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Thorns, David
The Quest for Community.  £8.00 
Hudson, Kenneth
The Industrial Archaeology of Southern England. (Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Somerset and Gloucestershire East of the Severn)  £12.00 
Smith, David
The Industrial Archaeology of the East Midlands (Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and the Adjoining parts of Derbyshire)  £12.00 
Bremer, Walther
Ireland's Place in the Prehistory and Early History of Europe.  £12.00 
Phillpotts, Bertha
Germanic Heathenism.  £8.00 
Dawkins, Boyd
Opening Address of the Antiquarian Section at the Scarborough Meeting.  £12.00 
Dawkins, Boyd
Sanitary Progress in Pre-Historic Times. An Address at Owens College, Manchester.  £14.00 
Dymond, David
Archaeology for the Historian.  £5.00 
Elston, C S
The Earliest Relations between Celts and Germans.  £26.00 
O'Byrne, James
Great Goths. A Selection of Prints, Drawings and Photographs from the Collection of James O'Byrne, Architect, Collector and Benefactor (1835 - 1897).  £16.00 
Daniel, Glyn
150 Years of Archaeology.  £12.00 
Bartlett, John
Archaeology and Biblical Interpretation.  £16.00 
Zammit, Themistocles
The Roman Villa Museum.  £14.00 
Sainero Sánchez, Ramon
The Celts and Historical and Cultural Origins of Atlantic Europe. The Celtic-Scythians in the Leabhar Gabhala.  £50.00 
Godden, Malcolm
Keynes, Simon
Anglo-Saxon England 40.  £38.00 
Turner, Robin
Ivy Chimneys, Witham. An Interim Report.  £12.00 
Sawyer, Frederick
Sussex Songs and Music. A Lecture Delivered at the Soiree Given by the Worshipful the Mayor of Brighton August 21st 1885 to the British Archaeological Association and the Learned Societies of Brighton.  £14.00 
Edwards-Rees, Desiree
The House of History. The Basement from the Earliest Men to the Fall of Rome.  £8.00 
Birley, Eric
Roman Britain and the Roman Army. Collected Papers.  £14.00 
Hodges, Richard
The Anglo-Saxon Achievement.  £8.00 
Wilson, David
The Archaeology of Anglo Saxon England.  £18.00 
Delendas, Peter
Guide of Santorini.  £22.00 
Covo Torres, Javier
Uxmal. Cartoon Guide by Covo. Guide to Uxmal.  £16.00 
Sansi, Achille
Degli Edifici e dei Frammenti Storici delle antiche Eta di Spoleto. (1896)  £36.00 
Poulsen, Vagn
Catalogue des Terres Cuites Grecques et Romaines.  £22.00 
Alfieri, N
Ori e Argenti dell'Emilia Antica. Catalogo.  £24.00 
Kümmel, Hans Martin
Ersatzrituale für den hethitischen König.  £34.00 
Windisch, Ernst
Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft, Volume 54, 1900.  £40.00 
Boni, Giacomo
Il Sacrario di Juturna.  £56.00 
Boni, Giacomo
Stele con Iscrizione Latina Arcaica scoperta nel Foro Romano (Maggio 1899)  £36.00 
Johnson, John
Hunt, Arthur
Two Theocritus Papyri.  £20.00 
Rhomaides, Constantine
Fouilles de l'Acropole. Texte Descriptive de P Cavvadias [Kavvadias] Reproduction Phototypique de Rhomaides Freres.  £28.00 
Winkler, Hugo
Altorientalische Forschungen. Dritte Reihe. Band 1 - 3 in 6 Parts numbered 16 - 21.  £46.00 
Winkler, Hugo
Altorientalische Forschungen. Erste Reihe. Parts 1 - 6.  £46.00 
Winkler, Hugo
Altorientalische Forschungen. Zweite Reihe. Band 1 - 3. In 9 Parts, numbered 7 - 15.  £46.00 
Winkler, Hugo
Untersuchungen zur altorientalischen Geschichte.  £22.00 
Baumgarten, Fritz
Ein Rundgang durch die Ruinen Athens.  £14.00 
Deecke, Wilhelm
Die Falisker: Eine geschichtlich-sprachliche Untersuchung.  £46.00 
Zimmern, Heinrich
Zum Streit und die "Christusmythe" - Das babylonische Material in seinen Hauptpunkten dargestellt.  £16.00 
Breasted, James
Hughes-Jones, W
A Brief History of Ancient Times.  £8.00 
Hessen, Otto von
I Ritrovamenti Longobardi.  £8.00 
Bourdier, Franck
Le Bassin du Rhône au Quaternaire: Géologie et Préhistoire.  £48.00 
Paton, W R
Hicks, E L
Paton, W R
The Inscriptions of Cos. With a Map.  £46.00 
Sturtevant, Edgar
Hittite Glossary. Words of Known or Conjectured Meaning. With Sumerian Ideograms and Accadian Words common in Hittite Texts.  £24.00 
Bates, Oric
The Eastern Libyans. An Essay.  £240.00 
Jope, E M
Porcellanite Axes from Factories in North-East Ireland: Tievebulliagh and Rathlin.  £10.00 
Lane, W H
Babylonian Problems.  £20.00 
Smith, Edmund
Moghul Architecture of Fathpur-Sikri. Part 3.  £460.00 
Smith, Edmund
Moghul Colour Decoration of Agra: Described and Illustrated. Part 1.  £460.00 
Preisigte, Friedrich
Namenbuch, enthaltend alle griechischen, lateinischen, ägyptischen, hebräischen, arabischen und sonstigen semitischen und nichtsemitischen Menschennamen, soweit sie in griechischen Urkunden (…) Ägyptens sich vorfinden.  £64.00 
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