hume, Ivor Noël
Watkins, Malcolm
The Poor Potter of Yorktown.  £16.00 
Hume, Ivor Noël
Excavations at Clay Bank in Glocester County, Virginia 1962 - 1963.  £16.00 
Widgren, Mats
Settlement and Farming Systems in the Early Iron Age. A Study of Fossil Agrarian Landscapes in Östergötland, Sweden.  £18.00 
Middeldorp, A A
Functional Palaeoecology of Raised Bogs: An Analysis by Means of Pollen Density Dating, in Connection with the Regional Forest History.  £24.00 
Kilmer, Anne
The Discovery of an Ancient Mesopotamian Theory of Music. Essay in the Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society.  £14.00 
Fritz, Sherilyn
Vegetation and Land-Use History at Diss, Norfolk, England.  £18.00 
Rackham, Oliver
Moody, Jennifer
Terraces.  £8.00 
Rotherham, Ian
The Peak District Journal of Natural History and Archaeology. Volume 1.  £16.00 
Colomar Mari, Antonio
Patrimoni de Marjades a la Mediterrània Occidental: Una Proposta de Catalogacio.  £34.00 
Regnell, Joachim
Vegetation and Land Use during 6000 Years. Palaeoecology of the Cultural Landscape at the Lake Sites in Southern Skane, Sweden.  £36.00 
Godwin, Harry
Flandrian Deposits of the Fenland Margin at Holme Fen and Whittlesey Mere, Hunts.  £16.00 
Bagatti, Bellarmino
Recherches sur le Site du Temple de Jerusalem (Ier - VIIe siècle).  £14.00 
Letts, John
Smoke-Blackened Thatch: A Unique Source of Late Medieval Plant Remains from Southern England. Report to the Ancient Monuments Laboratory, English Heritage.  £20.00 
Lageras, Per
Vegetation and Land-Use in the Smaland Uplands, Southern Sweden, during the last 6000 Years.  £36.00 
Ekstam, Urban
Forshed, Nils
Svenska Alvarmarker. Historia och Ekologi.  £26.00 
Haeggström, Carl-Adam
Vegetation and Soil of the Wooded Meadows in Natö, Aland.  £20.00 
Epperlein, Siegfried
Waldnutzung, Waldstreitigkeiten und Waldschutz in Deutschland im hohen Mittelalter: 2. Hälfte 11. Jahrhundert bis ausgehendes 14. Jahrhundert.  £15.00 
Gackowski, Jack
Acta Universitatis Nicolai Copernici. Archeologia. No 25. Podwodna. Under Water Archaeology.  £14.00 
Gackowski, Jack
Acta Universitatis Nicolai Copernici. Archeologia. No 24: Podwodna. Under Water Archaeology.  £14.00 
Chudziak, Wojciech
Acta Universitatis Nicolai Copernici. Archeologia. No 23. Seszyt.  £14.00 
Talbot Kelly, R
Egypt.  £10.00 
Lamplough, A O
Francis, R
Cairo and Its Environs.  £28.00 
Krause, Wolfgang
Was Man in Runen ritzte.  £22.00 
Rodin, Auguste
Cathedrals of France.  £20.00 
Ritchie, Anna
Viking Scotland.  £16.00 
Ivancevic, Radovan
Reinterpretacija zbornecrkve Pagu (1982) / Odnos antiknog I srednjovjekovnog rastera Poreca (1964)  £16.00 
Pelekanides, Stylianos
Syntagma ton Palaiokhristianikon Psephidoton Dapedon tes Hellados, 1.  £86.00 
Bokotopulos, Panagiotes
He Ekklesiastike Architektonike eis ten Dytiken Sterean Hellada kai ten Epeiron: Apo tu telus tu 7. mechri tu telus tu 10. Aionos.  £86.00 
de Solla Price, Derek
Gears from the Greeks. The Antikythera Mechanism: A Calendar Computer from ca. 80 BC.  £18.00 
Schiffczyk, Dieter
Die intellektuelle Revolution im europäischen Krankenhausbau um 1800: Zur systematischen Entwicklung neuzeitlicher Bauformen vor dem Hintergrund des mittelalterlichen Hospitaltypus.  £120.00 
Rendon, Silvia
Relaciones Originales de Chalco Amaquemecan. Paleografía, traducción y glosa de Silvia Rendon.  £40.00 
de la Fuente, Beatriz
La Escultura de Palenque.  £30.00 
Messmacher, Miguel
Colima. Fotos de Alfonso Munoz.  £28.00 
Hahn, Eduard
Das Alter der wirtschaftlichen Kultur der Menschheit. Ein Rückblick und ein Ausblick.  £15.00 
Schumacher, Joseph
Antike Medizin : Die naturphilosophischen Grundlagen der Medizin in der griechischen Antike.  £18.00 
No Author Il Convento di Montefiorentino: Atti del Convegno, 29 agosto 1979.  £24.00 
Faucett, Lawrence
Time and Morality: Establishing a Babylonian Source for Hindu and Mayan Chronologies.  £36.00 
Brindle, Steven
Kerr, Brian
Windsor Revealed. New Light on the History of the Castle.  £8.00 
Maud, F H
The Hockerill Highway. The Story of the Origin and Growth of a Stretch of the Norwich Road.  £12.00 
Grajeda Mena, Guillermo
20 Dibujos Mayas. Obras Maya de Arte Clasico.  £14.00 
Palmer, J P
Jade.  £12.00 
Betancourt, Philip
Temple University Aegean Symposium. A Compendium.  £24.00 
Beug, Hans-Jurgen
Vegetationsgeschichtliche Untersuchungen über die Besiedlung im Unteren Eichsfeld, Landkreis Göttingen vom frühen Neoloithikum bis zum Mittelalter.  £16.00 
Rodwell, Warwick
Rodwell, K A
Rivenhall: Investigations of a Villa, Church and Village, 1950 - 1977. Volume 2. Specialist Studies and Index to Volumes 1 and 2.  £24.00 
Christie, Neil
The Lombards. The Ancient Longobards.  £20.00 
Williams, Robert
The Forensic Historian. Using Science to Reexamine the Past.  £34.00 
Gange, David
Dialogues With the Dead. Egyptology in British Culture and Religion, 1822-1922.  £102.00 
Sainty, J C
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Section C: Archaeology, Celtic Studies, History, Linguistics, Literature. Volume 77, C, No. 1.  £12.00 
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